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Title – Promiscuous
Author – Missy Johnson
Publication Date – February 7, 2014
Series – Tease, #2


When you’re a twenty-year-old triple platinum singer you get an image.

Except mine was all wrong. On drugs; pregnant; fucking my manager.

But I wasn’t; it was all lies. I was a good girl.But now I’m done being the good girl, because it has gotten me nowhere.

I spent the last year in love with a guy who I was paying to fuck me.A guy who fell in love with someone else.

But now I’m over it. Now it’s about me.

If the world thinks I’m a bad girl, then hell, that’s what I’ll be.

I’ll show them bad.

Let’s find out how promiscuous I can be.


After finishing Tease, I was quite intrigued and couldn’t wait to get my hands on Promiscuous and was so grateful to receive an ARC. From reading the synopsis, I never expected what I unraveled in these pages. Rather than this story being about Coop, it is all about Ms. Bethany Masters. After Tease, I wasn’t necessarily invested in her, but I totally am now!

From the very first chapter, Johnson slams you with a lost, wandering girl who then becomes just utterly broken. I loved that the beginning of this book was essentially the ending of Tease from Bethany’s point of view. It helped us as readers to understand a different dynamic to the scene. If you didn’t really feel anything toward Beth in the first book, I promise that you will experience a total 180. I went from nothing to sympathy, admiration, love, frustration – I ran the gamut. I really did admire her strong desire for her independence though; it’s not something we see very often in heroines.

My biggest peeve with Beth was her inability to be consistent – which she had admitted as a fault herself. One moment she wanted to see or hear from Roman (or Coop) and once she did, it was like she couldn’t get away from them fast enough. I think my favorite line was something along the lines of “I’m more hot and cold than Katy freaking Perry”! I just wish that she was able to make up her mind a couple of times rather than being so wishy-washy about the situation.

We are also introduced to the sexy, mysterious Roman – who I freaking adored! That suspenseful nature and not fully understanding all of his motives just hit all my favorite spots. I loved that he had this perfect mix of fierce protectiveness, but knew not to push boundaries.  He wasn’t your romantic gestures hero, but he was romantic in the way that he could just sense what Beth needed, and didn’t need.

If you’re looking for the steam that was present in Tease, there are a handful of scenes that will get your blood boiling – especially the club scene. However, I think this book was about much more than that. It was more of a journey for Beth and about her finding her strength again. She needed to begin to heal and that’s what we see start to happen in this book. Overall, I really liked Promiscuous, maybe even a little bit more so than Tease. The beginning was a little slow for my pace, but it picked up pretty quickly and then I couldn’t put it down. I honestly cannot wait until Book Three comes out – I am anxious to see what happens to all these characters. Whereas in the first I wasn’t overly invested in them, I couldn’t seem to get enough in this book.

There was no cliffhanger, but definitely some things left open that I want answers to. I want to know the mystery behind Roman and what secrets he has buried (and thinks we won’t find out)! I want to see how the dynamic between Beth and Coop develops (especially with revelations that came about), as well as the relationship between Beth and Roman plays out – particularly after she unravels his mysteries. If you haven’t picked up Tease yet, go get it and then scramble to read Promiscuous! You definitely will NOT be disappointed!


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I was beginning to realize what this was: he wanted more of the party girl. He was here to see the Beth who stayed out all night drinking, and kissing random girls and making out with handsome men.

Not me. Well, not the real me, anyway.

I slipped a finger through the tie of my robe, letting it fall open. I arched my shoulders, letting the material float down my shoulders. Goosebumps hit my arms as I stood there confidently. Inside, I was a screaming mess.

What the hell am I doing? What if he touched me? What if I freaked out?

Sure, I’d had plenty of sex since the rape, but none sober. I hadn’t let anyone touch me without being completely smashed first.

He stared at me for a moment, his eyes wandering over my curves as time seemed to freeze. I couldn’t read his expression, but the longer he stood there, watching me, the more I began to panic. Without saying a thing, he bent down and retrieved the robe, threading my arms back into it.

“I’m not here to fuck you, Beth.” He spoke softly, his hands running over the soft silk of my robe, down my arms to my fingers. I jumped back, both relieved and confused.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Author Bio

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture). When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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