RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Even Money by Alessandra Torre

Title – Even Money
Author – Alessandra Torre
Publication Date – June 4, 2018
Series – All In Duet #1

From NYT Bestseller Alessandra Torre comes a suspenseful and seductive duet…

Sometimes it only takes a minute. A connection of eyes across a room, a quickened heartbeat, and everything changes.

I was a cocktail waitress with a fondness for partying and meaningless hook-ups.

He owned half of Vegas, with the reputation to match.

I should have turned away. Instead, I stepped closer.

Then, the lies started. Rumors spread. Stalking commenced. Someone died.

None of it stopped me from falling in love.

Alessandra Torre is, without a doubt, the queen of writing suspense. She somehow manages to reel me in and keep me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end – no matter which book of hers that I dive into. Her newest release, Even Money, had me giddy with anticipation of what was to come. Bell and Dario had quite the interesting dynamic to their relationship. There was certainly an insta-love feel, and at times I felt a little off balance when it came to how quickly they were able to fall for each other. However, there was also something extremely likeable about both of these characters. Bell was staunchly independent while Dario sought to deliver revenge and protect those he cared about. They both piqued my interests and kept me turning the pages to see how things would play out for them. While the writing was addictive, with twists and turns that I certainly never saw coming, there is a back and forth point of view that left me slightly taken aback. While Bell’s point of view is written in the first person, Dario’s chapters are written in the third person perspective. It made it incredibly difficult to fully immerse myself into the story, and I was unable to see a purpose for the switch. In the heart of Las Vegas, Even Money is filled with deception, sex, and secrets. That cliffhanger left me with my jaw on the floor and eyes gaped wide. I’m grateful we only have a couple weeks to find out just where Bell and Dario’s romance will end up!

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RELEASE DAY REVIEW & GIVEAWAY – The Boyfriend Experience by JA Huss

Title – The Boyfriend Experience
Author – JA Huss
Publication Date – May 30, 2018
Series – Jordan’s Game #3

I NEED A BOYFRIEND… and I need one now…

One bad-ass man with boyfriend experience.
Must be willing to fight dirty and work weekends, nights, and overtime.
Bad attitude a must. Bonus points if you’re hot, athletic, and sporting tattoos.

When I asked Jordan Wells for a Boyfriend Experience game I didn’t expect to get stuck with billionaire real-estate agent, Lawton Ayers. He doesn’t exactly fit the job description.

One professional woman with business experience.
Must be willing to build a future together.
Successful entrepreneur a must. Bonus points if you’re a crazy local legend.

When Jordan Wells offered up Oaklee Ryan a last-minute business partner to seal a deal I’ve been working on for years, I didn’t expect beautiful, sexy, and multi-orgasmic to be on her list of qualifications.

But that’s what I got. And she’s perfect just the way she is.

Too bad she doesn’t want me to be HER boyfriend. Because she bought me for someone else…

There is a special quality when it comes to JA Huss’ writing that I simply can’t get enough of. She consistently wows me with relatable characters and surprising plot lines that keep me on the edge of my seat. When I read the blurb for The Boyfriend Experience, I developed a total preconceived notion in my head. Let me just say that what I ended up getting was nothing like I had put together, but SO much better!

“Well, some people get handed chaos and shut down. Like your parents. I don’t know anything about them, but typically people fall into a life like that because they can’t find a way out. The chaos overtakes them. But others thrive on it. It makes them stronger. Makes them rise up.”

Oaklee and Lawton began their relationship under very specific pretenses, but what unraveled developed into so much more. There were so many fun and flirty exchanges that it lifted my heart and made me incredibly happy. Oaklee was this badass heroine in a man’s world which just made me admire her that much more. Lawton was somewhat of an enigma to me; I don’t think he even knew who he was for a good portion of the novel. However, it was kind of fun watching him adapt to Oaklee’s needs in the game and therefore discover who he was at the core. I’ve come to expect surprises from Jordan and his games, but it definitely felt like a whole different ball game with these two.

“She is the reason we love to watch the Joker. And it doesn’t matter that we know he’s insane, that everything that comes out of his mouth is lies, that he’s going to betray anyone and everyone who gets in the his way — even those on his side. We want to believe he’s good underneath or we have to admit that evil is real. How do I fight that?”

I appreciate that Huss makes each of her books and really, all of her characters, stand out. Though there is usually an element of grief (whether over a person or circumstance), the method of overcoming is always so different. I never take Huss’ stories at face value because that road to triumph is always filled with raw emotion, tailored to each character. She has written so many books, yet every time it’s a unique journey that I’m brought on. I’ve said it once and I’m sure I’ll say it time and time again, but JA Huss is a not to be missed, must-click author. Though all of Jordan’s games have been fantastic, I think that The Boyfriend Experience might just be my favorite. I can’t wait to see what happens next when Jordan gets the tables turned on him!

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The Pleasure of Panic (Jordan’s Game #2)

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Play Dirty (Jordan’s Game #4)

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JA Huss

JA Huss is the USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.

You can chat with her on Facebook (, Twitter (@jahuss), and her blog, New Adult Addiction (

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, or information on her upcoming personal appearances, you can join her newsletter list ( and get those details delivered right to your inbox.

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RELEASE DAY REVIEW – The Wright One by K.A. Linde

Title – The Wright One
Author – K.A. Linde
Publication Date – May 29, 2018
Series – The Wright Duet #2

Secrets swarm all around.
My world is crumbling under the strain.
I don’t know if we can survive this.
My heart is in the Wright place.
But is his?

The Wright One is the last book in the Wright Love Duet that began in The Wright Love. Find out if Sutton and David survive their world of secrets in the conclusion to the Wright Love duet!

Oh KA Linde – what an emotional rollercoaster you have put me on! The Wright One is the conclusion to Sutton’s story and it certainly put me through the wringer. Sutton and David had ended on a sour note in their first book, but I adored the redemption and work they put into their relationship in this novel. Sutton’s strength started to return while David’s outlook began to alter, which made for such a different feel than what we encountered in The Wright Love. It felt so real and raw, with writing that clawed it’s way into your soul. I think my favorite part was witnessing Sutton develop her spine with her mother-in-law and really re-learning how to stand on her own two feet again. Furthermore, she finally recognized her place in the Wright family which was impossible not to develop a soft spot for. Linde has completely captivated me with each Wright sibling and their stories of love and triumph. However, Sutton’s story was one that I was not expecting in power or feels. I’ll definitely miss that crazy tight knit family, but I’m looking forward to wherever it is that Linde takes me next!

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The Wright Boss

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The Wright Mistake

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The Wright Secret

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Author Bio

K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time.

She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.

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RELEASE BLITZ REVIEW – Because Of You by Laura Ward

Title – Because of You
Author – Laura Ward
Publication Date – May 25, 2018
Series – Not Yet #4

All Ricky Martinez knows of life is loss, loyalty, and family.

When his father became a quadriplegic after breaking his neck saving a drowning girl, Ricky gave up his dreams of playing football at a big college to stay home and take care of his family. His new dream? Find the girl who caused his father’s injury and get justice.

Because of her, his family lost everything.

All Aveline Gerard knows of life is a quiet, protective love.

Homeschooled ever since her accident eighteen years ago, Aveline’s parents, both deaf, have kept her safe the only way they know how—sheltered, and alone. Aveline’s deepest desire? To experience life in all its loud and messy glory, and the tattooed guy in her first college class is all of those things.

Because of him, her life is finally beginning.

But fate has a wicked sense of justice and when Ricky realizes the sweet, shy girl in his class is the one who wrecked his family, will he be able to walk away? Or will the bitter rage inside cause him to make the biggest mistake of his life?

Because of them, the pain of two families will finally collide.

If you’ve kept up with Laura Ward’s Not yet series as I have, then I’m sure that you’ve been dying to get a look into Ricky’s life. He’s always been incredibly secretive with his background which resulted in my curiosity growing a tremendous amount throughout each story that has been told already. With the release of Because of You, I’ve finally gotten that glimpse into his home life and so much is understood about his character. This interconnected standalone was filled with emotional scenes that delved into the power of forgiveness, selflessness, and the all-time question of how our environment impacts the person we become.

“Without the life-altering pain and responsibility that society bestowed upon my family, who would I have become?”

For those who may not have been introduced to his character previously, Ricky starts off the story as a very jaded character. He has been dealt a horrible hand in life and all that he is left with is bitterness and a desire for revenge and retribution. However, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him due to his loyalty to his family. He is very close to his mother, sisters, and father; everything he does and every choice he makes is to make their lives as easy as he can. With dedication and protectiveness like that, I couldn’t have asked for a better hero of the story. Furthermore, the heroine that Ward chooses for Because of You was one that left me in awe time and time again. Like Ricky, she had been dealt a rough hand in some regards, yet was able to overcome them due to her social environment. Together, Ricky and Aveline were complementary in every sense of the word, even when they couldn’t realize it. Where he had the rough interior, she was trusting and innocent to much of the world. Ricky was free to live his live, confined only by his social status where Aveline had the resources to do and be anything, but could not find independence from her overbearing parents. I loved watching each of them help to mold the other, while also forcing them to grow and mature as the pages turned.

“Now sacrifices had to be made. Because the monster inside me won. And when it did, a butterfly lost her wings.”

Laura Ward is such a gifted writer that I tend to enjoy every novel she delivers. They’re filled with warm-hearted, lovable characters that are incredibly well developed. She doesn’t just dictate a story to you; Ward invites you into the lives of her individuals, causing you to feel and experience everything right alongside them. Because of You surprised me in all the best ways with the storytelling and depth of emotion present. I laughed, I cried, and my heart swarmed with butterflies as I progressed throughout. If you haven’t picked up the series yet, or if you’re just in the mood for a transforming read, Because of You is sure to deliver on everything you could want in a romance!

He circled the bike, standing in front of me, arms crossed over his chest. “What’d you think of that lecture, mariposa?”
My eyes slid to the side, the floor, the ceiling. A slow burn traveled up my neck, settling on my cheeks. “It was… interesting, Freud, you know…” I laughed, a weird, awkward, uncomfortable sound escaping my lips. God, I sounded like a freak. Get it together, girl. Instead of wringing my hands together, I pushed my glasses higher up on my nose.
Ricky looked down at me, his eyes crinkling, and lips curved. “Interesting, huh?”
My hands shot out to the sides, “I’m sure you know all about that stuff… the stages and sex and… yeah.” I blew out a breath, my cheeks puffing, in what I was sure was the sexiest look I’d managed to pull off yet. “I’ve only done some light reading. That was new to me and frankly, a bit uncomfortable to hear around you because of your general hotness and all.”
Did I say light reading?
General hotness?
Oh. My. God. 
Ricky threw his head back and chortled. “You are the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen.” His tongue darted out to lick his bottom lip. He took the paper and pen from my hand, tossing them onto the floor. “I won’t touch you here. Although, I’ll admit it’s probably my biggest fantasy, but you aren’t ready for that.”
Bending down, he picked me up, his hands lifting under my ass until I wrapped my legs around his waist. “You’re so tiny.” He smirked, his eyes focused on my lips.
I took off my glasses, placing them on the metal tool shelf next to us. My body shook, and I knew Ricky felt it when his grip on me tightened.
“I won’t hurt you, mariposa. You have my word that I’ll protect you. I’m not a good man, but I’ll be good to you.” He looked into my eyes, his warm brown orbs like melted chocolate.
“You are a good man. I wish you saw yourself like I see you.” My words pled, begging him to hear me.
Closing his eyes and shutting me out, he pressed his forehead to mine. “I need you,” he whispered. “I’ve never needed anyone like I need you. You’re open and vulnerable, kind and innocent. You’re unlike any girl I’ve ever met, and all I want to do is learn more about you. Understand all the parts that make you whole.”
His words sounded stricken and raw, but I absorbed them, drawing them into my heart. I didn’t know if he meant that he needed me physically or emotionally, but either way I was his.
“I need you, too.” I kissed his lips, a light sweet peck. “I’ve already learned and grown from being near you. You’re strong and loyal. The way you take care of your family has captivated me. And the way you make me feel is addictive.” I kissed him again, longer, and he groaned, one hand pressing into my back and one twisting in my hair.
My mouth opened, tongue peeking out to find his. Meeting, touching, and tangling as we moaned in unison. My hands sought his beautiful hair and I wrapped the long strands around my fingers, hoping that I would weave myself into him, his life, and his heart.
This complicated, gorgeous man, that thought he didn’t deserve happiness or dreams or good in his life.
I’d had a glimpse inside, something I believed was a rarity. And Ricky deserved all the beauty the world had to bring. I wasn’t sure I was the person who could give that to him.
But I sure wanted to try.

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Not Yet cover

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Until Now (Not Yet #2)

Until Now

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Someday Soon (Not Yet #3)

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USA Today bestselling author, Laura Ward, writes sweet and sexy stories that will hopefully make you look at the world in a different way. Her books include the Not Yet series: Not YetUntil NowSomeday Soon, and Because of You. Her Contemporary Romance standalone is titled, Past Heaven. She is also the co-author of the College Bound series: The PledgeThe Color of Us, and The Sound of Your Heart (Releasing July 13, 2018.) Laura lives in Maryland with her loud and very loving three children and husband. She married her college sweetheart and is endlessly grateful for the support he has given her through all their years together, and especially toward her dream of writing books. When not picking up toy trucks, driving to lacrosse practice, or checking spelling homework, Laura is writing or reading romance novels.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads

BLOG TOUR – Marked by Drew Elyse

Title: Marked
Author: Drew Elyse
Series: Sailor’s Grave #1
Release Date: May 17, 2018


I would never say as much to the people I love, but it’s the truth.
They want to see me doing better.
They want to see me living for more than just my son.

So I let them.
Everyday is about putting on a face,
pretending to get over the loss of my husband.
And every day is a lie.


I’m not about to claim I’m a genius,
unless we’re talking with a tattoo gun or woman in my hands,
but I’m smart enough to know the beauty serving up my cupcake fix is off limits.

Really, I know.
Too bad the lure of putting a real smile on Kate’s face is so strong.
When she visits Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Parlor,
I can’t help but want to leave my mark.

Drew Elyse introduces readers to the Sailor’s Grave series with Liam and Kate’s heart-wrenching story. Marked is raw, painful, and wonderfully real as these two seemingly opposite personalities find common ground and an unexpected understanding of one another’s pain. Liam and Kate shared an easy friendship with an electric undercurrent of attraction that drew me in. This couple’s sometimes awkward, but always sweet encounters left me wanting more, and I quickly became invested in their developing feelings. Liam and Kate made me laugh and swoon and cry. Marked delivers plenty of angst and breathtaking vulnerability with just the right amount of sizzle in this emotionally intense story.

“He’d left a mark that went way beyond the skin.”

Both Liam and Kate exhibited significant personal growth over the course of this novel. I absolutely adored the way Drew Elyse used Kate and Liam’s budding relationship to push both characters to move forward, work through their pain, and let go of the hurt. Kate, in particular, had me in tears as I felt her grief and sorrow down to my bones. My deep understanding of this character had me celebrating every victory and rooting for her to find her happily ever after. The secondary characters really helped to round out this story, and they played a significant role in revealing the true nature of our hero and heroine. I found myself quickly getting attached to the peripheral personalities in the Sailor’s Grave world, and I look forward to hearing their stories in future books.

“It’s taking everything I have not to kiss you right now. Just once, I keep telling myself. Just one more taste. But it’s bullshit. Once more won’t be enough.”

I wish we could have seen more of Liam and Kate’s past together, specifically their first meeting and the ensuing moments of awkward flirtation and mounting sexual tension. Without this basic foundation, even in the form of flashbacks throughout the story, it felt as if the reader was diving into a relationship already in motion. However, since we didn’t get to experience it personally, I had a hard time connecting to their established familiarity and understanding how quickly it progressed into more. I did appreciate the uncertainty and fear that plagued Kate and Liam’s relationship. The “will they won’t they” aspect of this story felt genuine to where Kate was at in her life, and it gave the overall journey an emotional authenticity.

“You can remember, and grieve, and hurt, but you also live.”

The pacing of the story is consistent and Marked was an easy read. Drew Elyse’s writing is vibrant and imaginative, and I always feel transported into the story. Marked hits the heart a little harder than some of her previous novels, but Drew balances the intense emotion with just enough sweet and sexy fun. Overflowing with sparkling chemistry, witty banter, and inked book boyfriend perfection, Marked will leave you begging for more of this new and colorful world from Drew Elyse. A spinoff of the Disciples Daughters MC series, Marked features some familiar faces that will make you grin. These cameos gave Liam and Kate’s story a feeling of family that had me instantly hooked. Drew Elyse serves up sass, sizzle, and some serious feels – Liam and Kate’s story is sure to leave you Marked!

I have been with Drew Elyse from the very beginning, and I’m happy to report that she does nothing but improve with time! Marked is a spin-off to her MC series and I absolutely adored getting to see a sweeter, more nurturing side to her characters. Kate and Liam navigated their relationship through sweet encounters and a bit of back and forth rawness. The resulting feeling left me deeply invested in the outcome of their partnership as well as a desire for more from these two personalities.

“It wasn’t just about controlling myself. It wasn’t about not getting in too deep. It was all about leaving my mark in whatever way I could.”

There was a definite authenticity and rawness to Kate. Rather than coming off as flighty and indecisive, her inability to commit was completely understood given her past and what she had been through. Though I certainly couldn’t relate, my heart ached for her and I grieved right alongside her. The journey she was attempting to make endeared me to her, and left me rooting for all the good in the world to come to her. Furthermore, I could not have come up with a better counterpart for her than Liam. He was gentle and patient, completely understanding of Kate’s situation. Plus, he was absolutely incredible with her son – which is always a stack of plusses in the book boyfriend category! There was a certain level of push and pull to their relationship, but it was through those moments of back and forth, ups and downs, that I got a feel for how much these two truly cared for one another. Even when they weren’t good at finding the right words, their inner thoughts and actions filled me with butterflies and left me giddy for the moments when they were together.

“I can’t promise I won’t have bad days. I can’t promise I won’t backslide into the grief from time to time, but I swear that I know what I want.”

Having Kate be so closely tied with the MC was definitely a bittersweet feeling for me. At times, I was frustrated because this was supposed to be a new series. However, it also warmed my heart to see a couple of the characters that I have already come to know and love. I’m desperately anxious to get my hands on more books in the Sailor’s Grave series though. Drew Elyse does an amazing job piquing your interest on the secondary characters while never overshadowing the storyline between Kate and Liam. Elyse has set the bar high with the Marked being the first book and I can’t wait to see where she goes next!


Christ, I really needed to stop doing this to myself.

Not give up the desserts, because fuck that, but stop torturing myself with the gorgeous woman that served them.

I knew the deal. She was a single mom, widowed a couple years back. She was under the protection of the club because Daz was her late husband’s brother. I also knew that despite conversations I’d overheard about her doing better, about her starting to move on, that she was nowhere near that place.

Maybe it was because I’d been old enough to understand everything as it happened when we’d lost Dad and after. I recognized what the people in her life couldn’t: that she wasn’t moving past a goddamn thing.

It was achingly familiar, seeing that fake smile. It was even more so to see the one she gave her son, knowing that if I were seeing it closer, there would be that lingering sadness behind her eyes that I saw in my mom’s for too long.

And that whole thought process made it sound like I had some fucked Oedipus complex.

Desserts, asshole.

There was a cinnamon braid left. That never happened. Sugar’s Dream was more of a dessert place than full-service bakery. The few things Avery made that worked for breakfast were usually snatched up before I ever got there in the afternoons. The cinnamon braid specifically was a favorite at Sailor’s Grave—it was the reason we had an actual kitchen knife in the back after we’d all fallen on one and had to rip off pieces by hand.

“Gotta take that back to the shop,” I told her, pointing to it.

Unable to hide the fact that she was relieved to have a task that involved moving farther away from me to prep a box for it, she jumped right to it. I wasn’t enough of a gentleman to not glance up from considering what else to get in order to take a look while she had her back to me. Kate looked fucking incredible coming and going. I liked a woman with curves, and she was far from lacking in that department. She had light brown hair that danced around her shoulders when she wore it down, porcelain skin that looked like silk, and amber eyes that usually looked brown, but stood out when there was enough light to see them properly.

She was easily the most delicious thing in this goddamn bakery.

She was also the only thing in the place I was sure I wasn’t getting a taste of.

A minute later, she came back with the tied up box, setting it on the counter by the register. 

“Anything else?” She tried to avoid my eyes but ended up looking right at my mouth. My cock took notice, fixing to fight for attention.

I was so fucking tempted to answer with something like “a taste test” just to get a rise out of her, but I bit my tongue.

“Two of the lemon cupcakes, one raspberry chocolate, and” —I peeked around her— “are those the mocha ones you’re working on?”

She glanced over her shoulder like she wasn’t sure what she’d been doing when I walked in. “Um…yes.”

“Can I get one of those?”

“Of course.”

Again, it was full hustle to get away from me. I got it. If I were a better man, I might stop coming in. Of course, I’d probably lose it if I tried going cold turkey from my preferred sugar fix, but I could at least talk someone else into coming for me. Jess would probably do it if I bankrolled her own cupcake habit.

Turns out, I wasn’t that good of a person. I wouldn’t push her, but I couldn’t deny myself at least getting to see her beyond just the Disciples’ parties. These little visits were like a fucking drug.

“How’s your boy?” I asked, grasping at anything to get her to talk to me.

“He’s good. He’s telling everyone at his daycare that he’s going to be a biker when he grows up.” It was impossible to miss the love and pride in her voice. 

“Probably not a stretch. I wouldn’t be surprised if the brothers had him on his own bike the minute he’s old enough.”

“His dad had a bike, too. Owen’s been around them since he was born.”

I watched as what she’d said registered. I saw her freeze, every inch of her tightening up. She was still facing away, keeping her expression hidden, but I didn’t doubt it was a mix of shock and devastation. I hadn’t known what a minefield the topic was, though I couldn’t be sure I’d have avoided it if it was. Mom told me time and again as she got better that talking about Dad helped, even as much as it hurt.

“I’m sorry. I know that doesn’t help at all. I know it still hurts and all the sympathy in the world doesn’t touch that, but it’s true.”

For a long moment, she didn’t move. I didn’t even see her breathing from my vantage point. Then, she turned around with the box of cupcakes in her hands. She didn’t adopt that benign smile she always had at work, but that didn’t mean she was giving me any glimpse of the real grief. 

No, Kate’s face was fucking blank.


It wasn’t my fucking place to try to “help,” especially not while she was at work. Suddenly, if I could take the words back, if I could undo even the reminder of her husband, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Before I could dig my foot out of my mouth and figure something out to say, she went over to the register and started ringing up my order. “That’ll be $17.56.”

Even her voice was flat, lifeless.

Rather than push and make a bigger ass of myself, I pulled out my card and paid without a word. I kept my mouth shut as she wordlessly handed it back with my receipt, and then slid the boxes toward me.

Only when I had them in hand did she say, again in that dead voice, “Have a nice day.”

I’d fucked up. Royally.

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Drew Elyse spends her days trying to convince the world that she is, in fact, a Disney Princess, and her nights writing tear-jerking and sexy romance novels.

When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found analyzing every line of a book, binge watching shows on Netflix, doing strange vocal warm ups before singing in a variety of musical styles, or screaming at the TV during Chicago Blackhawks games.

A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, she still lives outside Chicago, IL, where she was born and raised, with her boyfriend and her fur babies Lola and Duncan.

Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramAmazon | Website | Newsletter

RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Worth the Risk by K. Bromberg

Title: Worth the Risk
Author: K. Bromberg
Release Date: May 15, 2018

This whole contest was supposed to be easy. I know, I know. Famous last words.

It’s a long story, but I messed up at work. Big time. To earn back the trust of my boss, I promised to save one of our magazines. Yep. That Hot Dad contest you’ve seen advertised all over the place was my idea. And if I’m successful, if I’m able to increase our online readership, then I get a shot at my dream job.

But the one thing I never expected to happen, happened: Contestant number ten, Grayson Malone. Hello, Mr. Difficult. And did I mention sexy as hell?

Unfortunately he knows me. The old me, anyway. And while we might be older now, I remind him of before. Of the woman who broke his heart, who hardened him, and who left him alone to raise the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen.

But I don’t want a relationship. And I definitely don’t fall for single dads with baggage. Even ones with chiseled abs and killer smiles.

But he got to me. They got to me. Him and his son and their messy, crazy life.  But I got to him too. I see the stolen glances. I feel the walls he built start to crumble. I recognize that there’s an unexpected beauty to the chaos in his life.

And now that the contest is about to end, we’re left to decide whether the last six months were just fun or if what we have is worth risking it all?

K. Bromberg delivers another unforgettable Malone brother with Grayson’s story in Worth the Risk. From the very first page, I was hooked on Sidney and knew she was the woman who could make Grayson fall. K. Bromberg didn’t disappoint, serving up plenty of delicious tension with this duo. Grayson and Sidney’s story was the kind of emotional rollercoaster that breaks your heart before carefully piecing it back together. Their electric chemistry felt effortless as they shared a push and pull that had me totally addicted. The inexplicable spark K. Bromberg has crafted between these two characters had me thoroughly invested, and I found myself unable to put this book down.

“You take risks every damn day in your job—you’ve made a name for yourself doing it—and yet, you won’t take a goddamn risk on me, will you?”

Grayson was every bit the scorned, protective, and cocky man I thought he’d be and then some. A single father, he’d been burned too deeply to ever easily open his heart again. However, it was precisely those wounds that made me feel so sincerely for this character. K. Bromberg did a phenomenal job revealing the vulnerable, thoughtful, and playful side of Grayson as the story progressed, allowing readers to connect with the man that was desperate for someone to really work for him. I adored seeing Grayson with Luke and appreciated how fiercely he loved his son. By the time all was said and done, K. Bromberg had me totally sunk for this hero.

“You always have a choice, Grayson. What do you choose?”

Sidney was equally intriguing, although in an entirely different way. She wore her heart on her sleeve, desperate to prove herself worthy. Hardworking, strong, and loyal, it was easy to feel for this feisty heroine. As Sidney fought for Grayson’s heart, and to prove herself to her father, K. Bromberg unraveled her completely, laying the character’s insecurities and fears bare. Sidney’s relationship with Rissa and the friendship they built also gave me a greater appreciation for Sidney’s true character. She was relatable in a way that allowed me to appreciate her personal evolution as she grew alongside Grayson over the course of their journey.

“A long time ago, someone once told me to find what I love and let it kill me.”

As always, K. Bromberg rounded out this novel with plenty of fantastic secondary characters. Both Luke and Rissa stole the show a time or two, and I adored seeing the other Malone brothers again as they settled into their happily ever afters. The author’s writing is as spectacular as ever. Overflowing with brilliant imagery, thoughtful prose, and plenty of witty banter, I couldn’t get enough of this novel. At times I was incredibly frustrated, Grayson and Sidney’s personal hang-ups took a toll on my patience as I desperately waited for them to get to their happily ever after. I’m happy to say it was absolutely worth the wait just as this couple discovered that love really is Worth the Risk!

Wow…I’m not even sure I can find the words to write a proper review. Is there something larger than a grand slam? A touchdown? A slam dunk? Because whatever that is, K. Bromberg far exceeded it! Worth the Risk was heartfelt, passionate, and angsty in all the best ways possible. The interconnected standalone made butterflies fly in my stomach, had me laughing out loud, and crying crocodile tears by the end. The characters were authentic with writing so vivid that it felt like the entire story was playing out before my very eyes. If you stop reading here and take nothing else away from this review, trust me when I say that Worth the Risk is a MUST read – 100% worth the risk on this author! 😉

“There’s no anger. There’s no retribution. There’s just my need to connect with someone—with her. There’s my need to feel like a man she wants rather than a man to fix her problems.”

From what I had gathered about Grayson Malone in his brothers’ books, I knew that this story was going to rip me apart and hit me hard. As a single dad, he had always been so protective of his son and that shone brighter than ever in Worth the Risk. Even if I didn’t previously have a crush on him, there was just no way that I could have walked away from this book not utterly smitten with him, and I have a feeling readers all over will be feeling the same. Even though he could be beyond stubborn at times, and I may have wanted to smack some hardcore sense into him, there was something endearing about his mentality. Though it was painful at times to witness, it also felt authentic given the degree to which he had been burned. There was also something I instantly loved about Sidney. Though she initially came off as a bit of a princess, I could sense that there was something deeper to her personality. She was a loyal friend and dedicated to reaching her goals. Watching her transform throughout this novel was definitely a nice surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed. Together, these two characters could not have been more different. Yet, something about them just worked. Even in their moments of hateful banter, I was secretly rooting for them. They had their ups and their downs, but I wouldn’t have traded that journey for anything.

“People change. Minds change. Sometimes it takes longer for a heart to forget what was done to it in the past.”

I swear that Bromberg gets better and better with each new book she publishes. Worth the Risk had a little bit of everything that you could want – a slow burning romance set in a small town with a hot, single dad who can’t stand the heroine and isn’t afraid to show it. My stomach was in knots for a good portion of this romance until it exploded in butterflies. Naturally, the writing then took me on a rollercoaster ride that I never wanted to press the brakes on. She has a way of sucking you into the worlds she builds and I can’t ever get enough!

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REVIEW TOUR – The Wright Love by K.A. Linde

Title – The Wright Love
Author – K.A. Linde
Publication Date – May 15, 2018
Series – The Wright Duet #1

I have the perfect life.
Until the day my husband tragically dies.
Being a single mom and widow was never part of the plan.
When David Calloway enters my life, I have no room for love in my heart.
But he’s determined to do right by me.
Could he be the Wright love?

What have you done to me K.A. Linde?! The Wright Love was filled with every bit of nail-biting anxiety that I expected, but also so much more heartbreak than I figured. I knew going into this novel that it would be an emotional journey from beginning to end, but I don’t know that I could have accurately prepared myself for what Linde delivered. It packed a hard punch and left me aching for the conclusion to see how everything will play out!

“I could mourn him and grieve for him and find a way to do more than just survive this cruel fucking world.”

Sutton and David had such a unique relationship because of the friendship aspect that came first. Our heroine had experienced something that nobody should ever have to go through, especially at such a young age. She was learning how to live again, while still wading through her grief, and that journey was just remarkable. There was a lot of questioning between her head and her heart, which led to me feeling a deep amount of empathy for her. She wasn’t just Sutton Wright; she was the best friend that I wanted to see find happiness again. David has been a favorite of mine from the moment that we met him. He has always been so tender and sweet, completely understanding and beyond patient with the situation. It instantly endeared me to his character and left me rooting for him through every up and down that he experienced when it came to their evolving relationship. I don’t think there is a reader who wouldn’t be able to feel the chemistry between these two, thus rooting to see them find a way to make it work.

“Death like that…even just the thought of death, it fucks with you. It shreds you from the inside out. Time might numb it, but it never really heals.”

The Wright Love was a story that I knew would break my heart, yet I couldn’t pass up reading it either. K.A. Linde created such a lovable character in Sutton and I think that every reader will want to know her story and get inside her head. K.A. Linde has built an incredible world with these characters that I find myself loving each sibling more and more with each new release. I loved the increasing strength and transformation that was in this first installation of the duet because it made for a read that I could not put down. It’s left me wanting to see just what else could happen in the conclusion – especially with the surprises Linde threw out there!

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The Wright Secret

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Author Bio

K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time.

She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.

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RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Inspired By You by Steph Nuss

Title – Inspired By You
Author – Steph Nuss
Publication Date – May 10, 2018
Series – Love in the City #6

Fame made him selfish.

Hollywood heartthrob, Maxton Waters, has just been named the World’s Sexiest Man Alive. Women fantasize about him. Men want to be him. The paparazzi continuously follow him. His ego is definitely larger than his heart.

Poverty made her grateful.

Whitley Gonzalez has made a life for herself after growing up in and out of homeless shelters. Now a hardworking nurse, she spends her spare time raising her son alone and giving back to the community that helped raise her.

But when Max is sentenced to hours of community services and placed under the single mom’s thumb, working together proves harder than they ever expected, inspiring an unlikely love in the city.

Love. Adore. Smitten for. Crazy about. Infatuated with. There just aren’t enough ways to accurately describe how much I fell for Inspired By You. Steph Nuss has woven a lighthearted story that brought me to my knees on numerous occasions with its addictive writing and swoonworthy characters. I’ve been with this author from the start and I’ve waited (im)patiently for this book. Well, it was without a doubt her best novel to date and one hundred percent worth the wait!

“Max couldn’t take his eyes or hands off of me. He admired me like I was the other half he’d been searching for his entire life.”

Nuss has written characters that felt timeless, like puzzle pieces that were just meant to go together. Whitley was the very embodiment of the word independence. As a single mom, she  learned to build her walls high and make them indestructible. I loved how protective she was of Zane, whose personality shone bright on his own. I’d be remiss not to mention how hard I fell in love with his sweet, compassionate innocence. As a mom, I could easily see reflections of myself in Whitley; how we sometimes forget that underneath all the masks we wear, we’re women who deserve to feel love and be loved in returned. We had previously met Max and he certainly had a lot to redeem himself for. It was such a beautiful journey to see just how that happened in this book. He was so down to earth and understanding, always wanting to do the right thing by those around him. The guilt he held urged him to be a better man, forcing me to smile and butterflies to flutter in my stomach. However, what truly sold me on him was the way he constantly thought of Zane and took his needs into consideration. It’s hard not to fall in love with a man who falls head over heels for a woman’s child. The relationship that Max develops with Zane will have readers’ hearts melting time and time again.

“Bodies flushed, standing together in a quiet hallway, we found home again in each other’s arms.”

I love that I can always count on Steph Nuss to deliver a story filled with romance, tenderness, and awe-inducing sweetness. Inspired By You was one of those light-hearted relationships that doesn’t introduce conflict just to drive the story forward. Instead, the heartfelt emotions and transformations of the characters move the novel along and make you feel lighter just for experiencing it. Of all the books in the Love in the City series, Inspired By You is by far my favorite (and that’s saying something). If you haven’t picked up this series yet, you’re seriously missing out. I can’t recommend it enough!

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Fantasized By You (Love in the City, #2)

Fantasized By You_cover

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Pleasured by You

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Cherished By You Cover

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Challenged by You

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Changed by You (Love in the City #7) – Coming Soon!

Changed By You

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Author Bio

Steph Nuss

Steph Nuss was born and raised in rural Kansas, where she currently resides with her black Labrador son named Gunner. She grew up with a passion for reading and writing. When she’s not immersed into the land of fiction, she enjoys listening to music that came before her time, watching movies and reruns of her favorite shows, and hanging out with her family and friends. She also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology that she’ll never use…unless she’s profiling her characters of course.

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BLOG TOUR – Defile by Jessica Prince

Title: Defile
Author: Jessica Prince
Series: Civil Corruption #2
Release Date: May 3, 2018

Declan Forrester is arrogant, selfish, and insanely sexy.
He was the very first boy I ever loved.
Then fame and fortune turned him into a man I no longer recognized.
I tried to give him everything he needed, and in return…
he broke my heart.

Now he’s back, and he wants to make things right.
What started as love turned to hate.
I told myself I’d never fall for him again, but he’s determined to prove me wrong.

He wants to win me.
He wants to own me.
He wants to defile me.

And if I’m not careful…
I just might let him.

Jessica Prince serves up a scorching, heart-wrenching, second-chance romance with Tatum and Declan’s story in Defile. Bursting with heat, raw emotion, and a colorful cast of characters, this rocker romance promises to leave you swooning and desperate for more of Civil Corruption. Tatum and Declan have an utterly electric chemistry that sparks from the pages of this novel. Coupled with their easy familiarity and obvious emotional connection, I was hooked on this duo from the very beginning. Their story thoroughly broke my heart before putting it back together, taking me on a wild rollercoaster of first love, betrayal, and repentance as they learned to forgive past hurts and let love rule.

“Because, toxic or not, we’re in each other’s fucking blood. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t ignore what we are.”

Tatum was easy to connect with. She was fiery, stubborn, and yet beautifully vulnerable. She held her pain close while holding her head high and I admired the grace and resilience she embodied. Jessica Prince did a phenomenal job unraveling this carefully put together woman, fanning the fire within her in order to burn away the past and let something stronger grow. Declan was equally enthralling. Sure, he was charming with that bad boy edge that definitely intrigues, but it was the torment so evident in everything he did that kept me riveted. Admittedly, Declan was hard to love at first, but as the story progressed, Jessica Prince expertly revealed the wounded hero beneath the mistakes who deserved another shot at his happily ever after.

“I’ve carried you with me for ten fucking years, Tate.”

Overflowing with witty banter, sexy interludes, and tons of feels, Defile was an easy read. Jessica Prince’s writing absolutely sparkles and I found myself devouring this book. The storyline did leave me with a few lingering questions at the end, however, the powerful emotions, delicious tension, and heartfelt declarations between Tatum and Declan had me absolutely enchanted. The secondary characters added just the right amount of light and laughter to the story and I love the circle of women that is beginning to take shape and balance out the men of Civil Corruption. Jessica Prince has me totally invested in this series and head over heels for her roster of rock star book boyfriends. Sizzling, addictive, and perfectly heartfelt, Defile is everything I’ve come to love from this author and so much more!

What had originally started as a six-month road trip across Cali, hopping from one shithole bar to the next, had stretched into a year and a half thanks to our manager, Chris Evers.

He’d approached us after watching us in San Diego, one of our last shows before heading back to San Francisco with our tales between our legs. We were officially out of money, and because of that, out of time. My heart was broken at the thought of going back. But then Chris appeared, promising that he could get us success if we signed with him.

At first it had all seemed too good to be true. I had to admit, there was something about the dude that didn’t sit right with me. He was slimier than a used car salesman, and twice as slippery. But he’d lived up to his promise. For the past year, the five of us had been living in a crappy little studio apartment in LA, recording our first album, and playing at bigger bars where people who mattered could see us. We’d busted our asses, put in our time, and it was finally paying off. Now we were on a fucking tour with one of the fastest-growing bands in the US. As far as I was concerned, Chris Evers could be Satan himself—as long as he kept living up to his own hype, I was on board.

Looking across the shitty apartment, I spotted Tatum sitting on the worn-to-hell couch Mace and I had found in the alley behind our building. I broke from the guys and headed toward my girl, scooping her into my arms and spinning her in a circle.

“You hear that, baby? It’s finally fuckin’ happening. We’re going on tour!”

She smiled and placed a kiss on my lips, but there was an uncertainty in her eyes that made an uncomfortable knot form in my stomach. Something was off. Tatum hadn’t been herself for a long time now, and I didn’t understand why. I got the impression that Chris made her uncomfortable and that she didn’t trust him, but she’d never spoken a word against him, and the guy hadn’t done anything to warrant us dropping him. I kept telling myself that it was just the instability of our life over the past eighteen months that had been weighing on her. Now that the doors were finally starting to open for us, she could breathe a little easier.

“That’s fantastic, Deck. I’m so happy for you guys.”

I set her back on her feet but kept her close. “What’s wrong, Tate? You don’t look that excited.”

“No, I am!” she declared loudly. Her expression finally began to warm, and genuine happiness shined in her eyes. “This is it, honey. I’m freaking thrilled.”

Resting my forehead against hers, I spoke in a hushed voice. “Nothin’ but good from here on out, baby.”

“I’m so proud of you,” she replied, her tone just as quiet as mine.

“I’m gonna give you the world, Tatum Valentine. Just wait and see.”

Her smile wobbled as tears pooled in her eyes. “I don’t need the world. All I need is you.”

She might not need it, but like hell I wasn’t going to give it to her. She deserved nothing but the best. My girl deserved to eat at the best restaurants, wear the most expensive clothes, live in the biggest house I could build her. She deserved to drip with diamonds. And I was going to make all of that happen.

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Born and raised around Houston Texas, Jessica spent most of her life complaining about the heat, humidity, and all around pain in the ass weather. It was only as an adult that she quickly realized the cost of living in Houston made up for not being able to breathe when she stepped outside. That’s why God created central air, after all.

Jessica is the mother of a perfect little boy–she refuses to accept that he inherited her attitude and sarcastic nature no matter what her husband says.

In addition to being a wife and mom, she’s also a wino, a coffee addict, and an avid lover of all types of books–romances still being her all time favs. Her husband likes to claim that reading is her obsession but she just says it’s a passion…there’s a difference. Not that she’d expect a boy to understand.

Jessica has been writing since she was a little girl, but thankfully grew out of drawing her own pictures for her stories before ever publishing her first book. Because an artist she is not.

Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | PinterestAmazon | Website

RELEASE DAY REVIEW & GIVEAWAY – Passion Rising by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain

Title – Passion Rising
Authors – JA Huss & Johnathan McClain
Publication Date – May 8, 2018
Series – Original Sin #4

Old demons are back.

Maddie’s dealing with the fallout of her choices. Safety and happiness are relative, elusive things she’s desperate to have. But they will forever remain out of reach until the demons of her past are laid to rest.

Tyler’s mistakes resurface to haunt him and he’s just beginning to understand that money can’t fix a broken relationship. He must open his heart and search for answers he’d rather not find.

She wants peace in a world made of chaos.
He wants to rid himself of a lifetime of guilt.

They’re soul mates, but that’s no guarantee.
They’ll need to rely on each other to find their happily ever after.
Because the fight never ends—it just gets easier with someone at your side.

Of all the books in the Original Sin series, I have a feeling that Passion Rising will be the hardest to write a review for. JA Huss & Johnathan McClain have delivered an emotionally-packed conclusion that I certainly wasn’t expecting. There were moments of comedic relief and those that took a hit to my heart; there were outrageously hot scenes that left me aching for more and instances where I needed to pause and just take it all in. There is something special about this series, which is ridiculously hard to pinpoint, and in many ways, it’s reminded me why I started blogging in the first place.

“That life goes on, no matter what. The world never stops turning. The sun keeps rising, the night always comes, and then the light takes its place. Every twenty-four hours there’s a new opportunity for a fresh start.”

Honestly, there isn’t much I need to say in terms of the characters’ growth because this book was all about that final culmination of everything they have been through. Maddie and Tyler’s story was a breathtakingly beautiful journey of two very broken characters learning to navigate their personal tragedies in order to grow and ultimately learn their own worth. Over the course of the series, they’ve faced unfathomable obstacles, but somehow have pushed through each one. Passion Rising really forced both Maddie and Tyler to look at themselves and their circumstances and open their eyes. Whether it was with the help of each other, or their lives changing, there were moments of clarity that ultimately made me fall in love with these characters even more. Every single interaction felt meaningful in the grand scheme of things and it’s been a long time since I’ve experienced a book quite like that.

“Doctor Eldridge can’t argue against the fact that in order to start our own, individual races, we all need a trigger. An impetus. An inspiration. Something that kicks us in the ass and compels us to change, or to discover ourselves in a new way, or to want to even try. And if the starting pistol comes in the form of another person, so be it.”

Both of these authors’ words can easily stand on their own; however, it is almost as if one pushes the other to be better, therefore elevating the story as a whole. Their words felt carefully chosen with every emotion articulated in a way to make the reader stop and really put themselves in these characters’ shoes. The dual points of view felt completely unique, yet blended together so easily that at times I questioned whether it was really two authors writing it. It’s incredibly difficult to describe the style and overall feeling I received while reading Passion Rising. The story was sexy and suspenseful, but it was also surprisingly philosophical in a non-preachy manner. It’s something that I think readers will have to experience and witness for themselves to truly understand any sentiment I could attempt to explain. I can’t recommend this series enough, but I do have to urge anyone diving in to buckle up – because it is one heck of a wild ride!

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Angels Fall (Original Sin #2)

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Flesh Into Fire (Original Sin #3)

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Two accomplished writers come together to create unforgettable sexy romance. JA Huss is the New York Times bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today bestsellers list eighteen times. Johnathan McClain is a veteran actor and writer whose work, either performed or written, is probably airing on at least one of the channels on your television right now. You can contact them on their website or find them at their social links below.

JA Huss
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Johnathan McClain
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