About Us


About Prisoners of Print

B and C met back in high school when they worked at the public library. Their days of re-shelving books is long gone but their love of the written word remains. After stumbling across the indie book community, B and C decided to give blogging a go and Prisoners of Print was born. We’ve found a home amongst the amazing authors, fellow bloggers and enthusiastic readers that make up this crazy little book world and our passion for reading has only grown. Thank you for taking the time to check out Prisoners of Print, the reviews we’ve written and the books we adore. We hope you also visit us on social media and be sure to say hello!

You can also email us at prisonersofprint@gmail.com

Featured Genres

Romance – New Adult, Contemporary, Humor, Young Adult, College, Erotica

As well as select Suspense/Thriller, Dystopian and Paranormal

Rating System


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