NEW RELEASE REVIEW & GIVEAWAY – The Pleasure of Panic by JA Huss

Title – The Pleasure of Panic
Author – JA Huss
Publication Date – April 10, 2018
Series – Jordan’s Game #2

From NYT Bestselling Author, JA Huss, comes a new sexy standalone in the Jordan’s Game series. Issy is about to have the night of her life! Her sexual fantasy is about to come true thanks to Jordan Wells and his little fantasy fulfillment business. Or is it?

A new day. A new game. A new girl to (try and) please.
Issy Grey is a control freak. There’s no problem she can’t solve. Issy’s also a successful self-help author, presenter, and life coach. She has every answer, every time you ask for it.

That is… until her BFF butts into her life and signs her up for a sexual fantasy fulfillment game she never asked to play!

Now she can’t turn it off! She can’t quit, because Jordan Wells refuses to admit she’s even a player!

And she can’t get rid of the man assigned to pleasure her with panic, because he’s her new bodyguard!

Just… WTF?

I don’t know how JA Huss continues to come up with mind-blowing, unique stories, but I am so freaking glad that she does! The Pleasure of Panic is the second book in the Jordan’s Game series, though if you understand the premise, it’s not really required to read the first. There were so many twists and turns that I was never able to find my footing, but I mean that only in the best way possible. The characters piqued my interest, but the plot kept me turning the pages as fast as I could. I definitely felt myself needing more and more of this fantastic book.

“Is it a game? Or isn’t it? I can’t tell anymore.”

Issy and Finn were an unexpected couple in that I’m not sure I ever would have paired them together in my head. Issy was the very embodiment of strength and perseverance. She was a survivor who yearned to teach other women how to live to their full potential, and I loved how she got that message across. She used the scars of her past to brighten her future and it instantly endeared me to her, even if she used hiding as her coping mechanism. Our hero Finn was, in many ways, lost and just surviving his day to day; he was stuck in his past and never really moving forward. When they came together, it felt like they offered each other a power to free themselves. They didn’t have to be tied down by chains anymore and I loved how that ended up playing out. It served as an interesting dynamic to watch unfold because while I loved the characters in the beginning, they also grew and changed in such a short amount of time.

“Because hours to us are like years for others. And we’ve spent a lifetime together since we met last night.”

The Pleasure of Panic was a twisted story that I never wanted to end. There was a surprise around every corner that constantly kept me on my toes. If you like your romance dirty with your suspense even dirtier, I definitely suggest checking this novel out. The characters are quirky and fun, the plot is engaging, and the writing is out of this world. There’s a reason Huss is one of my go-to favorite authors, but The Pleasure of Panic definitely took it to a whole new level!


The problem with this night is… some of it was fun. I mean, I’m pretty disappointed that this isn’t a game. Unless he’s lying, but I really don’t think he’s lying. He can’t be that good an actor. And we really were down at the Federal Building and I really was locked in an interrogation room, and he and his partner really did question me.

So what the fuck is going on?

And, more importantly, why the fuck is this happening to me? I mean, I was just minding my own business, doing my thing, and then wham. Bullshit everywhere I turn. It’s bad enough that Chella talked Jordan into a game for me. I mean, that’s a little bit humiliating all by itself. But then to be turned down?

“I didn’t ask for any of this,” I say, looking out the window as the world whips by. We’re on I-70 now, heading back towards Denver, and I can just see the glow of city lights peeking over the top of the mountains. There’s no traffic, so we should be back in downtown in like twenty minutes.

“OK,” he says. But it’s one of those OK’s that really means, You’re full of shit.

“I didn’t.”

“Fine. I’m agreeing with you.”

“But your agreement is really just placating me.”

“If you say so, Issy.”

I huff out a breath of air and decide to drop it.

“But you don’t make sense. And you know that. Your background is… well, spotty.”

Yup. It is. But there’s no way he could find out about my past. Like, literally, no way. That girl doesn’t exist anymore. So I don’t agree or disagree with his initial assessment.

“Which means it’s either completely made up or you’ve somehow erased parts of it. So which is it?”

I ignore him.

“I’m gonna figure it out.”

“Why?” I say, turning my body to face him. I’m angry now. “Why do you need to figure it out? Why can’t you just drop the whole fucking thing?”

“Because you’re somehow involved in a terror threat.”

“Says you,” I spit. “That’s probably bullshit. You guys probably made that up to make me vulnerable. To make me cooperate. And it’s not gonna work.”

“We didn’t make it up.” He laughs. “This is the fucking FBI, Issy. We’ve got better things to do than play sex games with you.”

“Could you just shut up?”

“Fine,” he says, pressing a button on the navigation panel. Music starts to play, something beat-y, and hypnotic, and dark, which does nothing for my already dark mood. But he stays silent all the way into downtown. All the way to my house.

I open the door as soon as the car stops, just trying to get away from him as quickly as possible, but then he shuts the car off.

“No,” I say, shaking my head, one leg already out the door. “No, you’re not coming in.”

“Fine,” he says, shrugging. “But I’m not leaving either.”

I get out, slam the door, walk up to my house, keys already in hand, open the door, slam it closed behind me, and flick on the light.

And then I do most of that backwards. I open the door back up, slam it behind me, skip down the porch stairs, run down the walkway, and open the car door back up.

“Forget something?” he asks, while texting on his phone.

“Someone was in my house.”

He stops texting. “What?”

“It’s ransacked, Finn!” I grab my hair with frustration. “Someone went through my house!”

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JA Huss

JA Huss is the USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.

You can chat with her on Facebook (, Twitter (@jahuss), and her blog, New Adult Addiction (

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