RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Feels Like Home by Jennifer Van Wyk

Title: Feels Like Home
Author: Jennifer Van Wyk
Release Date: February 5, 2018

Andy Simpson never expected to be raising his teenage twin sons alone.
Then again, he also never expected to walk into his house and see his wife with another man. In their bed. Or that it wasn’t her first time.
Bitterness threatened to wrap around his heart, darkening every part of his life.
But a brightness he wasn’t even looking for entered their lives and wouldn’t let it take hold.
Christine Jameson knew all about being a single parent. But she was holding a secret. A secret she wasn’t willing to allow anyone to find out. One she’d held tight for years.
But one look at Andy, and she knew that she needed to be honest with him. That he deserved to know he wasn’t alone.
They both needed friendship. Needed someone who understood, who had compassion without judgment.
What they didn’t imagine was for it to become something more.
That they would come to share something they never thought they would experience again.
They didn’t expect for it to… Feel Like Home.

After much build-up and anticipation, Christine and Andy’s story is finally here! Jennifer Van Wyk delivers another heartfelt real-life romance with, Feels Like Home. This duo was just as swoon-worthy as I’d imagined and I found myself immediately caught up in their electric chemistry and easy banter. Andy and Christine’s transformation from friends to lovers felt natural and the foundation they built together was rock solid. Together, this couple navigated the ups and downs of life with strength and grace, making my heart flutter and falter as I experienced the rollercoaster alongside them. Andy and Christine’s journey was unexpected, to say the least, but something about it felt so right for these two characters.

“She’s just… everything that I never knew I wanted. Needed. Christine is happiness and sunshine and rainbows.”

I absolutely adored Christine. She was down to earth, lovable, and full of life. I appreciated her honesty and vulnerability, finding myself connecting with her on a deeper level. The truth about everything Christine had endured only made me love her that much more. Andy was sweet and romantic, making me happy sigh with his incredible patience and loyalty. However, it was Andy’s insecurities and uncertainty that tugged at my heartstrings. He was more than just another book boyfriend. Andy was raw and real and undeniably tangible. I was smitten. Both Andy and Christine are single parents and that shared challenge is what made this story so special. Dealing with dating in the context of raising children revealed a lot about the characters. I found myself in awe of their resilience and bravery. Reece, Aiden, and Bri were icing on the cake, adding tons of heart to this already fantastic story.

“When we met, I was in a dark place. I admit that. But you? You made it light. You made everything in my world shine brighter.”

To be honest, there were a couple moments where this book moved a little too slowly for me, but the pace eventually picked up and I found myself absolutely riveted to the pages. This story fits perfectly within the world Jennifer Van Wyk has created, capturing all of the sweetness and authenticity of From the Ground Up and A Better Place. While Feels Like Home can certainly stand on its own, I absolutely adored getting another glimpse at previous couples, falling in love with this colorful group of characters all over again. I’d move to this fantastic fictional town if I could! Classically romantic, heart-achingly raw, and deeply relevant, Andy and Christine’s novel is a love story for the real world. Jennifer Van Wyk expertly captures the wonderfully unexpected and wildly imperfect journey to happily ever after, reminding readers that no matter where life takes you, real love should always feel like home.

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