REVIEW – Platform Four by Eden Butler

Title – Platform Four
Author – Eden Butler
Publication Date – October 5, 2016

Every day for twenty years, a Mills family woman has manned the goods trolley at the Pleasant Street train station. Every day since the Second World War began, Ada Mills has watched the passengers come and go, secretly wishing for an adventure, a way out of Legacy Falls.

She never expected to find forever.

Garreth McGinnis only wanted a pack of smokes and a fresh baked scone from the pretty girl selling wares on his stop over train ride through a place called Legacy Falls. A smoke and a bite led him to the girl who he couldn’t keep from his thoughts as he lay awake at night fighting a war that shouldn’t have been his. One letter becomes two. Two becomes ten and Garreth spent the whole of the war completely under Ada Mills’s spell.

Falling in love through lines of ink was one thing. Meeting the future that waits on platform four once the war ends, is something altogether different.

Once the bombs have quieted and the soldiers return home, will the dreams of forever be all that Ada and Garreth’s letters promised or will reality leave the couple wishing they’d never sworn to meet on platform four?

I’ve had Eden Butler’s Platform Four sitting on my kindle since release but it kept getting buried. I found myself in the mood for something different, something that would take me out of my normal reading comfort zone and thought it would be just the ticket. Platform Four is a love story set in the World War II era, and I have to admit that it sucked me into that time period. It delivered on a feel good story, even through times of struggle and despair.

“It’s as if all that’s beautiful and peaceful and good is filling up my world, and all the ugliness is set aside for a while.”

Ada and Garreth met on a train platform and had an instant connection. Traditionally, I tend to have a difficult time with these types of stories, but I’ll be the first to admit that it completely worked for Butler’s purposes, and even enhanced the story because of it. I easily fell in love with these individuals both for their own personalities as well as the potential they had together through the letters that they exchanged. As a reader, I could feel the intensity growing but not just out of their desperate circumstances. As sad and unknown as the times were, I still felt their connection deepening and their feelings growing; I anxiously awaited the next letter right along with our heroine. Though it could be considered an insta-love type of story, Platform Four never once felt that way. If anything, it felt timeless and classic, leaving me nothing but yearning for more.

“Death didn’t care who you were. It took us all one in the same. The tricky part, I started to realize, was figuring out how to fill the time before it comes for you.”

My only complaint was that the ending felt just slightly abrupt for my taste. However, I appreciated the ups and downs from Butler, especially given the heavy undertone of the historical setting. She kept it authentic, but hopeful, and I could not put it down. Platform Four is not quite full-length, but it’s the quintessential example of good things coming in small packages. If you’re a historical fan, or just looking for a book that can make another time come alive through the pages, I highly suggest taking a chance on Ada and Garreth’s romance in Platform Four!

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