RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Saving Grace by A.D. Justice

Title: Saving Grace
Author: A.D. Justice
Release Date: December 28, 2017

I wanted to ask for a divorce.

Instead of the fight I expected, she agreed—with a few stipulations, all of which revolved around our son leaving for college in the fall.

Keeping those promises would be a challenge, no doubt. But all I had to do was uphold my end of the deal then walk away without a backward glance.

Somewhere along the way, our charade became my reality.

With each day that passes, I realize time is once again my enemy. I can’t lose her a second time. I’ll never walk away—she healed my soul.

Saving Grace is now my only hope.

A spectacular story of first loves, second chances, and forgiveness, A.D. Justice has a must-read romance on her hands with Saving Grace. Blake and Grace’s journey is as surprising as it is powerful, captivating me from the very first page and holding my heart hostage well beyond the final page. This story had me raging, laughing, crying, and falling in love, each emotion more raw and real than the next. Despite their rocky start, the chemistry between Blake and Grace was utterly electric and I quickly found myself captivated by this couple’s obvious spark. I adored the push and pull between Grace and Blake, loving every moment of their uncertain and yet entirely familiar connection. I was thoroughly addicted to this duo by the time all was said and done.

“I’m still scared. But we’re not promised to tomorrow, and we’ve let too many yesterdays pass us by. Today is all we have.”

A.D. Justice’s phenomenal character development drove this story in a seriously powerful way. Grace faced several heart-wrenching realities in this book and yet she exuded the kind of genuine warmth, sense of gratitude, and hopefulness that made it impossible not to invest myself in her happily ever after. She was fierce, loving, and unfailingly kind and with each passing page, I lost a little more of myself in Grace’s struggles only to find myself again in her awe-inspiring strength. Blake was definitely the biggest surprise for me. I didn’t want to like him because it was easier to have someone to blame for all of my heartache, but A.D. Justice couldn’t let my heart go that easily. Blake proved himself to be worthy, evolving so genuinely and completely over the course of the novel that I couldn’t help but fall head over heels.

“Through every good day and bad day and mistake and stroke of luck, she has been my saving grace. Even when I was too stupid to realize it. Even when I didn’t deserve her.”

To be honest, there were things at the beginning of this book that would usually be non-starters for me. However, I knew this author so I pushed through, confident that she wouldn’t let me down. The journey of redemption, forgiveness, and self-discovery that unfolded was nothing short of unforgettable. Grace and Blake’s story was real and raw and life-affirming, making Saving Grace one of my favorite reads this year. With a storyline that felt fresh and characters that resonated deeply, this novel was bold and beautiful. A.D. Justice’s writing was colorful, honest, and overflowing with emotion, effortlessly bringing this story to life and ensuring I absolutely devoured each and every page. Breathtaking, unexpected, brave, and poignant, Saving Grace is A.D. Justice’s best work yet.

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