RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Had Enough by Anie Michaels

Title: Had Enough
Author: Anie Michaels
Series: With a Kiss #3
Release Date: November 17, 2017

She’s an eye-rolling, f-bomb-dropping, crazy-sexy wildcat and I want her all for myself. I almost had her once, too. Unfortunately, before I could convince her I was the only man she needed for the rest of forever, she pushed me away.
That’s okay, though. I don’t mind a challenge or a chase. Especially when I know that pushing me away is just as much a turn on for her as when she pulls me closer.
I’ll play her game for a while, but eventually she’s gotta understand that I’m going to win.

Harmless. That’s how I’ve always viewed my casual stance on dating and sex. It’s all fun and games until someone catches feelings. I’ve never been the one infected before. So what’s a girl supposed to do when she wakes up next to the one man she wasn’t allowing herself to sleep with?
Run like hell. That’s what.
Here’s a tip, though: running from the only person you want to run to, never ends the way you think it will.

Anie Michaels serves up another fierce, funny, and delightfully sweet romance with Hadley and Justin’s story in Had Enough. This standalone will make you laugh and leave your heart overflowing with all things warm and fuzzy. Having first met Hadley and Justin in the With a Kiss series, I was more than a little intrigued by their obviously electric chemistry. Anie Michaels definitely didn’t disappoint, surpassing any and all expectations with this couple and delivering plenty of sincere emotion, witty dialogue, and even a few surprises that kept me flipping the pages. I adored every moment of this perfectly sweet journey. Anie Michaels left me no choice but to absolutely devour Had Enough!

“Last night may have been a mistake in her mind, but in mine it was just the beginning.”

Hadley was every bit the firecracker I’d hoped she’d be and then some. She was sassy, independent, and driven – the kind of heroine you can’t help but invest in. I adored how the author carefully unraveled this character over the course of the story, exposing her insecurities and fears in a way that made her easy to relate to and that much more lovable. Justin made Hadley come undone in that way only your perfect match can and I loved every second of the unrestrained emotion he pulled from her. Justin was equally captivating, proving to be so much more than I first thought. The cocky playboy I met in Kiss Cam turned out to have a heart of gold. Justin was serious, protective, and deeply invested in his feelings for Hadley. Willing to be vulnerable and unwaveringly loyal, Justin proved to be book boyfriend perfection.

“I’m here because from the first moment we met, I was captivated by you. I want to be with you because it feels wrong to be away from you.”

This breathtaking journey was part friends-to-lovers part second-chance romance and one hundred percent addictive. Anie Michaels writing is enchanting, bringing Hadley and Justin’s world to life in a bold and beautiful way. I was thrilled to see so much more of Riley and Camden (from the With a Kiss series) in this novel too. Their friendships added so much light and love to the story. Hadley and Justin’s chemistry is as intoxicating as ever and I lost myself in the thrill of the chase. The fantastic push and pull between this duo had my heart all over the map and ensured I was deeply invested in Hadley and Justin’s happily ever after. Anie Michaels undoubtedly has another swoon-worthy romance on her hands with this one – Had Enough is sexy, entertaining, and full of feels!

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