REVIEW – The Consort by K.A. Linde

Title – The Consort
Author – K.A. Linde
Publication Date – October 10, 2017
Series – Ascension #3

After the loss of a friend and a false imprisonment in an Eleysian dungeon, Cyrene has no interest in destiny. Her heart was shattered, friends scattered, and her home is nothing but a pretty illusion. Even her magic won’t cooperate.

Only desperation can turn her to the last person she should trust:

Prince Kael.

His darkness mirrors a growing force lurking within her. A struggle she never imagined threatens to consume her. And as friends and foes begin to show their true colors, she starts questioning whether anyone is who they seem.

Even herself.

K.A. Linde’s writing has attracted me and kept me invested no matter the topic, but there was something special about The Consort that made me feel like she has found her niche. This third book in the series continues Cyrene’s journey of ups and downs to discovering herself and oh boy does it deliver. I was constantly on the edge of my seat, aching to read faster yet simultaneously never wanting the story to end.

“She didn’t know where her story was going. She didn’t know what path she was on. She couldn’t care less about some prophecy that was trying to lead her in whatever direction it wanted. Her future was her own from this day forth.”

Readers were thrown right back into the angst of Cyrene’s life while in the midst of it being turned upside down. From the very first page of The Consort, I was unable to put it down. Cyrene was on a journey to discover herself unlike any that I’ve encountered before. Though the novel takes place in a fantasy genre, there were phenomenal parallels to reality that made me fall in love with Cyrene more so than I already had. She experienced incredible losses and betrayals which colored her perception on life. It resulted in being swallowed by a grief that she then had to work her way through. I could sit here and gush about her relationships and hardships, but it’s honestly just something that needs to be experienced for oneself. The secondary characters also never outshine our heroine, yet somehow, they each twinkle and shine in their own rights. Whether you love or hate them, there is never a feeling of ambivalence and that is certainly a talent of Linde’s that speaks for itself.  

“She had long wondered if she was the light or dark. The good or the bad. Perhaps to win this battle, to end this war, she needed to be both. To be more than separate halves and instead be whole.”

K.A. Linde has built such an incredible, intricate world filled with layers upon layers of surprises. Every time I would uncover something, there were five more questions raised and it left me never able to guess where she was taking the story. Though I have just finished The Consort, I’m already aching to find out just where she will take these characters next. I have no doubt that readers will fall even deeper with Cyrene and her clan in this installment of the series, which I fully believe is the best yet!

Time was a wily beast.

It stole. It destroyed. It healed.

Constant and immovable.

And each day brought a new morning.

Time was dependable. And only time could move the world forward.

Time had slipped away from Cyrene. It was a thief in the night, scrubbing away the hours and leaving her disoriented.

At first, all she could feel was the soft bed beneath her body. For a moment, she thought of Dean. Lying against his chest, waking in the morning with his arms wrapped tightly around her, knowing that another night had passed. Another night closer to their wedding.

Then, another second ticked by, and that memory stabbed her in the chest. There would never be another morning like that. There would never be another dawn with Dean. There would never be another moment in Eleysia. For she was bound to Byern. And always would be.

Her eyes flew open, and she scrambled across the bed in horror. Her hand touched her mouth…and Kael Dremylon’s eyes slowly opened with a lazy smile on his pretty face.

“Morning,” he said, biting back a yawn.

“What in the Creator’s name are you doing in my bed?” she all but shrieked.


“How dare you come into my quarters and share my bed with me! Do you think I have no honor? Do you think I have forgotten what you tried to do to me?”

She had woken up curled around Kael! Her leg wrapped around his. Her arm flung across his bare chest. His arms cradling her, as if he even knew what comfort was.

Now, he was staring at her as if she had gone completely insane. How could he possibly think this was okay?

“Do you know where we are?” Kael asked.

He sat up and leaned on one elbow. The sheet slipped off his body, revealing every rippling muscle. She snapped her gaze back up to his face.

“I don’t see how that matters.”

“We are on a Byern warship. This is the only room on the ship with quarters this nice. Otherwise, you can sleep below decks with the crew. Is that what you want?”

She shook her head. “Surely, there must be somewhere else. I can’t be expected to sleep here. What will everyone think?”

He laughed a bitter, rough laugh. “Now, you are concerned about this?”

“If I am to be carted back to Byern, then I should have the luxuries of an Affiliate.”

He held his hand out. “And you are afforded those luxuries.”

Cyrene opened her mouth to argue, but he cut her off.

“This is a war vessel, not a pleasure ship. We are not on procession, like the last time you had the full attention of Byern royalty in your bed,” he said viciously. “If you do not sleep with me, in my rooms, then you sleep below decks. With the crew.”

Cyrene glowered at him. Of course, he would use every advantage that he had while he had her here. And, even though she had never slept with King Edric, it still prickled her to think that everyone, including Kael, believed that she had. But, if it irritated him to consider it, then she wouldn’t contradict him.

“So, you expect me to sleep next to you the entire time I am trapped here?”

“Yes,” he said simply. “Now, if you want to roll back over and lie on me again, I won’t object.”

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Author Bio

K.A. Linde grew up as a military brat and created fantastical stories based off of her love for Disney movies, fairy tales, and Star Wars. In her spare time, she is an avid traveler, loves reading young adult novels, and dancing. Additionally, K.A. has written more than a dozen adult novels and is a USA Today bestselling author. She lives in Lubbock, TX with her husband and two super adorable puppies.

K.A. Linde loves to hear from her readers!

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