RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Never With You by Anie Michaels

Title: Never With You
Series: Never #6
Author: Anie Michaels
Release Date: August 15, 2017

Talia Lennick expected an uneventful week at the beach with her family. Reading, sunbathing, recharging her proverbial batteries—all typical beach vacation activities. Oh, and dealing with her family, who was too concerned with her almost-thirty-and-single status. What she didn’t expect was Briggs Townsend. Briggs was the handsome man living in the house next door, who looked too damned sexy all the time—whether he was surfing or wielding a tool belt while remodeling his beach house. It was hard to keep her eyes off him. But looking at him and admiring his incredible body was as far as she could take it, because a relationship was the last thing she needed.

Briggs Townsend was completely consumed with tearing down the house he’d shared with his cheating ex-wife and building new walls—for both the house and his heart. Women were the last thing on his mind when he spotted her on the beach. Then the firecracker in the sexy red bikini became the only thing he could think about. He didn’t need a relationship—but he needed her.

Two people who had both been burned in the past with undeniable chemistry and attraction, where was the harm in a little vacation romance? Sex with an expiration date sounded like a perfect solution, until emotions came into play. Will Talia be able to have casual sex with the irresistible stranger without getting lost in him? Will Briggs be willing to take a chance on her and tear down his walls to let her in? At the end of their week together, will either be able to walk away?

Anie Michaels takes readers back to the beach with the newest installment in the Never series, Never With You. A complete standalone, Briggs and Talia’s story is sweet, sizzling and overflowing with feels. From the moment they met to the very last page, this couple captivated with their adorable banter, inexplicable connection, and undeniable chemistry. I fell hard and fast for this duo, caught up in their whirlwind romance and wholly invested in the personal journeys that led them to one another. Anie Michaels expertly balanced the humor, heart, and heat of this story, serving up what felt like the perfect summer read. A feel good love story through and through, I laughed, swooned, and lost my heart to Talia and Briggs in Never With You.

“Even if it was only for a few hours, it was nice to be around someone who hadn’t seen me fall apart, hadn’t been around to witness the last year of my life.”

Having both been hit with their share of heartache, Briggs and Talia’s journey to love was somewhat reluctant. They were careful with their hearts, content to be friends (with benefits) and protect themselves from feeling too much too fast. As delightfully frustrating as this could be at times, it was the couple’s hesitance and obvious vulnerability that made this journey so incredibly sweet. I absolutely adored seeing Talia and Briggs come undone with one another – their growing feelings taking them both by surprise and leading them down a beautiful road of self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing. Anie Michaels did a phenomenal job nailing the emotions of this story, capturing every nuance of the characters and giving readers a hero and heroine that were lovable, easy to relate to, and impossible not to root for.

“You gotta be the one to walk away, firecracker.”

Fans of the series will absolutely swoon as all of our favorite couples make cameos throughout the book. Effortlessly recapturing the magic of this series, Anie Michaels once again delivers that fantastic feeling of family I’ve grown to love from her writing. With Talia’s family in tow and a much more relaxed setting, this book had a decidedly different vibe than the others in the series. Never With You was low on drama and angst, instead hitting readers with that kind of deliciously slow burn one expects from a vacation read. The storyline serves up plenty of heartfelt moments and just the right amount of steam to leave readers simultaneously satisfied and desperately wanting more. Paced to be savored and bursting with vibrant characters and breathtaking imagery, Anie Michaels has another utterly enchanting romance on her hands with Talia and Briggs.

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