RELEASE DAY REVIEW – A Scottish Wedding by Hilaria Alexander

Title: Lost in Scotland
Author: Hilaria Alexander
Series: Lost in Scotland #2
Release Date: July 20, 2017


Ladies, Hugh MacLeod is off the market! We caught up with the sexy hunk from Abarath and his fiancée, makeup artist Sam Farouk at an event in Edinburgh. The pair met last year while working together on season one. The Scottish actor looked handsome in a tailored dark grey suit, while the raven-haired beauty at his side turned heads in a golden lamé gown which channeled the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress of the same color. Ms. Farouk played coy when asked about the engagement, only revealing that the ring belonged to Hugh’s grandmother. With a dreamy look to her groom-to-be, Ms. Farouk confessed his proposal was “fairytale worthy.” MacLeod charmingly deflected each one of our questions about season two of Abarath, saying he would get in trouble if he told us anything. When we asked if a date had been set yet, the engaged couple looked at each other for a brief second. Soon, they replied in unison in a way that turned us into mush. Ms. Farouk added that it will all depend on Hugh’s schedule and his commitment with the show. We wish the very best to the groom and the bride-to-be and we hope to bring you more news about their upcoming nuptials!

Hilaria Alexander takes readers back to Scotland to fall in love with Sam and Hugh all over again in this Lost in Scotland follow-up novel. Picking up right where Lost in Scotland left off, A Scottish Wedding packs plenty of sizzle and tons of feel good moments that are bound to make you grin. Sam and Hugh’s connection is as strong as ever but preparing to say, “I Do” proves to be a little more complicated than either imagines. I enjoyed the ups and downs of this journey, feeling the duo’s frustration and anticipation as my own as they navigated life in the limelight. Hilaria Alexander did a great job using the challenges Hugh and Sam faced to further explore their relationship and even when I wanted to yell at them to get it together, they still gave me all the feels.

“Once again, he reminded me of how deep my love for him was, how deep it ran into my bones. Passionate, brave, and steady, he seemed to have a gift for making me feel grounded when life threw curveballs that had me spinning.”

Admittedly, the first half of the book was a bit disjointed and I had a hard time staying connected to the storyline. There were so many sexy encounters that the progression of the plot and character development seemed to suffer at the beginning. However, as the second half of the story hit, I was back to being enchanted by the author’s beautiful imagery, witty dialogue and heartfelt emotions. Hilaria Alexander definitely has a knack for completely immersing the reader in her vibrant and socially relevant world. As much as I loved seeing more of Sam and Hugh, I was perhaps equally excited for another dose of the hilarious secondary characters. Sweet, scorching and totally Scottish, this book was a fun, satisfying read for fans of Lost in Scotland. Hilaria Alexander delivers a Hollywood-worthy happily ever after for Sam and Hugh with A Scottish Wedding.

What a cute, delightful treat from the phenomenally talented Hilaria Alexander! A Scottish Wedding transported readers back to those beautiful fields of Scotland and oh man did I adore revisiting it. The story picks up right where Hugh and Sam left off, giving readers a look into the first steps toward their happily ever after, and I can say that it sure is a ride! While I did enjoy the overall story, I do wish that the first half contained more of the depth that I experienced in Lost in Scotland, as well as a few key moments of the wedding planning process. While the first half of the novel focused heavily on the physical reconciliation of the two main characters, I found the second half to be reminiscent of what I initially fell in love with. Their banter was light and fun, which always tends to be a definite plus for me. I liked the way that Alexander chose to unfold the events of the novel leading up to the wedding, though it certainly left me guessing. 

“We were two souls from very different backgrounds, but ultimately, we loved the same things, and loved our jobs so much, even when it was hard, even on the days it reduced us to grumbling, tired shadows of ourselves.”

Hilaria Alexander’s writing is as beautiful and descriptive as ever. I adored the way she brought scenes to life through the words she chose and the descriptions she provided. Though I was very happy with the end of Lost in Scotland, I can’t complain about getting more of the gorgeous Scotsman who made me swoon in A Scottish Wedding. The wedding was super sweet and absolute perfection, but readers will enjoy the surprising journey to get these two to the altar!

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