NEW RELEASE REVIEW – Dear Kate by Elizabeth Lee

Title: Dear Kate
Author: Elizabeth Lee
Series: The Letters #1
Release Date: June 30, 2017

Kate Beckett has always had a plan—get her professional life to the highest level, then focus on her personal life. She preferred things in a certain order and liked to check them off accordingly.

When her best friend loses her battle with cancer, Kate starts to wonder if maybe she’s been living life all wrong. And, when letters from the dearly departed start to arrive, she is forced to take a look at her life and ask herself a very important question: “Are you happy?”

To honor her best friend’s final wishes, Kate takes a chance in spontaneity that sends her straight into the arms of a man that was definitely not part of her plan. A man that is everything that makes her want to throw caution to the wind and live in the moment.

Now she must decide if living a life with regrets is something she can do or if she’s willing to shake things up for a chance at true love.

Elizabeth Lee serves up a sweet, sexy, and incredibly heartfelt story with Dear Kate, the first novel in The Letters series. From the first page to the last, Kate and Deacon’s story had me utterly captivated and I found myself falling hard and fast for the memorable characters and enchanting storyline. I loved the premise of this book, the beautiful friendship upon which it was built and the brilliant celebration of life and love contained within the pages. There was something raw and real about this concept that took hold of my heart and ensured I was wholly invested in Kate’s happily ever after. With Dear Kate, Elizabeth Lee unapologetically hits readers with the full spectrum of emotion, making me laugh, cry and swoon all at once.

“Each day is a gift and I know that you’ll make the most of each one given to you. Be happy, Kate.”

Kate and Deacon were such a great match and I absolutely adored how Elizabeth Lee used their relationship to unravel Kate’s carefully constructed world. While Deacon may have initially seemed like Kate’s opposite, his life choices provided the perspective Kate needed to re-evaluate her own. Kate’s struggle to balance work with the rest of her life was easy to relate to and I appreciated the emotional honesty with which Elizabeth Lee portrayed our heroine’s uncertainty. Not only did Kate and Deacon share a surprisingly significant connection, but there was also an undeniable electricity that sparked between them from the moment they met. This duo felt fated in the way they were meant to, driving home all of the warm and fuzzy feelings Elizabeth Lee evoked with their pairing.

“So you’re saying it’s all worth the risk?”

Dear Kate is fast paced and Kate and Deacon’s relationship seemed to move just as quickly. While I’m not usually a fan of insta-love (this couple seemed to fall into this category for me), I could definitely still appreciate the underlying emotion of Kate and Deacon’s journey together. This romance felt different from anything Elizabeth Lee has written before and I loved exploring this new side to the author’s writing. This book demonstrated Elizabeth Lee’s incredible range, delivering heartache, easy humor, adorably sweet moments, and just enough sizzle to totally satisfy. I adored the colorful secondary characters and the distinctive personalities they brought to this novel. Willa and Vanessa have me unquestionably intrigued and I can’t wait to hear their stories as the series continues. Dear Kate is a fantastic look at loss, life and love and a beautiful start to what promises to be a phenomenal new series from Elizabeth Lee.

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