RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY – Riled Up by Anie Michaels

Title: Riled Up
Author: Anie Michaels
Series: With A Kiss #2
Release Date: June 27, 2017

There were some problems Skee-Ball and beer just couldn’t fix.

Being with Camden was everything Riley ever wanted… and so much more. More stress, more money, more family, more obstacles, but also more love. Oh, and more sex. That too. No one had ever made Riley feel so needed, and perhaps that was the problem. Now facing a new job, new responsibilities, and a new life with her fiancé, Riley quickly begins to feel overwhelmed. The only thing she isn’t unsure of is her love for Camden. But love can only take her so far.

Camden wants to make everything easy for Riley. He wants to fix all her problems, take away all her stress, make life easy for her, and give her all the orgasms, but he’s quickly realizing that Riley’s biggest issues—the ones that make her doubt herself—can’t be fixed by anyone but her. That doesn’t stop him from trying. She’s an independent woman, but that doesn’t mean he can’t spoil her every now and then.

Riley’s going to have to accept that Camden loves making her life easier, and Camden’s going to have to realize that she only gives in because she loves him. But when the past comes back to disrupt Riley’s future, Camden will have no choice but to let his fierce partner and fiancée handle her shit.

Will Riley be able to let the past go? Will Camden’s need to take care of Riley push her too far? Will their love for each other be enough?

Just when I thought Riley and Camden’s story couldn’t get any more blissfully satisfying, Riled Up comes along and fills my heart with so much love and raw emotion that I don’t think I’ll ever stop grinning. Anie Michaels delivers one huge happy sigh with the second part of this couple’s inimitable journey, serving up all of the sass, humor and utter sweetness I’ve come to adore from Riley, Camden and the rest of their crazy crew. I fell in love with Camden and Riley’s electric chemistry and unmistakable connection all over again, feeling the authenticity of the emotions Anie Michaels seems to have so effortlessly captured deep down in my soul. Charming, magical, and beautifully real, this novel is undoubtedly one of Anie Michaels’ best works yet.

“I’ll never understand how, in this entire huge world, somehow I managed to find you. And what’s even more mind-blowing is that, out of every woman on this huge world, you want me.”

Where Kiss Cam was fun, sexy and adorable, Riled Up was raw, real and vulnerable. Anie Michaels took Riley and Camden on a journey that was easy to relate to, expertly exposing Riley’s insecurities and allowing readers a deeper look at her past and the experiences that have not only shaped Riley as a character, but influenced her relationship with Camden as well. I adored getting to see Riley a little unhinged and a whole lot overwhelmed, feeling like I truly understood her and could completely connect with her in an entirely new way. Riley’s character growth also challenged Camden to be there for Riley, share her burden and remind her that it’s ok to just let go and lean on someone else. There was a sense of healing and moving forward that I got with this novel that was as entirely welcome as it was wholly unexpected.

“Our marriage will be the best, easiest, hardest, and most important thing I ever do.”

In true Anie Michaels fashion, the heartfelt emotion and swoon-worthy sweetness of Riley and Camden’s story was perfectly balanced with plenty of witty banter and delightfully dirty encounters. The colorful cast of secondary characters brought tons of laughter and levity to Riley and Camden’s world too and left me desperate for more of their stories. Paced to be devoured, I could not put down this book! Riled Up had me experiencing the full spectrum of emotions (including some serious happy tears) and left my heart feeling so incredibly full. Anie Michaels brought Camden and Riley full circle with this novel, delivering the kind of happily ever after every romance reader dreams about. Riled Up is the perfect conclusion to this couple’s phenomenally entertaining and uniquely enchanting journey and a definite five star read from Anie Michaels!

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Author Bio


Anie Michaels is the author of the Never series, the Privates serial, and stand-alone novels The Space Between Us, Instead of You, and The Absence of Olivia. She started writing her first novel in June 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Working at home as a full-time writer of books, when she is not pounding on the keyboard she can be found reading, playing with her kids, spending time with her family, and connecting with her close friends.  She’s spent her entire life in the Pacific Northwest, lives in Portland, Oregon, and can’t imagine ever being anywhere else… except maybe somewhere tropical.

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