Title: Fraud
Author: J.L. Berg
Release Date: May 1, 2017

It wasn’t just a job.
It was my way back to the top.

After losing my position as a journalist for one of the biggest news publications in the world, I knew I’d do anything to get it back.
Even if it meant breaking a few hearts to get there.
She was the hottest author in the country. Known only by a pen name, there wasn’t a person alive who wasn’t dying to discover her true identity.
And I’d figured it out.

Her real name was Kate O’Malley and not only did I plan on finding her, but I fully intended on learning every dirty secret she had and exploiting it for my own gain.
But I underestimated my prey.
I didn’t anticipate how her words would intoxicate me, or how the curves of her body would consume me.
I never meant to fall in love.
And now I had a choice to make.

Do I give up everything for the woman I set out to destroy, or walk away, making me the biggest fraud of all?

J.L. Berg delivers a vibrant, smart and utterly electric novel of self-discovery and learning to let go with Fraud. Fun, sexy and heartfelt, Kate and Killian’s story is entirely addictive and absolutely enchanting. I fell in love with this duo immediately, drawn to their seemingly opposite personalities and intrigued by their undeniably sizzling chemistry. J.L. Berg did a fantastic job at cultivating the connection between these two, quickly getting me hooked on their easy banter, adorable flirtations, sweet honesty and scorching hot interludes. Kate and Killian shared a push and pull that served to not only drive this story forward, but also pushed the characters to grow in truly beautiful ways over the course of their journey.

“She was a crazy enigma that I couldn’t resist. Fire and passion all contained in a pretty little package. And I had just been given the present of a lifetime.”

From the very beginning, Kate completely captivated me. I loved the dichotomy of this character so much – enjoying the sharp contrast between Kate and her author alter ego, Laura Stone. There was something so strange and yet entirely genuine about the way Kate explored her own dimensionality through her writing as Laura. I adored watching Kate let go of her insecurities and fears through Laura and then, with Killian’s encouragement and support, learn to spread her wings in the real world. Where Laura’s world was the stuff of great fiction, Kate’s was easy to relate to and emotionally accessible. I enjoyed experiencing both sides of Kate’s life in parallel, but admittedly, it was the unavoidable collision that totally thrilled me. The way Kate blossomed throughout this novel was simply stunning and I loved seeing this heroine fully come into her own.

“I’d once read somewhere that a person’s eyes were the windows to their soul. I’d seen Killian’s soul and it was dripping with deceit.”

If you’re looking for a swoon-worthy book boyfriend, then Killian certainly fits the bill. To be fair, it took me a few chapters to really warm up to this character. I was worried about his initially selfish behavior and the less than honorable intentions that brought him to Kate, but J.L. Berg easily changed my mind. I found myself melting over the way Killian so effortlessly accepted Kate for who she was and was moved by the restraint he demonstrated in regards to her story. His ability to admit when he was wrong and the respect he gave Kate throughout the book left me with no choice but to fall head over heels for Killian. Though his relationship with his brother and the pieces of his past that were revealed, J.L. Berg managed to humanize Killian in a way that allowed me to understand and even accept his initial conduct. By the time all was said and done, this hero had thoroughly swept me off my feet.

“Sometimes, it takes two broken hearts to make a whole, and that’s what Killian Turner did for me. What we did for each other.”

J.L. Berg’s writing is smart, witty and teeming with emotion – each page of this story evidence of the author’s incredible talent. J.L. Berg’s voice is friendly, familiar and relevant, delivering Kate and Killian’s journey with well-practiced ease and plenty of heart. Fraud was paced to be devoured and I found myself doing just that. I got lost in the colorful imagery, snappy dialogue and delightfully sassy moments that made this book absolutely sparkle. J.L. Berg filled out Kate and Killian’s world with some seriously fascinating (not to mention ball-busting) secondary characters and I can only hope we haven’t seen the last of Liam and Jane. Kate and Killian made for an unforgettable pair and J.L. Berg definitely didn’t disappoint with her newest novel. The perfect balance of sweet romance, fiery passion and an enthralling storyline, Fraud is the total package.

What had started as a fun little game to bring this timid beauty out of her shell somehow turned into a wrestling match.

And I was the one about to lose.

Katelyn O’Malley was nothing like I’d imagined.

What had I imagined?

I wasn’t sure exactly.

I’d diligently done my homework— reading Scandal not once, but twice— before I’d hopped on a plane to Oregon. I’d thought the novel would give me insight to this perplexing woman I was about to meet.

It hadn’t.

Not one bit.

If anything, it’d created a thousand more questions.

At first, cracking her ironclad shell seemed like a daunting task. She had come off dry and dull.

God-awful boring.

But boring women didn’t do tequila shots until two in the morning.

Boring women didn’t lie to waiters for free wine and dessert.

And boring women definitely didn’t make me feel this way.

Needy. Desperate. And fucking horny as hell.

Even the way she licked the chocolate off her fork was making me shift uncomfortably in my seat.

This was a job.

Get your head in the game.

“You were pretty good at that,” I said, trying not to stare at the way her pink tongue darted out to grab the last bit of mousse from the tip of her finger.

“Good at what?” she asked.

“Lying.” She let out a choking cough, patting her chest with her palm. “I’m not a good liar,” she argued.

“Really? You seemed to have everyone around us fooled, including that charming elderly couple who offered their congratulations on their way out.”

“That really was sweet.” She smiled, a touch of whimsy in her gaze. “Did you see the way they held hands? I’m pretty sure he even grabbed her ass when she walked past him to go to the restroom.”

I laughed. “My kind of guy.”

“I just wonder what it’s like— to be that in love after all that time,” she said, bending forward and resting the curve of her chin on her hand.

“How do you know it has been a long time?” I asked. “Maybe they got married late in life.”

She shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

“Why?” I asked, curious how she’d reached that conclusion.

“There was a familiarity in the way they touched. The way they leaned into one another, the way they walked. It was as if they’d been doing so forever.”

I studied her for a quiet moment, recalling the intensity of her words and the passion in her voice. It was the first time since meeting Katelyn O’Malley, I could actually see a sliver of Laura Stone, the author, somewhere inside.

“I do believe you are a bit of a romantic at heart,” I replied.

She smiled sweetly. “Maybe a hopeless one.”

My hand reached out to hers, a needless gesture since we’d already achieved our goal for the evening and sold everyone on our false marital status.

This time, I touched her because I wanted to.

“Definitely not hopeless,” I said softly, knowing that instant that I was crossing the line between business and pleasure.

And heading straight to the land of hell.

“So, tell me about technical editing,” she said, shifting topics. “How does one get into something like that?”

I suddenly felt like I’d been hit in the face with a bucket of ice water. Here I was, in a dimly lit room, romancing the hell out of a woman I’d just met, and then reality hit.

I was lying to her.

Flat-out lying.

I needed to remember that. “There’s not much to tell,” I said, straightening slightly in my chair. “Rather boring really.”

We continued to chat about our lives. She told me more about her work at the college. I rambled off more lies about mine until the check came around.

I was feeling quite good about myself as I led us outside.

My head was clear.

But then I saw the way the moonlight highlighted her golden-blonde hair. I became mesmerized by the sway of her hips and the soft curves of her body.

Katelyn O’Malley was casting a spell on me, and she didn’t even know it.

And I wasn’t sure I wanted her to stop.

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Author Bio

J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready Series, The Walls Duet, and the Lost & Found Duet. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she’s not writing, you will find her with her nose stuck in a romance novel, in a yoga studio or devouring anything chocolate. J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.

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