RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Fighting for Love by Kelly Elliott

Title: Fighting For Love
Author: Kelly Elliott
Series: Boston Love #2
Release Date: April 4, 2017

Finn Ward has two passions: being a firefighter and being single. Although his parents are constantly nagging him to settle down, Finn just wants to enjoy himself while he’s young. Then, at a union meeting, he meets a gorgeous lawyer with a dazzling smile—and suddenly, settling down doesn’t sound so bad.

Rory Adams is fresh out of law school and looking to make a name for herself at her mother’s firm. She doesn’t have time for silly games anymore. But when she catches the eye of a dashing fireman who makes her body tingle from across the room, something instantly ignites between them. The only problem? Her father is Finn’s boss.

Their relationship turns both of their lives upside-down. Rory tames Finn’s wild ways, while he shows her that life can’t be all work and no play. But it’ll take some serious determination to keep their love secret—and real courage to admit the truth.

Kelly Elliott returns with another swoon-worthy firefighter book boyfriend in Fighting for Love, Finn and Rory’s story. After having met Finn in Searching for Harmony, I was intrigued. I was anxious to see what kind of woman it would take to tame his playboy ways and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Rory was the perfect match for Finn – their chemistry absolutely sizzling and the emotional connection between them certainly worth exploring. Kelly Elliott crafted a delightful push and pull between these two distinct and addictive personalities, serving up plenty of flirtatious banter, some seriously heady sexual tension, and enough hilarious moments to keep me absolutely riveted. Rory and Finn’s passionate and poignant journey delivered all the feels in this sweet, sassy Boston Love romance. Kelly Elliott’s voice is fresh, amusing and thoughtful, making this novel hard to put down!

“It was in that moment I realized something. Rory Adams was indeed the woman who was going to change me. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Rory was fun to unravel. Her feisty personality, tenacious tendencies and propensity for adorably awkward moments made for one heck of an amusing ride. I loved how Kelly Elliott developed this character, revealing her personal ties to Finn’s firehouse and using her family history as a way to explore the risks and sacrifices that come with loving a firefighter. I especially enjoyed how hardworking Rory was. Her desire to succeed in her own right fostered a respect for this character that had me rooting for her in no time at all. Finn was every bit as charming as I remembered. His cocky attitude and singular focus on winning over Rory made me grin, but it was his unexpected sweetness and compassion for others that stole my heart. I would have liked to learn a little more about Finn’s role within his family, delved a little deeper into his relationship with his parents and brothers in order to really understand the kind of man he was but, overall, Kelly Elliott did a great job at endearing Finn to me over the course of the story.

“The way he touches my body and I feel like I’m seeing the light for the first time—the life I’ve secretly wanted, but never had the courage to go after.”

Admittedly, Fighting for Love had some pacing issues. The first part of the book moved so quickly that Finn and Rory’s relationship definitely had a bit of an insta-love vibe. The speed with which the story initially progressed detracted from not only the perceived depth of their relationship, but also my emotional investment in it. About halfway through, Kelly Elliott settled in and it was then that I was able to really lose myself in this story. I loved seeing more of Harmony and Preston, their presence giving Fighting for Love some roots and a comforting feeling of family. The author did a great job plotting this couple’s journey, exploring Rory’s relationship with her parents, Finn’s reputation and sense of responsibility, and both of their work lives to create a storyline that was captivating and full of feels. Funny, smart and vibrant, Fighting for Love was an effortless read. Finn and Rory’s story was heartfelt and entertaining – a great addition to the Boston Love series!

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