REVIEW – Clickbait by Lisa Suzanne


Title: Clickbait
Author: Lisa Suzanne
Release Date: February 3, 2017



I run a popular dating and relationship blog in San Diego. People think I’ll spill their secrets all over social media—and that’s probably true. One mention from me can make you the hottest commodity in town or sink your social life. I protect my friends, but others sometimes end up as clickbait.

My newest column is all about the most undateable men in San Diego. Between my own experiences and those of my friends, I have plenty to choose from. Want to know if Carter King, the heir to King Communications with gorgeous abs and a persistent personality, makes the list or ends up in my bed? Read on to find out…

posted by Courtney Sanders

5. You could use a laugh.
4. There’s a guy named Axel.
3. Abs and beaches.
2. Sex. Lots of sex.
1. Carter King. Period.


Lisa Suzanne delivers a sweet, sexy romantic comedy with Courtney and Carter’s story in Clickbait. This was my first book by this author and it definitely won’t be my last. Overflowing with witty banter, delicious tension and tons of feels, Clickbait was hilarious, heartwarming and utterly addictive! From the first page to the last, Lisa Suzanne had me hooked on her quirky heroine and swoon-worthy hero. Their push and pull was entertaining and the developing tension definitely turned up the temperature on this story. I fell in love with this couple’s ridiculous antics, easy sarcasm and undeniable connection, enjoying their apparent differences and much as I did the inexplicable chemistry that just made them click. Lisa Suzanne’s writing is refreshing, sassy and smart – the kind of voice that makes for an effortless reading experiencing and serves up plenty of laughs. Leaving my heart feeling light, Courtney and Carter’s journey was all sorts of satisfying. Clickbait is romantic comedy gold!

“I’m pretty sure you won’t miss another session of me inserting my wand in your chamber of secrets.”

I had so much fun getting to know Courtney and Carter over the course of this novel. Lisa Suzanne did a terrific job creating characters that were lovable, easy to connect with and spontaneous enough to keep me guessing. I thoroughly enjoyed unraveling Carter, uncovering his past and exploring the relationships that shaped him as a character. Tight lipped and very private, he was equal parts frustrating and mysteriously yummy – something that kept me invested even when I wanted to hate him. Courtney on the other hand, made a living broadcasting her private life. She was blunt, quirky and sometimes a little too quick on the trigger. Despite her outrageous dating behavior and tendency to post everything on her mind, I found her insecurities to be genuine – humanizing her in a way I definitely appreciated. There were a few times where Courtney was a little too childish and those moments made me want to knock some sense into her, but overall I enjoyed her unique voice and the crazy things she did in the name of love.

“I believe in attraction and lust. I believe in really hot sex. But I think love—actual love, the kind that can last forever—I think that takes time to develop.”

One of the things I loved about this story was the integration of Courtney’s blog posts. Not only were they incredibly telling of the character’s emotional state, but they provided hilarious moments of self-reflection that helped the reader relate to Courtney’s dating mishaps. Lisa Suzanne also did a fantastic job at rounding out Courtney and Carter’s world with colorful secondary characters that wormed their way into my heart. I adored Emme and Axel and the complicated relationship they seemed to share. They gave Courtney and Carter perspective while adding humor and heart to the story as well as some intrigue of their own. I can’t wait to get my hands on their book in the future. Lisa Suzanne definitely left an impression with her memorable characters, socially relevant humor and all those deliciously steamy encounters. Clickbait was fun, fresh and feisty – an all around feel good RomCom that left me grinning and ready for more from this talented author.


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