REVIEW – A Perfectly Split Christmas by J.B. Salsbury


Title: A Perfectly Split Christmas
Author: J.B. Salsbury
Series: Split #1.5
Release Date: December 15, 2016



Can Christmas survive the split?

Only a couple months after Lucas and Shyann met, they’re faced with their first Christmas as a couple.

While Shy tries to convince Lucas to relax and enjoy his very first holiday, he struggles with what it means to be loved for exactly who he is.

Surprises await for the unique couple making this Christmas one they won’t soon forget.


Bs Review

Please note: If you haven’t read Split yet, you shouldn’t read this short story (or the rest of this review) as it contains spoilers.

“This is how it always is with me and Shy, complete chaos, a meeting of uncontrolled lust and love swirling together leaving us both sweat soaked and sated.”

A Perfectly Split Christmas was a quick, sexy dose of Shyann and Lucas and the perfect addition to an already incredibly story. I absolutely adored seeing more of this couple, especially now that they’ve settled into their happily ever after. Shyann’s unconditional love for Lucas/Gage continued to warm my heart while her total acceptance of him gave me all the feels. I love how JB Salsbury played Lucas and Gage off of one another. The duality of this character continued to be utterly fascinating and totally unique, not to mention the fact that the combination of the two personalities really does make one seriously swoon-worthy book boyfriend. JB Salsbury definitely had me wanting to read Split all over again just to re-experience the rollercoaster that is Lucas/Gage. As always, I was blown away by how easily this author packs so much emotion into such few pages, serving up just enough angst and intrigue to balance the sweetness and steam of this short story. Captivating, heartfelt and full of holiday spirit, A Perfectly Split Christmas is a must read for fans of Split and JB Salsbury!



Cs Review

A Perfectly Split Christmas was such a tease read for this JB Salsbury fan. The short story provided the very morsel that made me fall in love with the characters; however, it also served as a giant reminder of how much I miss them! A Perfectly Split Christmas gives readers a glimpse into the life of Lucas and Shyann now that some time has passed since the end of the original novel. Needless to say, it’s filled with steam, romance, and that delicious push and pull that Split was filled with. I loved the way Shyann was intuitive, yet demanding at the same time. She knew how to coerce Lucas into giving her what she wanted, but also to deliver what he needed. That relationship dynamic was fascinating to watch play out, maybe even more so than in Split. I only wish that this sweet gift was a tad bit longer, but you can bet that I’m holding out hope for a follow-up novella at some point from Salsbury!



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