REVIEW – A Love Like Ours by Micalea Smeltzer


Title: A Love Like Ours
Author: Micalea Smeltzer
Series: Us Series Novella
Release Date: October 15, 2016



Ollie and Talia have always lived by two rules.

1.Live life to the fullest
2.Love each other with everything they have.

When the unthinkable happens Talia is left heartbroken and Ollie doesn’t know how to fix it. Suddenly this fun-loving couple finds themselves struggling to find the good in life that used to come so readily to the both of them.

A gift from a friend presents them with the chance to travel the world. Something they were both once eager to do.

Hopping on a plane.

Unknown destinations.

Anything can happen…but can they find their way back to themselves?

(It’s recommended that you read The Lies That Define Us before reading this book)


Micalea Smeltzer delivers a sweet, heartfelt and fun addition to the Us Series with A Love Like Ours. From the moment we first met Talia and Ollie, I was intrigued. Their tried and true love had begun when they were just kids and together they’d already weathered so many storms. By the time I’d finished reading The Lies that Define Us, I knew I needed more of this hilariously adorable couple. Micalea Smeltzer did not disappoint, giving readers the glimpse into Talia and Ollie’s story that we so desperately craved and taking us further into their happily ever after with A Love Like Ours. Talia and Ollie were every bit the playful and exuberant couple I’d come to love, but there was also an emotional depth to their connection that caught me by surprise and took my breath away.

“What happened that night left a scar inside me, but the thing about scars is the spot becomes stronger than it was before.”

I absolutely adored Talia. She was everything I’d hoped she’d be and so much more. Her kindness, compassion and utter sweetness came through as she narrated this story. I enjoyed seeing Ollie through her eyes. She gave him a depth I hadn’t expected, making him so much more than the laidback goofball we’d come to know. There were in fact many moments where I absolutely swooned for the seemingly carefree surfer. Talia herself carried a heavy emotional burden going into this story, but Micalea Smeltzer was careful not to let it weigh her down. She still came across as likable and fun but her issues also gave her an authenticity that made her easily relatable. She owned her insecurities and fears, relaying them to the reader and painting a vibrant picture of a woman who was raw, vulnerable and incredibly brave. Together, Talia and Ollie brought out the best in one another. They were true partners in life, ready for adventure and impossible not to root for.

“I never believed in love at first sight. But in that moment, I believed him, and I knew without a doubt that boy was my everything.”

This story was definitely an emotional rollercoaster, but more than anything it was a beautiful, life-affirming journey of healing and love. Micalea Smeltzer’s writing was utterly enchanting, taking me along for the ride and ensuring my complete investment in Talia and Ollie’s happily ever after. Filled with humor, heartbreak and an overall sense of wanderlust, A Love Like Ours is the kind of story that captivates and charms and I was thrilled to have fallen under its spell. I devoured this book in one sitting, lost to the laughter and love that poured so effortlessly from the pages. Breathtaking imagery, lyrical prose and a delightful sense of humor brought this story to life and filled my heart with a sense of undeniable satisfaction and warmth. Micalea Smeltzer truly captured the spirit of this couple with A Love Like Ours and I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next for the Us Series!


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