Review – Wicked Impulse by Chelle Bliss


Title: Wicked Impulse
Author: Chelle Bliss
Series: ALFA PI #3
Release Date: December 13, 2016



There’s only one thing worse than dating a friend’s sister sleeping with his mother.

Fran DeLuca’s known for her bossy, overbearing personality almost as much as for her love of nylon tracksuits. But when someone runs off with fifty thousand dollars, she becomes involved in an ALFA investigation and catches the eye of silver fox biker, Bear.

Bear North, ALFA’s resident bad boy, has never thought of Fran as anything more than his buddy’s mom. When she trades in her elastic pants and orthopedic tennis shoes for a pair of skintight jeans and high heels, he takes notice of the fifty-something MILF.

When the money trail leads closer to Fran than expected, Bear takes charge of the investigation and will do anything to protect her. Can Bear track a thief, claim Fran, and keep Morgan DeLuca in the dark long enough to solve the case?



Chelle Bliss takes readers on a smart, sassy and delightfully sexy journey with Bear and Fran’s story in Wicked Impulse. Full of intrigue, humor and sweet emotion, this story will sweep you off your feet, reminding readers that you can fall in lust and love at any age. Right from the start, Chelle Bliss captivated me with the palpable electricity between Bear and Fran. I fell hard for their easy flirtations, witty banter and undeniable connection – absolutely loving the push and pull that felt so natural to them. Fran’s connection to an ALFA PI case brought out a fiercely protective side of Bear that was downright delicious while her attempts at seducing the enigmatic alpha made me grin. Chelle Bliss has come a long way since she first started writing, her vibrant imagery, amusing dialogue and enchanting prose making this story an effortless and enthralling read.

“I might be an asshole, but I had morals. Didn’t I?”

I absolutely adored getting to know Bear and Fran over the course of this story. As both characters were older, there was a lot to unravel between them. Their individual histories, personal relationships, and the complexity of their developing feelings made for plenty of intrigue while their life experience and secure sense of self lead to some truly scorching encounters. Chelle Bliss did an incredible job diving into Bear’s past and unearthing his mistakes and regrets. Getting to see him so raw and vulnerable really humanized the character and made him not only entirely tangible but relatable and lovable too. Fran, on the other hand, owned her history in a completely different way and I found myself eagerly rooting for the fiery woman who lived life unapologetically and stood toe to toe with all of the alphas in this novel. Together Bear and Fran packed a powerful punch and I couldn’t help but become wholly invested in their happily ever after.

“It was written all over his face. His attraction. His need. The want he felt for me was almost electric. Why hadn’t I seen it before?”

While there were definitely some exciting moments, Wicked Impulse is less action-packed and more focused on Fran and Bear’s emotional journey. Driven by their evolving (and slightly off-limits) relationship and ample personal baggage, this book moved a little more slowly than some of Chelle Bliss’ others, but not necessarily in a negative way. Wicked Impulse was every bit the sexy, captivating read I’ve come to expect from this author and then some, delivering plenty of heat, humor and heart along the way. As always, Chelle Bliss rounds out the story with a cast of colorful secondary characters. I especially enjoyed seeing more of Maria Gallo – her blunt and oftentimes dirty words making me chuckle and reminding me of her equally charming children. I love how easily Chelle Bliss pulls me in with each new and unique storyline while expertly maintaining the overall sense of family that ties each book to the series as a whole. A fun, sexy and surprising story in its own right, Bear and Fran’s journey is a fantastic addition to the ALFA PI series!


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