REVIEW – Wicked Indulgence by Missy Johnson


Title – Wicked Indulgence
Author – Missy Johnson
Publication Date – July 5, 2015



I’m the bad boy of rock.

I play hard and party harder, my life is every dude’s dream.

Women throwing themselves at me, more money than I know what to do with and I get to do what I love.


I thought things couldn’t get any better and I was right.

I’m no stranger to controversy, a side effect of doing whatever the fuck I like, but maybe I’ve taken things too far this time.

Being constantly in the spotlight is hard, especially when you’re on a downhill spiral and the only place left is rock bottom.

The question is, how the fuck am I going to get myself out of this one?



Missy Johnson’s Wicked Indulgence was a quick hour read back into the life of sexy Sax. I’ll admit that Wicked Innocence is probably my favorite novel from this author so I was excited to hear that we’d be diving back into his world and getting a little more background from the life he came from.

While I had really high hopes and appreciated seeing just how much Sax’s past had affected him, there was a lot missing for me. There were a handful of times that the characters stormed off in a conversation, which resulted in it feeling like unresolved scenes. Because of that desire for more from the moment, I was often left unsatisfied and wishing for the author to use those instances as a catalyst for conflict. Furthermore, there was one major occurrence in this novella that felt like a whiplash move. I wasn’t sure if the author did it to up the steam factor or what, but the romance happened far too quickly and seemingly out of the blue. Everything felt like a lightning jolt action rather than a buildup to understand the actions.

The first book in the series was such a rockstar romance for me, so I think the bar was set pretty high for Wicked Indulgence. I loved getting to see Sax with his sister and just how much he adored her. I appreciated seeing how hard he was working to overcome his family’s lack of support; and I definitely felt like this book helped me to understand his personality more in the beginning of Wicked Innocence. While this is a prequel novella, it was written after the first book and I think that the way the series is approached would make a difference to readers.



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