REVIEW – Saving Dallas by Kim Jones


Title: Saving Dallas
Author: Kim Jones
Series: Saving Dallas #1
Release Date: April 30, 2013



When the self-righteous, millionaire bachelorette, Dallas Knox walks into Hattiesburg’s largest night club she is looking for one thing – a one night stand with no strings attached. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself at the mercy of the Devil’s Renegades Motorcycle Club and their President-Luke Carmical.

Luke is dangerous, sexy, and dark. The life he lives is far different from the privileged life Dallas is accustomed to.

Can she accept the lifestyle of an MC?

Can she handle the domineering nature of Luke?

Or is it too late to save Dallas from the path she has chosen…



Kim Jones takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride with her debut novel, Saving Dallas. This MC romance was action-packed, full of feels and scorching hot, delivering the first part of Dallas and Luke’s story with attitude and adventure. There is absolutely no denying this couple’s shared chemistry. From the moment they met things started sparking and even when the story took a turn for the worse, Luke and Dallas were utterly electric. Both used to being in charge, I loved the push and pull between them. The resultant witty banter, sassy comebacks, and dangerously hot arguments kept me captivated by this unlikely duo. Admittedly, there were times when their physical draw and incredible chemistry took up too much of the story and I craved a deeper, more significant emotional connection between these two. However, Saving Dallas is just the beginning of Luke and Dallas’ journey, and their undeniable attraction ensures I’ll be back for more of this great couple.

“Life had dealt me a shitty hand, but I had an ace in the hole. Luke. He was my saving grace. It just took me until now to realize it.”

Luke is everything you’d expect a biker BBF to be and then some. His surprisingly sweet side was the perfect match for the possessive, all-alpha personality this character exuded. Kim Jones kept me guessing, never knowing which Luke we’d be getting or how he’d react in a given situation. While I loved the whiplash, I would have liked to delve a little deeper with this character. I felt like I didn’t really understand where some of Luke’s puzzle pieces fit and I needed at least a few to fall into place in order to fully invest in him as this story’s hero. Similarly, Dallas was equal parts totally in control boss lady and broken, vulnerable woman. However, we got to know some of her history so I felt like I had a better grasp on who she was overall and why she acted the way she did throughout the novel. Both characters are obviously complicated souls and have seen their share of heartache, so while I wasn’t able to truly connect with them in this book, I’m looking forward to exploring both characters further as the series continues.

“Some people live their whole lives not finding their true love, but in just twenty-six years, I had found mine.”

Kim Jones writes with purpose and pride. Her reverence for the MC world pours from the pages and it was this enthusiasm and respect for Luke’s club that kept me so riveted to the story. I adored experiencing the unique feeling of family that the author has so expertly cultivated with Red and the rest of the Devil’s Renegades crew. Their obvious love and loyalty is what will guarantee my return to the club and the series in the future. In addition to the colorful cast of secondary characters, I also enjoyed the storyline. While there is certainly much more to uncover, Kim Jones did a great job at creating intrigue and giving away just enough to keep readers coming back for more. Saving Dallas hints are some serious potential and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this author grow and develop her craft. I can already tell that Kim Jones’ snappy dialogue, vibrant imagery and sizzling chemistry is just the beginning for her and I can’t wait to find out what happens next with Dallas, Luke, and the rest of the Devil’s Renegades!



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