REVIEW – Mrs. Dumont by Alessandra Torre


Title: Mrs. Dumont
Author: Alessandra Torre
Release Date: September 4, 2013



I wanted the fairytale: a gorgeous man who screwed as well as he provided. I met Nathan Dumont – then scampered off to his mansion without hesitation. He proposed with a contract, I signed with a smile.

Goodbye, stripper pole. Hello, life of luxury.

Too bad my new husband had secrets.
Too bad he had plans for me that I had no idea about.
Too bad my heart didn’t understand contracts and red flags in its plummet toward love.

Bs Review

Mrs. Dumont is a sizzling hot story with just enough sass and sweetness to make it the total package. A quick and engaging read, Alessandra Torre keeps readers guessing with Nathan and Candy’s story. Despite being initially written as a serial of novellas, the storyline flowed fairly smoothly, each chapter eagerly sweeping me into the next until I found myself having devoured the entire book. My favorite thing about Mrs. Dumont was the incredible chemistry that Alessandra Torre has crafted between the hero and heroine. From their first scene together, this couple shared an electric connection that begged to be explored. I loved the passion and inexplicable pull that obviously fueled Nathan and Candy’s story, their scorching encounters, feisty exchanges, and easy connection setting the pages of this novel on fire. There was also a surprising amount of raw emotion that accompanied the couple’s unexpected journey and it only served to make the book that much more enticing.

“BlueEyes is too young to be my love story, too handsome, too perfect to have any part in the rest of my life.”

I really enjoyed getting to know the two very different main characters that Alessandra Torre has written with Nathan and Candy. Nathan was an enigma; his motives for seeking out Candy very much a mystery. It was this intrigue that kept me reading, anxious to unravel the deliciously brooding hero. Alessandra did a fantastic job at slowly revealing the truth about Nathan, his personality and surprising sweetness slowly coming to light over the course of the story. However, I definitely would have liked a more in depth exploration of this character and his history in order to really understand the eventual outcome of the book. Initially, Candy didn’t seem like the kind of heroine I would be able to connect with, but as her story progressed, I found myself feeling for her in significant ways. Her strength, independence, and willingness to do whatever it takes to care for her father won my heart over. I also loved seeing her confidence build the more time she spent with Nathan. Her realization of her self-worth was inspiring and by the time the last page had been turned I was definitely a fan of this feisty, fearless woman.

“I am a boat out on a deep blue ocean. And there is no one for miles, no one to rescue me.”

There were a few holes in the storyline that kept me from completely losing myself to Nathan and Candy’s story – pieces of their individual histories that kept me from fully appreciating the decisions they made and the paths they chose. For example, Nathan’s relationship with Cecile seemed so superficial that I couldn’t understand his supposed deep connection to her, especially after what she did to him. The series of events that led to Nathan’s employment of Drew was also a little confusing and in general Drew’s overall role in the story seemed a bit unnecessary and the lack of resolution concerning him left me frustrated. That being said, I did enjoy this storyline as a whole. Alessandra Torre’s writing was polished and filled with emotion, relaying the story in a captivating manner that demanded my complete attention. Vibrant imagery, fascinating characters, and plenty of twists and turns ensured my investment in Nathan and Candy’s unconventional journey. Mrs. Dumont is a quick, sexy read that will keep you on your toes and leave you wanting more from the fabulous Alessandra Torre.


Cs Review

Turning that last page of Mrs. Dumont left me with such a bittersweet feeling; it was the last novel from Alessandra Torre on my list before I’d be done with her backlist, and now I must wait for more just like everyone else. Mrs. Dumont impressed me with its romance and lust, unending suspense, and the all-around steam factor. Once again, this author hasn’t disappointed in the delivery of a fantastic read.

“My heart, like the rest of my body, doesn’t like to follow rules.”

Nathan and Candy were such an oddity when it came to their pairing. They were opposites in every sense of the word, yet their chemistry was out of this world. At times, I wanted to feel more of that attraction without the lust factor, especially because Torre would briefly touch upon those instances but never in detail. However, I did love how strong-headed and steadfast both of their personalities were. They each had a likeability to them that I couldn’t easily discount, even in the moments of wishing for further development. There were also a couple plot lines left a bit too open for my taste and some questions that went unanswered. Given that this was one of Torre’s earlier novels, and I know what she is capable of, I think I expected a deeper connection. However, that is not to say that I didn’t completely enjoy this novel.

“His looks are my weakness, his mind my undoing.”

Whenever I jump into a Torre book, I never know what I’m going to get. Whether it’s the first she’s written or it’s the last, there is always something that keeps me on the edge of my seat. Mrs. Dumont was certainly no exception and left me guessing what she’d pull out of her sleeve. Whenever I thought I had everything figured out, she would throw a curveball and surprise me time and time again. I have to say that I’m super glad I picked this up and finally read it. Mrs. Dumont was the perfect read to get me out of my rut and forget the real-world for a couple of hours. I wish that I could read all of Alessandra Torre’s books for the first time because they are just that good, but instead I shall be waiting for the next hit with everyone else!



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