RELEASE DAY BLITZ & GIVEAWAY – The Presence of Grace by Anie Michaels


Title: The Presence of Grace
Author: Anie Michaels
Series: Love and Loss #2
Release Date: November 18, 2016



Devon Roberts was familiar with loss.  He’d lost his wife and, in a way, he’d lost himself.  Moving through life with two kids, doing everything he could to make life good again for his son and daughter, meant romance was the last thing on his mind.

Until he saw her.


She was the first person to make him feel as though loving someone else wouldn’t be wrong.

Even though he thought his loss was unbearable, he never could have fathomed she might have had more slip through her fingers.

He’d fought before; fought for his family, for his love, and for his life.  But her fight, although buried deep and festering within, was a fight he wasn’t sure he had the strength to overcome.

All he knew for sure was that his life was better in the presence of Grace.



Anie Michaels triumphantly delivers a breathtakingly poignant novel of living with loss and learning to love again with Devon and Grace’s story in The Presence of Grace. Filled with the kind of overwhelming emotion and unquestionable chemistry I’ve come to adore from this author, this is one journey you won’t soon forget. From the start, Devon and Grace captivated me with their familiar heartache and inexplicable connection and I found myself instantly invested in their happily ever after. Both having been through the emotional wringer, this couple exemplified the beauty of new beginnings and had me hanging on tight to their rollercoaster ride relationship. With Ruby and Jax growing up with each turn of the page and the return of some familiar faces from The Absence of Olivia, Anie Michaels expertly cultivated a beautiful feeling of family with this book that had my heart bursting at the seams and ensured that The Presence of Grace was every bit the second shot at love I desperately hoped Devon would find… and then some.

“But the thing about grieving is everything feels wrong, until it doesn’t. The only way to get past it is to keep moving forward.”

Everything about Devon and Grace set my heart aflutter. From their unusual first meeting to finding one another again, this couple felt fated in a way that made it impossible for me to put this book down. Anie Michaels did a phenomenal job developing both characters over the course of the story, utilizing their changing relationship to expose the pain they carried and allowing them to let go and move forward. As individuals, I loved getting to know Devon and Grace. My knowledge of Devon felt limited in The Absence of Olivia, but with this book his personality, values, and incredible capacity for love really took shape and Anie Michaels had me swooning for the sweet single father in no time at all. Grace was the kind of heroine that was easy to connect with and impossible not to love. Her unfailing kindness and stunning spirit really blew me away, especially in light of all she’d endured prior to meeting Devon. Together this couple shared something truly special. Their deep understanding of one another’s vulnerabilities, insecurities, and fears leant itself to the kind of relationship that stands the test of time.

“I’m not thinking about how she’s gone, I’m thinking about how you’re here.”

One of the things I’ve come to absolutely adore about this author is her ability to capture the extraordinary power of every day love and The Presence of Grace is the epitome of this practice. This story not only harnesses the raw emotions of loss and living on, but it celebrates the small victories of surviving in the wake of grief. Devon and Grace both experienced losses that made me ache for them, but it was their steadfast support of one another’s healing and their unwavering loyalty to the people left in their lives that had me falling head over heels for this couple. Their love and the learning curve they bravely traversed to nurture it, while far from flawless, was inspiring in both its quiet courage and steady hope. Anie Michaels’ writing is utterly brilliant, capturing each emotional nuance of Devon and Grace’s journey and delivering the kind of love story that lingers well beyond the pages.


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Author Bio


Anie Michaels is the author of the Never series, the Privates serial, and stand-alone novels The Space Between Us, Instead of You, and The Absence of Olivia. She started writing her first novel in June 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Working at home as a full-time writer of books, when she is not pounding on the keyboard she can be found reading, playing with her kids, spending time with her family, and connecting with her close friends.  She’s spent her entire life in the Pacific Northwest, lives in Portland, Oregon, and can’t imagine ever being anywhere else… except maybe somewhere tropical.

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