BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY – Prophet Takes All by Melissa Brown


Title – Prophet Takes All
Author – Melissa Brown
Publication Date – October 25, 2016
Series – Compound, #4



So many fools. Nothing but fools.

That worm of a detective, my mother, Paul. Fools—all of them. But Aspen, oh Aspen…she was the biggest fool of all.

Aspen Black, a seemingly ordinary woman of the compound, transformed into the utter bane of my existence in just a matter of months. She had the gall to question me, to seek the counsel of an outsider, and to disobey my word.

To add to her list of transgressions, Aspen recruited my own brother in the crusade against me. For this, they must both be punished. And their daughter, Ruthie, is the key to their retribution.

Aspen and Paul will pay for their crimes against the one true prophet. If it’s the very last thing I do.


Oh, Melissa Brown…You have created such a unique world with The Compound series; one that I find myself completely enamored by and never wanting to truly let go of. The concluding book, Prophet Takes All, had my heart racing while simultaneously breaking, and just about every emotion in between. As much as I hated the events that made this book necessary, a part of me actually enjoyed getting inside the villain’s head.

As implied by the title, this novel centers largely around the prophet that readers have come to despise, Clarence Black. I really appreciated that the author didn’t attempt to create any sort of remorse or forgiveness for him. She stayed true to his horrible, disgraceful personality traits, only increasing the disdain I felt for him from the very beginning. If anything, that hatred multiplied and I was yearning to see his karma arrive. However, it also created an eye-opening perspective in regards to the other characters. It allowed me to see how easily some will look for someone to follow (which we see happen every day). On the other hand, I developed a greater respect for those that remain steadfast in their beliefs due to what is in their heart. It’s hard to describe, but especially given what is going in our society in this day and age, the book just moved me beyond the characters and the storyline.

I’m not going to lie, there were parts of Prophet Takes All that were slightly more difficult to read than the previous books in the series. Brown is shining a light on a very real problem, both in and out of the FLDS community, and it creates some uncomfortable scenes. However, it was done in the most respectful way and I wholeheartedly think it was pivotal to the story. Everything – from the main characters to the secondary ones, to the overall plot that started in the first book, to the gripping writing – was everything I could have wanted. My heart is so satisfied with how everything came to a head (even though I’d love to see a bonus novella someday). The Compound series is a fresh, unique voice in the romance world and I soaked up every single minute of it. I can’t recommend this series enough!



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Author Bio

Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She attended the University of Illinois and is the mother of two fantastic kids. She’s an avid reader who enjoys making handmade gifts for her family and friends, as well as baking and painting. Melissa has an unhealthy obsession with pop culture. She speaks fluent movie quotes from the 1980s (John Hughes = genius), reads celebrity gossip magazines and never misses an episode of Scandal. She enjoys writing contemporary romance, romantic suspense and young adult novels.

All of Melissa’s books are currently available exclusively through and are part of the Kindle Unlimited Program.

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