RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Spring Fling by Elle Christensen


Title – Hot For Teacher Anthology
Author – Elle Christensen
Publication Date – January 23, 2017



Abbi and Logan burn for each other the moment they meet and it turns into a week of passion that neither of them expected. After spending spring break together, it’s clear they both want more.

But, when it turns out that Logan is a new teacher at Abbi’s school, it looks like their relationship is doomed to be nothing but a spring fling.



If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s those forbidden romances! I don’t read a ton of teacher/student taboos, but for some reason the entire Hot for Teacher series really called to me. I’ve only read Spring Fling from Elle Christensen but if it’s any indication for the rest of the stories in this Anthology, I’ll consider myself schooled and will be diving into those as soon as possible!

“A spring fling. How could I have ever thought she was nothing more than that.”

Abbi and Logan’s story is sizzling hot and I drank up every morsel of it. The pacing of their romance was spot on, especially given that it was a short story in an anthology. Logan was possessive and dominating – an alpha male in every sense of the word. While there were a couple times I may have wanted to smack him a little, I also appreciated how domineering and protective he became so quickly of Abbi. There were times I did crave that full-length novel experience when it came to our heroine, but never in a way that made me not appreciate the context of which things were happening. She was a shy girl who had so much hidden beneath her layers. I adored her character and I loved watching her break out of her shell, but I would have appreciated delving deeper if the opportunity presented itself. The chemistry was so sizzling between these two that more than once, I quite literally had to fan myself. The steam factor was off the charts and I may have even blushed a time or two – and that is so not my norm. Overall, Elle Christensen proves that her writing is intense and enticing. These two characters experienced a whirlwind romance in their Spring Fling and neither could have bargained for what they received. The ending was ridiculously cute and had me grinning from ear to ear. Christensen has set the bar ridiculously high for the other short stories, but with this group of ladies, I have no doubt it will be a smashing hit!



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