NEW RELEASE REVIEW – Between the Tides by Elizabeth Lee


Title: Between the Tides
Author: Elizabeth Lee
Series: On the Gold #0.5
Release Date: October 14, 2016



When searching for a long-lost treasure, the best place to start is back at the beginning.

Daniella Alvarez is a dreamer. The only link she has to her family is a centuries-old mystery surrounding a sunken ship called The Starry Night. When a job opportunity arises that will allow her to chase her dream, she can’t believe her luck. But the chance to uncover her family’s legacy isn’t the only job perk…

Dylan McKendrie is a doer. With a dad who cares more about using their boat for seeking buried treasure at the bottom of the sea, Dylan is the one who has to look out for his younger sister and keep his family afloat. When his dad hires a new diver, Dylan’s initial reaction is to refuse. Until he lays eyes on the most irresistible woman he’s ever met.

They’re complete opposites and while opposites attract, they both have family commitments to honor. Sometimes it’s the ties that bind us that tear us apart…


Elizabeth Lee returns to The Spindrift with Dylan, Dani, and the rest of the crew in this sweet and satisfying prequel to the On the Gold series. I absolutely adored getting a peek at how Dylan and Dani met and fell in love the first time around. Their inexplicable connection and undeniable chemistry once again had me head over heels and ready to re-read their entire story. While their absolutely electric dynamic felt fantastically familiar, Between the Tides delivered Dylan and Dani’s beginnings with all of the urgency and intensified emotions of young love. Elizabeth Lee’s writing absolutely sparkles, effortlessly reeling me right back into her colorful world of deep-sea salvage and treasure hunting before leaving me to revel in the salty sea air, roaring tides, and glittering promises of this phenomenal series.

“We’d built such a wonderful life that I thought there was no way it could actually crumble. But it did. Into a million pieces and the tides took it out to sea as if it had never even existed.”

Having already read Below the Surface, I loved the depth that this prequel novella gave to the characters. Dani and Dylan’s history added so much heart to their second chance romance and left me even more excited to hear more from the secondary characters in the future. One of the best parts of this novella was getting to know Dylan’s father. He was such a legendary figure in Dani and Dylan’s story that getting to finally experience his unfailing optimism, infectious thirst for adventure, and uncommonly kind heart just made their journey that much more meaningful. Had I not read Below the Surface already, Between the Tides certainly would have had me instantly one-clicking, as it was the perfect taste of this unforgettable duo. Elizabeth Lee expertly balances the sweet and steamy with plenty of sass, intelligence, and exploration, delivering an On the Gold prequel novella that is a true treasure.


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