RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Darby by Ashley Pullo


Title – Darby
Author – Ashley Pullo
Publication Date – September 22, 2016
Series – New Amsterdam, #3

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Darby Wallace is a beloved blogger for a trendy, social media platform. Her assignment is to expose (in 500 words or less) the real New York City – the people, the music, the politics, the latest food fad, and the irony of being single in a city with eight million people. With her own life a spiraling disaster of bad decisions and failed relationships, Darby must rely on the strength of strangers to find the one who got away.



With each new book in Ashley Pullo’s New Amsterdam series, I run to tell the author how much I love it more than its predecessor. The new book always becomes my favorite, and Darby Wallace’s story was no exception. The writing brings New York City alive, despite its winter coldness, and the story becomes much more than a romance. Though there is a theme of falling in love, it’s definitely not how it’s been done in the past.

““End of story.” Oh, but it’s not the end! What kind of love story would end when it’s just beginning?”

In the beginning, Darby comes off as quite callous and a bit cold. Her attitude tended to match the slosh of the winter weather and I wasn’t sure how I would ever warm up to her. However, as time progressed and I got to see the deeper issues she faced, I felt my heart getting softer towards her. In that sense, the book wasn’t about Darby finding her perfect match and falling hopelessly in love. This third book, as opposed to the first two, was more about forgiving our pasts and learning to love ourselves, and I adored witnessing Darby’s fall to a degree of rock bottom, only to see how she would come back from it. Her strong personality traits were no longer things I shied away from, but ones I admired her for.

“Darby, Love is strong. LP” 

I can say with utmost certainty that the best part of Darby was the breathtaking writing. Ashley Pullo knows how to take a mundane action, something we don’t think twice about, and turn it into this beautiful image. There were several times that I had to stop, re-read, and truly soak in the colorful prose and vividness of the scene. There aren’t many authors who write like that, and it’s a quality I’ll never get sick of seeing. Furthermore, I love the way she captures New York City and all the people. It’s a humanitarian piece of the book that just makes me smile with every new encounter.

“Because just like Holly Golightly, she belongs to no one, a slob with no name . . . and yet, she realizes she wants it”

There’s something about Pullo’s writing, but also the whole idea behind the New Amsterdam series, that makes even this die-hard Boston lover a fan. As is expected with Pullo’s writing, she drops hints about future novels and what’s to come, and with what she’s given us in the build-up of Lucas, I have a feeling I’ll have the same reaction I’ve previously had. However, with how much I loved watching Darby’s redemption, the bar is set pretty dang high. In the meantime, I’ll be taking a lesson from Darby and noticing the people around me and those I interact with. I’ll look for the little things that make them human and learn to appreciate it just a little bit more than I already had.



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Author Bio

Residing in New York with her husband and two children, Ashley Pullo is an author, an entertainment blogger, and an advocate for cultural literacy.

Hey y’all!
NYC is an amazing place to find inspiration – the random and the ordinary that make up reality. My writing showcases inspired ideas, as well as my love for dichotomy, authenticity, pop-culture, and humor.

Dreams need chasers.

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