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Title: Nitro’s Torment
Author: Nina Levine
Series: Sydney Storm MC #2
Release Date: September 20, 2016

Nitros Torment


Tatum Lee is a pain in my ass.

She’s stubborn, full of attitude, and she doesn’t like to do what she’s told.

And yet, at a time when I should be focusing on the war my club is at, she consumes my mind because she’s also fearless and fierce, and I’ve never met a woman like her.

The thing about war, though, is the minute you let your focus drop, your enemy rises up and attacks. And sometimes they bring you to your knees in ways you never imagined.

The other thing about war? You learn just what you’re capable of doing to protect those you love.


Just when I think Nina Levine couldn’t possibly write a more swoon-worthy biker book boyfriend, Nitro comes along and proves me wrong. Nitro’s Torment was sexy, thrilling, and full of so many unexpected feelings that I couldn’t help but be left wanting more. Nitro and Tatum were a match made in tattooed badass heaven and I found myself instantly under their spell. From the first page to the last, this couple shared an absolutely explosive chemistry. Fueled by a mutual stubbornness and soul-deep recognition of one another’s demons, Nitro and Tatum challenged each other, creating a constant friction that sparked something fierce, hot, and unyielding between them that was utterly addictive.

“When Nitro kissed, he fucking claimed you. He used his mouth to say all the things he didn’t say with his words.”

Nitro was a surprise from beginning to end and I found myself enjoying every minute of unraveling this enigma of a man. Not only was he all delicious, dirty, and raw alpha male, but as the story progressed, Nina Levine also revealed a softer side to Nitro. Utilizing his relationship with his siblings and niece, we got to see the protective, caring, and slightly broken man that lay beneath all the fury and fight. It was this duality that proved to be so simply breathtaking, branding Nitro on my heart in a way I couldn’t have anticipated. Throw in his developing relationship with Tatum and the complicated brotherhood he calls home and Nina Levine has skillfully created a bold and beautiful multidimensional character that is entirely captivating.

“You might be unpredictable out there in the world, but here with us, you’re predictable in all the right ways.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve loved a female character as much as I did Tatum. Nina Levine expertly developed this character in a way that made her relatable, lovable, and deeply moving. Although her initial sass and independence had me grinning, it was her innate understanding of Nitro’s darkness and the exposure of her own fears and insecurities that had me hooked on this heroine. Tatum was flawed, broken, and undeniably human, making her easy to connect with and root for. Her strength, ferocity, and unfailing loyalty allowed Tatum to fit seamlessly into Nitro’s dark and dangerous MC world. As their story progressed, Tatum proved to be the perfect match for Nitro and together these two characters stole my heart with their entertaining push and pull, sizzling sexual tension, and heartbreaking honesty.

“I thought life had already handed me my heart on a platter. Bleeding and bruised. Turned out life wasn’t done with me yet. Bleeding and bruised wasn’t enough.”

One of the things I’ve come to love about Nina Levine’s books is the incredibly enthralling overarching storylines that connect each novel to the next. Not only do we get the excitement of each couple’s personal journey, but we also get to see the MC evolve and grow. There is nothing more thrilling than getting lost in the vibrant personalities, heart-pounding action, and gut-wrenching emotions of the Storm MC world and the Sydney chapter is no exception. I am already hooked on the complicated relationships and mysterious inner-workings of the club that color this series and I can’t wait to see where Nina plans on taking Nitro, Kick, King, and the rest of the crazy Sydney Storm MC crew.

“The lonely stretch of highway was a silent battleground, but we filled that silence with the sounds of shattered bone and tortured grunts.”

From the first word to the last Nitro’s Torment was an adventure. Gripping, passionate, and delightfully dirty, Nitro and Tatum’s story packed a powerful punch. Their gritty pasts and emotional scars led to some incredibly poignant moments that totally wrecked me in the very best way. Heartbreaking and yet swelling with hope, Nitro’s Torment exemplifies Nina Levine’s phenomenal storytelling and extraordinary character development. This author continues to blow me away with her lyrical prose, amusing banter, sizzling sensuality, and deeply compelling emotions. Perfectly paced and undeniably spellbinding, Nitro and Tatum irrevocably marked me with their heartfelt story. Already anxious for more of the Sydney Storm MC, Nitro’s Torment is an absolute must-read for any MC Romance fan!



I sat next to him. I wasn’t sure why except that for the first time since I’d met him, he seemed like he needed someone. Even if it was just to sit with him. I stole a glance at his face. It was hard to find skin under all the dried blood. “I take it the other guy lost.”

He held my gaze for a long time before answering me. God, how I wondered what thoughts ran through Nitro’s mind. It felt like he either ran from them or got lost in them, but I wasn’t convinced he was often comfortable with them.Something we had in common. “That depends on your definition of winning.”

I didn’t need him to spell it out for me. And I didn’t push him for more. Instead, I walked into the bathroom. Locating a clean washer in the drawer, I wet it and walked back out to him. Standing in between his legs, I began the task of cleaning up his face.

This was something I knew well. My brother had often turned up on my doorstep in this state. Caring for him had always been my responsibility. How could it not be when his journey in life had been dictated by my own?

Nitro hissed when I accidentally pressed too hard on his cheek. His hand landed on mine and he halted my progress. “I can do this myself.”

I pulled my hand away from his face. “Yeah, you can, but I’m doing it, so just let me.”

“Always arguing with me,” he murmured, allowing me to go on.

I worked in silence and when I’d cleaned the blood from his face, I said, “I’m going to get some ice for your face. Wait here.”

I hurried down to the bar because I figured he had work to get back to and no time to waste. Kree loaded me up with ice and a towel to wrap it in. When I arrived back in his room, he was in the shower. He didn’t take longer than a few minutes and when he exited the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist, I sucked in a breath at the magnificence of his body.

Nitro was a powerhouse of hard muscle that went hand-in-hand with his fearless warrior instincts. Standing before me, almost naked, his masculinity caught me off guard and a rush of desire hit me. My thoughts stalled and I momentarily forgot what I was doing. All I could focus on was the throbbing need deep in my core. A new hum filled my entire being, unlike anything I’d ever felt before.




“You got ice?” His deep voice snapped me from my hypnosis.

“Ah… yeah,” I mumbled, shoving the towel with the ice in it at him, almost dropping it as I did so.

He frowned, his eyes searching mine. “You good, Vegas?”

Fuck, no, I wasn’t.

I was fucked.


I nodded, swallowing hard. “I’m good.”

I was so far from good.

I wanted something I didn’t want to want.

I wanted him.

How the hell did my world turn in such a short space of time? What the fuck triggered that? Because whatever it was, I needed to un-trigger it.

He took the ice from me and turned to head back into the bathroom, grabbing clothes on the way. I was helpless to do anything but watch him walk away. My eyes stayed glued to the powerful muscles that built his back. And that ass.God, that ass. Even covered in a towel it was hard not to stare at.

I was so engrossed in his back and ass that he caught me off guard again when he dropped the towel and dressed without closing the bathroom door.

Fuck it, I was out. I yanked the bedroom door open and left as fast as I could. I needed to find a quiet corner and gather my thoughts. I needed to wipe everything that had just happened from my memory. Somehow, though, I suspected Nitro was not a man to ever be wiped from a woman’s memory.

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Author Bio

Coffee Lover.
Gypsy at heart.

USA Today Bestselling author who writes about alpha men & the women they love.

When I’m not creating with words you will find me planning my next getaway, visiting somewhere new in the world, having a long conversation over coffee and cake with a friend, creating with paper or curled up with a good book and chocolate.

I love Keith Urban, Maroon 5, Pink, Florida Georgia Line, Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20, Lady Antebellum and pretty much any singer/band that is country or rock.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve. Weaving words together has always been a form of therapy for me especially during my harder times. These days I’m proud that my words help others just as much as they help me.

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