NEW RELEASE REVIEW – Tie the Knot by Leigha Taylor

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Title: Tie the Knot
Author: Leigha Taylor
Series: Born For This #2
Release Date: August 4, 2016

Tie the Knot


Kara Holden has been through a lot at the hands of her psychotic ex-boyfriend and pseudo-Dominant, Shane. She found the courage to remove him from her life, but with him went the ability to trust.

Not wanting to give up completely on her strong desire to submit, she turns to Willis Services, a company that just may be her saving grace.

Heath Willis, founder and CEO, becomes her personal savior as he helps her re-learn her lost skills, but he could be her next heartbreak if she has to say goodbye.

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Tie the Knot is a quick read that will whisk you away into Heath and Kara’s fascinating D/s world. Not only is this book sexy and fun, but there was an incredible emotional component that stuck with me. The storyline in this Born For This novella is a little bit different from the first in the series. Leigha Taylor explored an unconventional viewpoint of the D/s relationship with regards to Kara’s past, opening up a dialogue about what happens when someone abuses the complete trust and submission they’ve been gifted with. Leigha approached this topic with sensitivity, giving Kara’s experience the respect it deserves while allowing the readers to fully experience her resultant emotional scars and lingering fears. Everything from Kara’s demeanor and dialogue to her physical responses captured the honest hurt she carried from the abuse and made this story that much more poignant and powerful. Leigha Taylor masterfully captured some decidedly raw and very visceral feelings in Tie the Knot, carefully traversing difficult topics and portraying Kara and Heath’s story with great compassion and understanding.

“I have a feeling you’re going to be full of surprises, Sasha.”

Leigha Taylor did a great job developing Heath and Kara in Tie the Knot. The characters we meet in the first few pages are far from those who grace the final pages. They both show incredible growth, both as individuals and as a couple as their story played out. Leigha Taylor expertly unraveled both characters fully in order to allow them to build each other back up. Heath was challenged with facing his developing feelings for Kara, which the author brought to light through Heath’s changing behavior and apparent discomfort, letting us experience his confusion and frustration while permanently endearing this conflicted man to me. Kara’s major struggle was reconciling the hurt she held onto from the abuse she faced in her last relationship with her quickly growing connection to Heath, a man she barely knew. This character’s story certainly made my heart ache a time or two but I loved seeing the growth that Leigha Taylor engenders in her over time. By exposing Kara’s insecurities and fears, Leigha Taylor delivers a heroine that is genuine in her vulnerability and easily relatable, making it impossible not to become wholly invested in Kara’s happily ever after.

“Everything I need in this life, I’ve found here with you.”

Tie the Knot takes place before the events of Please, Sir so not only can it be read as a standalone, but you won’t see any spoilers for that story in this one. I was definitely curious about Heath and Kara after briefly meeting them in the first book. Leigha Taylor definitely didn’t disappoint. I’ve definitely grown fond of the intriguing D/s world that Leigha has built with this series so far, I love the dynamic between her characters and I hope at some point we’ll be able to see all of the characters from each installment together again. The pacing was spot on, pulling me into the story right off the bat and keeping me captivated until the final page was turned. The growth we see from Leigha Taylor in this book is astounding. As a writer she has come a long way since she first began and I adored how effortless this story felt. The words flowed smoothly and I lost myself completely in the powerful descriptions and palpable emotions that made up Heath and Kara’s journey. Tie the Knot just felt so polished and it made me excited for whatever Leigha has in store for us next!


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