RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Wicked Love by Michelle A. Valentine

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Title: Wicked Love
Author: Michelle A. Valentine
Series: Wicked White #3
Release Date: May 31, 2016

Wicked Love


All Tyler Mercer wanted was to make music—until he met Avery Jenson. The beautiful new girl in town turned his head and struck a chord in his heart. But when their one night of passion results in devastating tragedy, Tyler hits the road, leaving behind his dead-end hometown and the girl he knows he’ll never forget.

After her father was caught embezzling, Avery’s comfortable life in the city was blown to bits. But meeting Tyler helped to pick up the pieces and eased her into country living. She just never expected the handsome musician would add to her heartbreak by walking away without a backward glance.

Now, three years later, rock star Tyler’s come back, hat in hand. He’s found fame and fortune as a member of Wicked White, but it’s all worth nothing without Avery’s love. Can she forgive him for leaving when she needed him most? Or will the ghost of their past keep them apart?

Wicked Love_2


Michelle A. Valentine delivers an endearing second-chance romance with Wicked Love. Tyler and Avery’s story begins in college, introducing us to an unlikely pair that shared an instant connection and undeniable chemistry. I loved the way in which Avery and Tyler met. It was awkward, amusing, and perfectly captured the tone of their relationship. The way they seemed to fall into one another’s lives unexpectedly over the next few chapters gave this couple a fated feel that had me anxious to continue on with their story. It was all too easy to get swept up in their big dreams and youthful exuberance. Michelle Valentine painted a sweet picture of young love, fierce in its intensity and burning out all too soon. There were definitely some moments that tugged on my heartstrings and left me swimming in angst. Wicked Love is well written, capturing the new adult voice and all of its associated emotions with ease. With a style all her own, the author served up a heartfelt journey that kept me rooting for Tyler and Avery’s happily ever after.

“It’s magic here in the bed of this pickup as we finally connect.”

Falling for Tyler seemed inevitable. He was kind, talented, funny, and sweet. From the moment he entered Avery’s life I knew he would be a game changer for her and I very much enjoyed the way in which Michelle Valentine used their relationship to grow Avery as a character. While we got brief glimpses into Tyler’s history, I would have liked a little more depth with this character. Especially when he comes back into Avery’s life and suddenly seems to be an entirely different person. I needed more in order to understand his growth, accept the choices he had made, and connect with the person he had become. Avery, on the other hand, transformed beautifully over the course of the story. The girl we meet at the beginning of the book and the woman standing at the end are worlds apart in a deeply satisfying way. Michelle Valentine did a great job shaping this character through the family issues, life-altering events, and profound heartbreak she experienced. I really felt for this character, and while I might not have always agreed with her, I definitely understood her.

“I want to make music that speaks my truth, and in order to create that kind of music, I have to start with being honest with myself and going after what my heart truly wants.”

Michelle Valentine fills Tyler and Avery’s world with brand new characters that helped shape their story and pushed our main characters to grow during their time apart. These secondary characters brought light, laughter, and heart to Wicked Love and I found myself really enjoying the role they played in this novel. I liked the concept for this story, always a sucker for a southern, summer romance, but there were some parts of the plot that just didn’t seem to fit. For example, the events that occurred with Blake near the end of the novel felt as if they were thrown in to create drama without any tangible connection to the rest of the storyline. Instead I would have liked more drama and angst directed at Avery and Tyler’s attempt to reconcile their new relationship. This part of the story seemed to be wrapped up far too smoothly and with little emotional fanfare. Overall, Wicked Love is sweet and sassy. If you love getting lost in the excitement of young love and need a heartfelt second-chance romance then you should definitely check out Wicked Love.


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