RELEASE BLITZ – Below the Surface by Elizabeth Lee

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Title: Below the Surface
Author: Elizabeth Lee
Series: On the Gold #1
Release Date: May 12, 2016

Below the Surface


Daniella Alvarez and Dylan McKendrie used to be in love. They used to be a team. An inseparable force to be reckoned with. But, when tragedy struck, their relationship sank faster than the ships they used to scour the ocean floor for. Now all that’s left are scattered remains of what used to be.

Dylan, no longer seeking the mysteries on the ocean floor, now goes for the sure things and the guaranteed paychecks. When a longtime friend suggests he has hard proof that one of those legends that used to keep Dylan up at night could be real, he’s torn between going after the gold and maintaining the life he’d built since leaving The Florida Keys.

Daniella was always a dreamer. She’s always been chasing what would most deem unattainable—professionally and personally. Everything she’d ever wanted seemed to slip through her fingers the day he left, which is exactly why his return has her seeing red.

Can the two of them put their past aside long enough to figure out a mystery that has plagued them both for years? Can they work together to see what lies below the surface?

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Below the Surface has me totally hooked on Elizabeth Lee’s new On the Gold series! This novel took me on an unforgettable journey overflowing with heart, passion, and adventure. I immediately fell in love with Dani and Dylan’s story and was swept away by the unconventional and fascinating world of deep-sea salvage and treasure hunting. Elizabeth Lee’s writing is intoxicating and addictive, effortlessly capturing the thrill and intrigue of this one-of-a-kind storyline. With a voice that is fresh and youthful, Elizabeth Lee submerges readers in a world rich with history and emotion. Between the allure of undiscovered treasure and the heartache of searching for lost love, I found myself at the mercy of an emotional hurricane as I read. Below the Surface is ripe with the kind of tension that only comes from deep and unresolved feelings, giving this story an unexpected depth. While their sparkling chemistry certainly set the pages ablaze, it was Dani and Dylan’s undeniable pull that demanded to be felt – effectively drowning me in this unforgettable novel.

“I’d gladly give up oxygen to feel his lips on mine. The watery embrace of the ocean around my body and his mouth on mine was exactly how I imagined my last glorious moment. I’d die a happy woman.”

The relationship that Elizabeth Lee has so perfectly cultivated with this couple is utterly enchanting. Dani and Dylan not only shared snarky banter, moments of vulnerability, and plenty of steamy encounters, but they felt genuine in a way that allowed them to slip right inside my heart. They made me laugh and want to throw things all in the course of a single page. Their insecurities and fears were easy to relate to and I found myself fully invested in no time at all. With minimal effort, Elizabeth Lee had me falling in love with Dani and Dylan over and over again as I experienced their story. I loved the way these two challenged each other and pushed one another to step outside their comfort zone. They both grew a great deal over the course of the novel, opening up about their shared past as they examined the history that would lead them to their goal. In true Elizabeth Lee fashion, Dani and Dylan’s world was made more vibrant by the addition of colorful and charming secondary characters. I loved getting to know Minx and Cal and am excited to hear more about them as the series continues.

“I needed to get excited. I needed to be happy that I was finally getting answers to all of the questions I had. Dylan was the cock block to my shipwreck orgasm. I couldn’t let him ruin this for me.”

Below the Surface was everything I love about second chance romance and then some. I adored the heartbreak, regret, and longing that poured from the pages of this book while Dani and Dylan’s inexplicable connection completely captivated me. The concept of this novel was original and I quickly found myself enthralled by the many layers of our couple’s journey. I got caught up in the love story within the love story, eventually finding myself just as obsessed with locating the ship as Dani was. Elizabeth Lee did a phenomenal job building this storyline. She carefully constructed this fictional world, bringing an uncommon setting to life and infusing it with just enough history to be undeniably intriguing without taking away from the novel’s relaxed feel and easy relatability. The story was fluid and well paced, and I loved every moment of riding the waves of Dani and Dylan’s journey. Below the Surface was the perfect balance of heat, humor, history, and heart, leaving me no choice but to devour it. I’ll definitely be back for more of the On the Gold series.


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Author Bio

When I’m not writing or playing the part of wife and mom, you can find me dancing back-up for Beyonce, singing back-up for Miranda, or sunning myself on the beach with a drink in hand. Here’s the thing about being born and raised in a small town–you have a very vivid imagination! Now, I channel it all to create stories where the girl always ends up with the right guy, first kisses are magical, and a happy ending is just that!

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