REVIEW – Put Me Back Together by Lola Rooney

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Title: Put Me Back Together
Author: Lola Rooney
Series: Scars Run Deep #1
Release Date: November 25, 2013

Put Me Back Together


You’d Better Watch Yourself, Katie Kat

Katie Archer knows how to lie. After six years, no one really knows what happened That Night. Not even her twin sister. Choosing a college 3,000 miles away from the truth, Katie throws herself into art classes and a love affair with ice cream. Katie’s biggest rule? No boys. Ever.

But there is the little problem of Lucas Matthews. Former basketball star and total campus hottie, Lucas is the stuff girls have naughty dreams about—and he has the reputation to prove it! But that doesn’t stop liquid heat from running through Katie’s veins every time she sees him…

You’ll Never Get Away With It

Letting Lucas in is the hardest thing Katie’s ever had to do. And telling him the truth? Impossible. Then Katie starts to get threatening texts and she realizes Lucas is the least of her problems. Her past has caught up with her and it wants to settle the score.

I’m Coming For You

Now Katie must decide whether she wants to fight for her life, or leave everything—including Lucas—behind her forever…

Put Me Back Together_1


Put Me Back Together is a heartbreaking journey of forgiveness and self-discovery that will keep you captivated from start to finish. Lola Rooney embodies the new adult genre with her fresh, fluid writing style and socially relevant language. I found myself easily transported into Kate and Lucas‘ world. Her imagery had me back in college, desperate to carve out my place in the world and anxious to find acceptance amongst my peers. Admittedly, Kate’s journey is unconventional and tainted with a past that leaves her carrying a heavy burden of guilt and regret. It is this unexpected element that made this story so surprisingly haunting and that much more emotionally powerful. Kate and Lucas have a hesitant initial connection that grows naturally, developing into something significant and real. Lola Rooney stayed true to Kate and Lucas and the emotional scars that left them reluctant to love, allowing their chemistry to quietly sizzle until the time is right for it to blaze.

“When I’m with you it’s like I can breathe again.”

Initially, Kate is the first one to rebuke a social invitation but over the course of Put Me Back Together, Lola Rooney transforms her into a more confident, outgoing, and trusting woman. I adored the way Lucas brought her out of her shell, slowly pushing his way into her life until she had no choice but to open up her world to him. Her insecurities and fears made her feel familiar and genuine and I couldn’t help but connect with her as her story progressed. Just as Lucas inspires growth in Kate, she too pushes him to open up. Clearly hiding his own emotions, Lucas finds himself revealing his feelings to Kate as they spend more time together. His patience with her and his eventual emotional revelations left me swooning hard. I loved the dynamic that Lola Rooney created between these two characters. Their conversations are easy, honest, and oftentimes snarky – making me grin as I soaked in their teasing banter and adorable flirtations.

“Sometimes scars were a good reminder of what you’d been through and what you would never do again.”

Filling out the cast were a few great secondary characters that I really grew to love. Kate’s sister, for example, provided for some fun, carefree moments that captured the tone of the college experience and delivered levity to this emotional story while also contributing to the overall development of Kate’s character. Put Me Back Together was well written and easy to read. For the most part I enjoyed the pacing although it was a little uneven with a long build up and relatively quick resolution. The storyline was well planned and expertly executed. Even though the author revealed bits and pieces of Kate’s secret along the way, I still felt bowled over when she finally revealed the truth to Lucas in its entirety. I have to applaud Lola Rooney for this daring plot point. It could not have been easy to incorporate the type of darkness that she did into this story and still maintain an overall hopeful tone, but she took the risk and she hit her mark beautifully. Put Me Back Together is intense, gut wrenching, and remarkably heartfelt. I would definitely read this author again in the future.


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