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Title: Shift
Author: Drew Elyse
Series: Savage Disciples MC #2
Release Date: April 19, 2016



Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple.

After the death of her father, Ash learned an important lesson: being a Disciple is dangerous. The club her father had loved, the club that had been their family, took him from her. She couldn’t stay and wait for the day it would take the man she loved from her, too. So, she left.
Now, she’s the one in danger, and the Disciples are the only ones that can keep her safe. She has no choice but to return to the club and the man she left behind.

A Disciple will fight like a savage for what is his.

Sketch has what he needs: his tattooing, the club, and his bike. Anything else would require a heart, and his was ripped out of his chest a long time ago. It wasn’t coming back.
At least, not until she did.
His heart isn’t the only thing Ash brings with her, though. She has a daughter. A daughter old enough to be his. A daughter Ash claims might not be. But in his heart, Sketch knows the truth. That little girl is his… just like her mom.

This biker knows one thing: a Disciple’s daughter’s return is about to make his whole world shift.

Bs Review

If you love your MC romance filled with drama, angst, a touch of suspense, and deliciously steamy encounters then you will love Shift! Drew Elyse serves up Gabe and Ash’s story in this heartfelt and addictive read that will leave you anxious for more of the Disciples’ Daughters series. Shift sucked me in from the very beginning and I quickly found myself falling in love all over again with Drew Elyse’s MC and its inimitable members. This second chance romance has all of the gut-wrenching action and excitement you’d expect served with a side of heartbreaking emotional turmoil. Drew effortlessly balances the intense and tumultuous with Gabe and Ash’s sizzling chemistry, Emmy’s adorable antics, and great comedic timing. Drew Elyse’s writing is absolutely fantastic, demonstrating significant growth since her last novel. While Drew’s vibrant imagery brought this story to life, it was her ability to express her characters’ emotions on a visceral level that absolutely slayed me. Shift had my heart all over the map, lost in a storm of emotions that simultaneously broke and filled my heart – allowing me to experience this journey alongside Ash and Gabe and ensuring my complete investment in their happily ever after.

“ ‘Keep fighting, Ash,’ he’d said as he stepped back and went toward the coffee maker. ‘It’s almost more fun when you do.’ ”

When Ash returns to the Disciples with her daughter in tow, I knew there would be some difficult reunions and emotional challenges that Ash would have to face. As Drew Elyse puts this character through her paces, we not only get to see Ash face Gabe again after running away, but we get to see her struggle to reconcile the hatred and hurt she’d been carrying since her father died with the love and safety the club had always provided her. Drew Elyse isn’t afraid to showcase Ash’s insecurities and vulnerabilities, giving her an authenticity that I could relate to and connect with. Ash’s growth over the course of this novel is significant and stunning. I found myself in awe of her strength and her ability to forgive. Of course, I can’t mention Ash without Emmy, and I’ll be honest, Emmy totally stole the show for me. Her charm and attitude poured off the pages and had me grinning. The way she had all of those tough, tattooed bikers wrapped around her little fingers was just adorable. She was sweet in that way only a child can be and sassy as all get out. She gave this story some much needed levity and laughter. Providing Ash, Gabe, and the rest of the Disciples a child’s perspective of life, love, and family.

“I shared my stories with the wind, the grass, the stone bearing my father’s name. I hoped, with all my heart, he could hear it. Despite everything, I hoped he knew I had my beautiful daughter and I was happy.”

Drew Elyse did a fantastic job with the development of the various storylines in Shift. There were several major plot points that ran in parallel, carefully layered so as to create a captivating and emotionally significant reading experience. Ash and Gabe not only had to work through their own relationship, but their individual relationships with the club and its members. There were a few moments that felt a bit predictable, but it’s difficult not to come across that with the number of MC romances out there right now. However, what Drew Elyse does best, what makes this story totally her own, is the camaraderie that she has created amongst the brothers. The feeling of family runs so strongly throughout this story that I couldn’t help but feel down to my soul the unconditional love and unwavering loyalty the Disciples share. Drew expertly captures their easy banter, good-natured teasing, and fierce protectiveness, making her readers feel like they belong in her fictional world. Once again, I found myself totally enamored by the club and the men who call it home. Shift is a fun, sexy, and exhilarating story that will keep you locked away inside its pages, guaranteed to deliver all sorts of fabulous feels!


Cs Review

I don’t read many of the MC romances that have been published because I’m honestly afraid to receive the same storyline repeatedly but with different names and settings. However, I’m a huge fan of Drew Elyse so there was no way I would pass up the series. I just finished the second book in The Disciples’ Daughters and I must say, I’m incredibly intrigued. Shift tells the story of Ash and Sketch, who completely stole my heart from beginning to end. The way that Elyse is able to convey their story feels like it’s not only set in the motorcycle sub-genre, but that it belongs there.

“His kiss was consuming, a tide pulling me under. I was drowning it it, and I went down happily.”

The history between Ash and Sketch was undeniably felt throughout the pages of Shift. Ash, a strong, independent woman was running from her past and all that it entailed. At the same time, I think deep down she craved what the club could bring her. She was determined to succeed and as hard as it was to witness at times, I admired her for it. Sketch was definitely a fun transformation to watch. In the beginning, he was all macho and hard-headed. As time went on, he became so much more pliable while still maintaining that gruff, protective quality. He is certainly a swoonworthy character that I’m sure readers will fall in love with. While both the hero and heroine were excellent, it was the sassy little girl, Emmy, who stole the show for me. Her moments of innocence brought meaning to certain scenes that were impossible to ignore. Further, her role created a whole new level of depth to the characters and brought the greater arc full circle.

“I needed her to ground me; she needed me to make her feel safe.”

While certain elements of the storyline were predictable, I found myself really enjoying the book for what it was. Shift turned out to be a page turner that I didn’t want to put down. I really loved the camaraderie and sense of family that came with Ash returning to the club. Despite the reasons she initially ran, I could understand how easy it was to love these big burly men who may not have always done good things. There was just something about the plot that felt appropriate to the MC world, yet not cliché and overdone.  Shift is a novel that made me giggle and made me cringe, but it also pulled at my heart in an unexpected way.

“I didn’t need to convince her that we worked. I just had to overwhelm her enough to make her give up the fight.”

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of this author since I read her debut novel. Her writing is exquisite and on a level of its own. No matter the subject matter, she is able to draw you in with such strong emotion and deep character development. As much as I loved Shift, I’m already dying for the third book in the series. From the tidbits that we got of Jager’s story, I already know the next book will be heartbreaking and the perfect soothing balm all in one. That’s the way Drew Elyse is though…she leaves you satisfied and fulfilled, but always wanting more!


Shift Teaser



Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Emmaline—Emmy, was Ash’s daughter. Ash had a fucking daughter. Ash…

“Three, but my birthday is real soon.” Emmy had to me.

Ash had a three-nearly-four-year-old daughter.

Ash left me almost five years ago.

I’d stopped doing the math on it, stopped tracking how long it had been since she had left me. I did the math then, though. Four years, seven months. Emmy was nearly four, plus nine months of pregnancy.



She wouldn’t.

I tore out of the kitchen and flew through the hallway where I’d found Emmy, past the stairs, and out to the back deck.

Ash was there, standing in the middle of the yard, facing away from me. She looked different, the silhouette of her body more curved than I remembered and her curly blonde hair falling farther down her back. Still, I would have known it was her anywhere.

All around and in front of her, little sparks of light flashed and died away. Fireflies. She was watching them flicker around the yard.

Indian had called Ash firefly since before I knew her. He used to say it was because her smiles weren’t constant given how introverted she was, but when one came out, it was like a light shining out of her.

He wasn’t exaggerating. Not one fucking bit.

For a moment, the image of her transfixed me. I wanted to break out my sketchpad and commit the sight to paper so I would never lose it. I wanted to ink it into my own skin so it would always be with me.

Then, I remembered Emmy.

The rage returned, burning underneath my skin. Storming across the yard, I clenched my hands at my sides. I couldn’t touch her. I couldn’t be responsible for what might happen if I did.

Just as I got close, Ash looked over her shoulder at me and jumped at the sight. Whether that was because I was not who she was expecting or my fury was clear on my face, I didn’t know. Didn’t really fucking care.

“Is she mine?” I demanded.


My heart was beating triple time in my chest. The shock to my system at seeing Ash’s beautiful face again was almost enough to break through the cloud of anger, but not quite.

“Emmy,” I explained. “Is. She. Mine?”

Ash went pale. “How did you—”

“She was out in the hall. Woke up and needed a drink. Funny thing is, she says she’s about to turn four. It’s been just about nine months more than that since you left. So, I’ll ask one last time. Is she my fucking daughter?” I roared.

Ash shrunk back, and answered in a small voice, “I don’t know.”

She…what? “You don’t know?”

Her eyes fell to the ground. “I would have told you if I knew for sure.”

She would have…

Holy. Fuck.

No. Not possible.

A ringing in my ears filled the silence in the yard. Emmy might not be mine. Ash didn’t know for sure who the father was. Ash…Ash slept with someone else. But the timeline…

She fucked someone else right after she left me.

I spent months—fuck, over a year—doing nothing but missing her, trying to find her. I didn’t touch another fucking woman until Ash had been gone for over eighteen months. But she…fuck.

How long did she even wait before letting some other guy in where only I had been?

A week? Two? Couldn’t have been that long if he might be Emmy’s father.


Ash still wasn’t looking at me and that was a really fucking good thing. I couldn’t see her face. Couldn’t see those eyes.

Without another fucking word, I left. I couldn’t be anywhere near her. I couldn’t handle the blow she just dealt.

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Drew Elyse spends her days trying to convince the world that she is, in fact, a Disney Princess, and her nights writing tear-jerking and sexy romance novels.

When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found analyzing every line of a book, binge watching shows on Netflix, doing strange vocal warm ups before singing in a variety of musical styles, or screaming at the TV during Chicago Blackhawks games.

A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, she still lives outside Chicago, IL, where she was born and raised, with her boyfriend and her fur babies Lola and Duncan.

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