RELEASE DAY BLITZ – Intent by A.D. Justice

Title: Intent
Author: A.D. Justice
Release Date: March 29, 2016


Guarded hearts.
Wounded pride.
Devastating betrayal.
Broken souls.

Complete opposites intent not to yield, determined not to feel, but incapable of stopping it. Until the past resurfaces with the intent to ruin everything.

Is learning to love again worth the risk? After all, a life without love isn’t a life worth living.


A.D. Justice has once again made me fall head over heels in love! Ace has captured my heart with his sexy swagger, tender soul, and protective nature. He may very well be my new favorite book boyfriend from A.D. Justice (just don’t tell the others). Ace has known his share of heartache so when Layne enters his world he recognizes a kindred spirit in her. Together they learn that love doesn’t have to be so complicated and that sometimes even the best laid plans fall apart so something better can come together. Their connection is instant, sparking something between these two that is utterly addictive and impossible to deny. I found myself completely caught up in the dynamic A.D. Justice has created between Ace and Layne, rooting them on as I rode out the highs and lows of their journey. Intent conveys the very best of this author – easily demonstrating A.D. Justice’s enchanting storytelling, detailed plot development, methodical character building, and thoughtful prose – and delivers a journey of self-discovery and second chances that is fluid and full of emotion.

“A warm summer night, a soft blanket, thick Bermuda grass, and a sky full of stars shining brightly? What could be better than this?”

From the very first page, I adored Layne. She was vulnerable, flawed, insecure, and entirely genuine – the kind of character that is easy to relate to. As the story progressed, Layne underwent some significant growth, transforming into a confident woman secure in her self-worth and unafraid to take risks and deviate from her expected life plan. A.D. Justice used Layne’s relationship with Ace as a catalyst for her self-discovery; his unwavering support providing the encouragement she needed to follow her heart. Just as she found strength in Ace, he found himself unraveling in her presence as well. Layne broke through the walls around Ace’s heart, reminding him that not all love ends in loss or betrayal. While I was already smitten with his easy charm, heart-melting career, and adorable relationship with River, it was his unraveling that had him taking up permanent residence in my heart. Through his relationship with Layne, A.D. Justice systematically revealed Ace’s own vulnerability, giving this character the emotional depth necessary to make her readers absolutely swoon.

“I’ve never wanted to spend every waking minute with a woman before you. Never wanted to spend every sleeping minute with one either, before now.”

As always with A.D. Justice’s novels, things are never quite what they seem. Intent held its secrets, surprising me with unexpected connections, dramatic moments, and carefully guarded truths that had me second-guessing everything as they came to light. I would find myself contentedly enchanted by the sweet, small town love story that was unfolding, only to be met with a twist that made A.D. Justice’s fictional world shift before my eyes. This story was comfortable and familiar with a hint of suspense and mystery that made Intent inherently captivating. Layne and Ace’s world would not have been complete without the vibrant secondary characters that colored their journey. Ace’s family and friends co-starred in some of my favorite moments, bringing laughter and love to this incredible story. I hope we’ll get more of the secondary characters in the future because my heart isn’t quite ready to let go of them yet. Intent was well paced, beautifully written, heartfelt, and wholly enthralling. A.D. Justice has truly outdone herself with this one!




The silky smooth feel of his tongue gliding across mine sends shivers down my spine. His intrinsic taste is every bit as intoxicating as that bottle of strawberry wine, except he’s much more addictive. When his calloused fingers glide across my cheek, a need greater than I’ve ever known consumes me and makes me want to beg for him to touch me everywhere.

I am safe and secure under the weight of his body, and his lips and tongue move with expert precision and determination. Even when I try to rush him and greedily take more, he won’t allow it. He keeps complete control, drawing out the pleasure, leaving me wanting—no, needing—more. My next breath is dependent upon his kiss, his touch, his taste. What I was intent would never happen again is happening right before me, but I can’t willfully stop this any more than I can willfully stop my heart from beating.

He shifts his weight and settles his hips between my legs. The sudden friction against my clit causes an intense moan to escape from my throat. His responding growl only amplifies the fire that is about to combust between us. His hips flex and his erection slides across me. My fingers curl into his shirt, my nails scrape across his skin, and my neck arches in response. Ace’s lips move down to my exposed neck as he kisses, licks, and nips at the erogenous area.

“You taste good everywhere,” he murmurs. “Your lips, your tongue, your neck. I can’t help but wonder what you taste like in other places.”

His hands find their way under my shirt, and he slowly pushes it up as he slides down. His fingers are sprawled out across my abdomen, heating my core from his mere touch. When the stubble from his faded beard scrapes across my stomach, my hands instinctively jerk to his head and my fingers glide through his light brown hair. He pulls my skin through his teeth, sucking it into his mouth, and then laving the area with his warm tongue.

“Mmm, the more I taste you, the better it gets,” he hums against my skin.

He lifts his eyes to look at me. Looking for permission? He has it, whatever he wants to do to me. Town gossip be damned. I don’t care what they think of me, how easy they think I am, or how jealous they are that he’s here with me. Not one of them has walked in my shoes, has felt what I’ve felt, or has been hurt in the way that I’ve been hurt—because none of them is me.

“Ace,” I beg with one word. A one-syllable, one-word plea.


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