REVIEW – How We Deal With Gravity by Ginger Scott

Title: How We Deal With Gravity
Author: Ginger Scott
Release Date: July 6, 2014


When her son Max was diagnosed with autism, Avery Abbot’s life changed forever. Her husband left, and her own dreams became a distant fantasy—always second to fighting never-ending battles to make sure Max was given opportunity, love and respect. Finding someone to fight along her side wasn’t even on her list, and she’d come to terms with the fact that she could never be her own priority again.

But a familiar face walking into her life in the form of 25-year-old Mason Street had Avery’s heart waging a war within. Mason was a failure. When he left his hometown five years ago, he was never coming back—it was only a matter of time before his records hit the billboard charts. Women, booze and rock-n-roll—that was it for him. But it seemed fate had a different plan in mind, and with a dropped record contract, little money and nowhere to go, Mason turned to the only family that ever made him feel home—the Abbots.

Avery loved Mason silently for years—until he broke her heart…completely. But time and life have a funny way of changing people, and sometimes second chances are there for a reason. Could this one save them both?

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Ginger Scott has quickly become one of my go-to authors when I’m in need of a sweet romance with a lot of heart. How We Deal With Gravity did not disappoint, delivering a beautiful story of strength and second chances. Avery and Mason have known each other for most of their lives, but Mason was always just beyond Avery’s reach. Her unrequited feelings for him eventually turned sour after his careless treatment of her young heart. Years later, Mason and Avery are reunited and something between them sparks. Ginger Scott forges an instant connection between these characters that feels comfortable, familiar, and full of promise. How We Deal With Gravity is so much more than a beautiful love story, it’s breathtaking, poignant, inspiring, and real. Avery and Mason’s story flows effortlessly and I found myself easily enchanted by Ginger Scott’s thoughtful prose and heartfelt emotion. This story is intelligent and socially relevant, delivering its message with grace and leaving my heart full and content.

“But sometimes… sometimes when I see Mason play – for himself, not for a crowd, like he is tonight – I start to think that maybe that boy is still in there. And maybe he’s growing up.”

It was impossible not to fall in love with Avery. This single mom held my heart from the very first page. Ginger Scott not only captured her struggles as a single parent, but also brought to life the trials faced as a mother to an Autistic child. I felt as if I was learning alongside Mason, discovering what it really means to have a child facing those challenges in today’s society and figuring out how to navigate Max’s extensive needs and unique personality. Avery and Max made my heart ache at times, but for the most part I was in awe of the love and devotion their family embodied. Together, Mason and Avery inspired extensive personal growth in one another. Mason’s formerly self-absorbed ways shriveled under the harsh light of Avery’s reality and his need to help this beautiful woman thrive encouraged a maturity and kindness in him that made me swoon. His special connection with Max was enough to leave me breathless and I found myself lost in the beautiful dynamic Ginger Scott has so carefully crafted. The emotional depth of these characters and their extensive personal growth over the course of their journey ensured they took a piece of my heart with them when their story ended.

“If I could do it again…” he pauses, his eyes unmistakably on me now. “I would definitely kiss the girl in the closet.”

How We Deal With Gravity was filled with a multitude of secondary characters that not only made Ginger Scott’s fictional world more vibrant, but also helped us better unravel our main characters through their personal relationships and histories. One of the things I absolutely loved about this story was the “it takes a village” approach to helping Max grow and succeed. So many of the characters were deeply embedded in his (and consequently Avery’s) life that it allowed this entire story to radiate feelings of family. Ginger Scott delivered so many emotions with this novel that my heart could barely keep up. I was struck by Avery’s frustration, sadness, hesitancy, and incredible vulnerability only to then fall in love with her bravery, protective nature, and feisty spirit. I loved and laughed and felt her loss as I explored Avery’s world and the complicated relationships throughout. Ginger Scott has become an expert at balancing the raw emotions of her stories with the intense connections, delicious chemistry, subtle humor, and incredible intelligence within their pages. Well paced, wonderfully written, and full of surprises, Ginger Scott has once again utterly captivated me with her words. How We Deal With Gravity is stirring, breathtaking, and not to be missed!


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