RELEASE DAY BLITZ – Julia by Ashley Pullo

Julia RDB

Title – Julia
Author – Ashley Pullo
Publication Date – March 11, 2016
Series – New Amsterdam, #2

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Inspired by the captivating stories from Humans of New York, and the narrative structure of a television mini-series, Ashley Pullo lends her unique voice to a new series releasing this fall. Combining her unmistakable wit and distinct writing style, New Amsterdam will feature a trio of petite novels chronicling the lives of three women as they define love in NYC.

Julia Pierce is a popular wedding columnist for a highly-respected NYC newspaper. She creates modern fairy tales by penning editorials about wealthy couples with spectacular wedding venues. Julia is cautious and cynical, and appears to have horrible luck with romance, but finding true love is closer than she realizes.



Have you ever picked up a book and been transported to another world? One where you can so vividly see the scenes play out, almost like a movie? One where you can smell the surroundings and feel all the little nuances of the moment? With each book by Ashley Pullo that I dive into, it’s that experience I get. Julia is the second book in the New Amsterdam series, and while it can be read as a standalone, I highly suggest starting with the first in order to appreciate each piece that much more.

“Ninety-nine weddings under your belt, and yet you can only remember one…you’re definitely chasing something.”

Julia and Theo were such a fun, surprising couple. Whenever I thought I had them figured out, something popped up that threw me for a loop. I’m a firm believer that every true love stems from a friendship, so I really appreciated that it’s where these two found their start. I loved that they were unconventional and fun. Their dates were different and precious and it allowed me to fall for the two of them as a couple awfully fast.

“Look in my eyes and just feel the moment, Jules.”

My favorite thing about Pullo’s writing has to be how she chooses to weave elements from her different books together. It’s not always in your face obvious, but there are subtle hints of characters we have met before. It almost translates to a greater philosophical question of just how much our paths cross someone else’s. In a city of eight million people, like New York City, it was just one of those things that warmed my heart and made the world feel smaller.

“…but for whatever reason, people love to spill every detail of their lives when she doesn’t care. Except Theo – he’s more interested in her story.”

As I’ve said before, Pullo’s writing is a notch above the rest! When I think of New York City, I honestly imagine overcrowded streets and dirty walkways. However, this author was able to bring me into the more intimate pieces in Julia, the aspects that make New York City where so many people want to go. She blankets me in these scenes and all I see is the beauty of it all. Her visualizations and descriptions create a magical ambience that I never want to leave. Even though I just finished this one, I’m already waiting for Darby to release just so I can be transported to another world again. Julia was a quick, light read that will leave you smiling and swooning, and I definitely can’t recommend it enough!



When Theo returns with his beer, he sits down at the table and pushes his plate to the side, watching as Juliabites off the heads of the helpless cubs. “You know,” he says, lining up the five colors of bears in a single file, “there’s a lot of debate about the flavors of gummi bears.”

“They all taste the same.”

“You’re wrong, little grasshopper. The red, your bear of choice, is actually marinara sauce.” He pops the red raspberry gummi in his mouth and chews with his eyes closed. “Orange is a favorite among Cheetos lovers – which goes great with banana cream pie.” Theo eats the orange and lemon bear, keeping his smile at bay while he continues. “Now the colorless wonder of this guy,” he pinches the pineapple bear between his fingers, “is the biggest secret in the candy world. I’ve heard rumors ranging from LSD to old man jizz, but I know a guy, who knows a guy, who works at Haribo … and I can tell you, off the record, the clear bear is silicone.”

“You’re so full of shit, Theo Barnes.”

He holds up a hand. “Let me finish.” Taking the last remaining bear from the lineup, he mutters, “Poor, poor, unlovable green. What did the flavor green ever do to you?” Theo holds the bear between his thumb and index finger, and speaks directly to its disfigured face. “I know, fella. It sucks to be tossed back in the bowl. But I will eat you, green gummi!”

“So what’s the flavor of green, according to Theo?”

Lobbing it at his sexy mouth, he reveals, “Oh, it’s definitely strawberry.”

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Author Bio

Residing in New York with her husband and two children, Ashley Pullo is an author, an entertainment blogger, and an advocate for cultural literacy.

Hey y’all!
NYC is an amazing place to find inspiration – the random and the ordinary that make up reality. My writing showcases inspired ideas, as well as my love for dichotomy, authenticity, pop-culture, and humor.

Dreams need chasers.

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