REVIEW – Finn by M. Malone

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Title: Finn
Author: M. Malone
Series: Blue-Collar Billionaires #2
Release Date: August 19, 2014



Finn Marshall survived several tours in Afghanistan before the billionaire father he barely remembers changed everything. Now he has it all: money, cars and most importantly: power.

Power to track down the woman who left him for a richer man.

Marissa Blake dragged herself out of poverty one client at a time, so she’s thrilled when her company, Maid-4-U, gets a huge contract for a luxury penthouse. Until she sees who owns it.

Now to save her struggling business, Finn demands everything she once promised him. Money can’t buy him happiness but it can buy him one thing:




I’m a sucker for second chance romance and M. Malone serves up a great one with Finn. With his new found wealth, Finn decides it’s time to show the girl who walked away from him all those years ago everything she’s missing out on. But Rissa is a force of nature and Finn’s plans quickly go out the window when old feelings reawaken. From the very beginning, the chemistry between Rissa and Finn is undeniable. Fueled by years of history and unresolved feelings, their connection sizzles off the pages with an all-consuming intensity that I found utterly addicting. M. Malone could not have written a more perfect match for Finn. Their shared stubbornness and residual heartache leant itself to some great banter, scorching tension, and incredibly sweet moments of raw honesty.

“I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted to be your everything. And I was never sure that I was enough.”

After meeting Finn in Tank’s book, I definitely wanted to unravel this complicated man. The pain he harbored from his time in the military was obvious and I so badly wanted to reach into the pages and help him heal. Rissa proves to be just the blast from the past he needs to move forward, reminding him of the boy he once was and the man he’d always wanted to become. M. Malone did a great job using Rissa to pull those pieces of Finn out in the open and I found myself falling hard for him. Her independence and fierceness aside, Rissa suffered from her own inner anguish and my heart immediately hurt for her. Her insecurities and vulnerability made her feel completely genuine and allowed me to connect with her on a deeper level. Both characters underwent significant personal growth and healing over the course of this book and M. Malone did a fantastic job executing their transformation.

“Or maybe that’s what perfect really means in this world. Seeing the flaws in someone yet loving them anyways.”

This story was well paced, entertaining, steamy, and overflowing with emotion. M. Malone’s writing continues to evolve and as it does, I find myself more and more enchanted by her words. Finn has me deeply hooked into this series. This book not only pulled on my heartstrings, but it stirred up even more questions that I can’t wait to have answered. I’m intrigued by Finn and Tank’s new brothers and anxious to get to know them better. I have a feeling when they finally figure out how they fit together as a family, things will take a turn for the hilarious. I’m also restless to uncover what their father’s true motivations are and piece together where the overarching plotline with him is headed. Rissa and Finn’s journey was fun, sexy, frustrating, and full of feels and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.



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