REVIEW – Intercepted by J.Q. Anderson

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Title: Intercepted
Author: J.Q. Anderson
Release Date: November 26, 2015



Meet Jake and Natalia.
Jake was once a water polo Olympic Gold Medal Winner.
Now he is an Escort. The lucky few women he selects as clients pay small fortunes for a weekend with Jake.
Natalia just graduated from culinary school in Buenos Aires. She works the ski season in Aspen. She needs the money.
The moment they meet a sudden attraction grips them.
It can’t be: She’s engaged. He’s a hooker.
A story about passion, deception and what lies hidden in the darkest corners of love.


J.Q. Anderson’s debut novel, Intercepted, is a sweet new adult story of self-discovery and learning to live when life doesn’t go according to plan. J.Q. Anderson definitely had me intrigued by Natalia and Jake. Their unusual personal histories and unlikely meeting had all sorts of potential that I was excited to explore in this novel. I very much enjoyed the chemistry that J.Q. Anderson has crafted between them. They not only shared a steamy attraction to one another, but there was also a hint of hesitance and uncertainty as they both found themselves treading in new water. Natalia’s inability to stray from her carefully planned life and Jake’s fear of looking beyond the here and now made for an interesting push and pull between these characters. Moments of incredible frustration and amusing surprises were born from their internal struggles, giving this story an entertaining lightness that I very much appreciated.

“I stay in Jake’s arms, letting his scent intoxicate me. It’s permanently imprinted in my memory. Maybe if I breathe it for a whole night it will last me after he’s gone.”

There was a lot going on in this novel and at times the importance of all of the pieces was hard to keep track of. A multitude of secondary characters rounded out the cast, providing new ways in which to experience our main couple. I loved the insight that their presence provided although I craved more depth from the various relationships. While the connections were present on the surface, I needed something more in order to really grasp the relevance of those friendships to the overall development of the storyline and to Natalia and Jake’s personal growth. I also would have liked to further explore the emotional weight of our couple’s journey. Both Natalia and Jake came from such unique backgrounds, but I felt as if we barely scratched the surface with them. It wasn’t until the end of the book that they really had any sort of significant emotional exchange, and had we seen it sooner, I think I would have found myself more connected to and invested in this couple.

“It was unstoppable. She just barged in and changed the way I felt about a lot of things.”

Overall, Intercepted was fun, fresh, and steamy in all the right places. J.Q. Anderson definitely nailed the physical connection between Natalia and Jake and each of their interludes left me grinning. Sparks flew from the pages and I couldn’t help but find myself caught up in lust with them. Natalia’s personal growth was one of the best parts of this story. I enjoyed the way in which J.Q. Anderson unraveled this character, breaking down her carefully planned world and forcing her to look at life from a new perspective. The strength and independence Natalia found along the way and the courage she demonstrated in chasing her dreams on her own terms was deeply satisfying. J.Q. Anderson’s writing is smart and thoughtful, utilizing brilliant imagery to paint a picture in vibrant color. I looked forward to seeing how J.Q. Anderson will grow as an author and develop her talent. Intercepted is a heartfelt debut into what is sure to be a promising adventure for this new author.



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