REVIEW – Bone Deep by Brooklyn Skye

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Title: Bone Deep
Author: Brooklyn Skye
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 23, 2014

Bone Deep


The boy who wants forgiveness…
Haunted by the train accident his father instigated, college freshman Krister Ledoux is obsessed with finding the person sending him cryptic hate mail. He knows it’s one of them—a family member of one of the accident victims, and he’s willing to go to hell and back to find out which one.

The girl he can’t forget…
She was a stranger who kissed him in the middle of the train station, and now she’s the girl who pleads with her eyes for Krister to be the distraction she’s so desperate for. Krister doesn’t know what it is about her, why he’s sucked into playing Cambria’s game… All he knows is that when he’s with her, he isn’t consumed with thoughts of the crash.

The collision that can’t be avoided…
Cambria doesn’t know who Krister is—that he’s the son of the town’s most infamous killer, and he knows if his true identity surfaces he’ll lose her forever. However secrets can’t stay buried forever, and now Krister must fight to prove that their bone-deep connection is far more powerful than the hatred she now has toward him.


Bone Deep is an intriguing new adult novel that delivers a multitude of emotions through its complex characters and unique storyline. Brooklyn Skye definitely caught my eye with this one – the premise so fascinating and full of potential for forging an emotional connection to the characters. Krister and Cam are caught in an absolutely heartbreaking situation made all the more complicated by their instant chemistry and unavoidable connection. I enjoyed exploring their relationship, the brutal realities of their individual worlds, and the vibrant life they were able to lose themselves in together. This book stirs up a lot of feelings, allowing the reader to experience the journey in a genuine manner. Bone Deep is by all definitions a New Adult novel, delivering a story of self-discovery, acceptance, forgiveness, and love that had me reminiscent of my own life at that age. While the specific experiences may be unique to the story, Krister and Cam’s personal journeys, their trials and triumphs, are undoubtedly relatable.

“What was that for?” I say, smoothing her wild hair from her face. She shrugs, an impish smile on her red, swollen lips.
“If it were me, I would’ve wanted a distraction.”

Krister was definitely a captivating character. I was drawn to his anguish and confusion. He was battling so many emotions simultaneously: anger, guilt, grief, attraction, and a sense of alienation. He was very much stuck inside his own head, which made Cam’s appearance in his life and the subsequent growth of Krister’s character seem like such a refreshing change of pace. Instead of obsessing over the details of her emotional turmoil, Cam was simply frozen in her grief. When Krister entered her life she was busy trying desperately to cope with her loss by distracting herself through meaningless hook-ups. In his quest for redemption, Krister grounded her, forcing her to feel and helping her move forward by simply being there to experience life alongside her. While Brooklyn Skye gives us an in-depth look into these characters, I felt like I was missing the whole picture. I wish we could have gotten a more detailed look into their pasts, their lives before tragedy struck, and what their future held in order to really appreciate the true emotional depth of the characters.

“With one finger over hers, I dig our fingers into my ribs. ‘…every moment I spend with you, you imprint another little piece of you here.’ Our fingers bump over another rib. ‘And here.’ Another. ‘And here. For the rest of my life I will live with you… because you are un-erasable.’”

I adored the concept of Bone Deep. Krister’s feelings of guilt and responsibility in the aftermath of a tragedy his father caused lent themselves to a story riddled with angst and personal growth. His unexpected connection to Cam and the secrets they both kept further served to build the tension of the story to an addictive high. I also felt as if a lot was left unresolved, particularly in regards to the secondary characters. For example, Jamon and Wrenn‘s strangely close relationship was referenced several times without any real explanation as to the nature of it. Did Krister and his father ever come to an understanding about what really happened on the train? Cam’s brother dealt with issues that were given a large enough role in this novel to warrant significant closure for this character, yet the character felt barely tapped into. These loose ends are what kept me from being blown away by what was an otherwise intriguing novel. Overall, I found Bone Deep to be enjoyable, raw, and full of angst. Brooklyn Skye has definitely started something heartfelt with this one. If you’re looking for a story of healing, love, and forgiveness, then Bone Deep is certainly worth checking out.


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