RELEASE DAY BLITZ – Untouchable Darkness by Rachel Van Dyken

Title: Untouchable Darkness
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Series: The Dark Ones Saga #2
Release Date: December 29, 2015


To love a Dark One is to invite death…

It is wrong to love her.
It is worse to want her.
It is sin to consume her.
I desire all three.

I’ve been given thirty days to prove my love to another immortal–as a human. Cursed to use nothing but the side of myself I’ve always despised to win her affection. I am Cassius, the King of the immortals, A Dark One.
And today I tasted fear for the first time.
How can I win her when my human emotions over take every ounce of logic I possess?
A darkness is brewing.
One I cannot stop as a human.
One that Stephanie, my loves visions, have shown, will be my end.
Thirty days ago I was King of the immortals.
Today I know fear.
Today I know how I will die.
By her hand.

The woman I love.

Untouchable Darkness 2

Bs Review

Rachel Van Dyken continues to hold me captive with this enthralling series. Untouchable Darkness was everything I’d hoped for and then some. Fascinating, unexpected, and powerful, Cassius and Stephanie’s journey did not disappoint. As Cassius and Stephanie both struggled with their new realities, the immortals were dealt the knowledge of an impending war with darkness. One that would challenge everything they thought they knew. As tension mounts in the outside world, things between Cassius and Stephanie intensify in their own right. Rachel Van Dyken has written an undeniable friction between these two that is absolutely electric. Gifted both an explosive chemistry and an unshakeable connection, Cassius and Stephanie’s story packs quite a punch. Fantastically written and carefully crafted, Rachel Van Dyken casts a spell with Untouchable Darkness that is simply mesmerizing, pulling readers into her paranormal world of poignant prose, enigmatic characters, penetrating emotion, and humorous dialogue and leaving them absolutely enchanted.

“We’ll put him in the dungeon. Been years since we’ve had a plaything in chains. Think of the Instagram posts we could have!”

I knew I was going to enjoy Stephanie from the start. Her voice was so fresh, honest, vulnerable and full of emotion that I connected with her instantly. She was fierce and intelligent with a kind heart desperate to fix what was broken. Cassius, on the other hand, was initially cold and hard to read, but the humanity that is revealed in him over the course of this novel is beautiful, flawed, and hypnotic in a way. I was thrilled with how Rachel Van Dyken deconstructed this character, somehow making him downright lovable. At the beginning of the book, both characters find themselves facing entirely new roles amongst the immortals and the result is a firestorm of emotions neither is prepared to face. However, as they learn to re-define themselves and accept their fate, Stephanie discovers she is incapable of controlling, let alone hiding, her emotions while Cassius is forced to face and actually experience his. The resultant volatile shift in power is all consuming, giving way to passion, fear, mistrust, need, and so much more. Both characters grow significantly as they undergo such a transformative exchange of power and as a reader, I found their personal evolutions to be simply stunning.

“In order for light to exist, we must also have dark, there will always be a need for balance.”

Untouchable Darkness kept me on my toes, each twist and turn of the story a pleasant surprise that kept me riveted. Cassius’ past and present run in parallel, giving us a better understanding of the events unfolding and their potential impact on both humanity and the immortals. Well paced and carefully plotted, Rachel Van Dyken has constructed this series in a manner that ensures each puzzle piece falls into place only when it’s meant to and not a moment sooner, allowing for a build-up of emotions that promises an exceptional reading experience. I continue to be enamored with all of the vibrant characters in this series, each playing a crucial roll and providing a certain emotional aspect to the story. Ethan and Genesis still had me swooning while Alex’s absolutely outrageous antics and Mason’s constant misfortune kept me laughing. While entirely consumed by the current story, Untouchable Darkness made sure I was also falling hard for Alex and Mason, making me anxious to hear their stories and keeping me wholly invested in the future of the series. Having once again expertly crafted a tale of longing, loss, and love that will make your heart break, race, and mend, Rachel Van Dyken will charm you with Untouchable Darkness.


Cs Review

For anyone who follows my reviews or knows me, it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Rachel Van Dyken’s writing. However, there is something about this series that I can’t quite pinpoint, but it just has me itching for more. Untouchable Darkness was mysterious and intriguing, especially with all the background and history that readers received. I wanted more of Cassius as soon as he was introduced in The Dark Ones, so I was glad I didn’t have to wait long to hear his story.

“I teach you how to fight the darkness – so you can recognize the light.”

While I loved the first book in the series, I found this one to be even more gripping. The back story and the connections made in certain chapters really pulled me into the relationship between Cassius and Stephanie that much more. I certainly didn’t feel like anything was lacking with Ethan and Genesis, but there was definitely an elevation in the writing with these two. Their relationship had to maintain such a fine balance that I was enamored by the way they had to approach everything. It’s hard to describe without giving away details. What I also loved was the level of chemistry between them. They may have been born of cold, but everything between them was sizzling and hot. It showed a bit of growth in this author’s writing, as I have not previously experienced that side of her. The way Van Dyken creates the build-up into that climax of emotions was absolute perfection.

“The minute our lips touched, those brief seconds you saved me, touched me, joined with me. For those measly seconds – seconds of living a lifetime of a million lonely seconds – I was complete.”

As I’ve said before, the storyline is really what enraptured me with Untouchable Darkness. I never knew quite what to expect and that mystery was kind of thrilling. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that there would be a reveal or a hint of foreshadowing, but oh man was I wrong. The author brings everything together in such a beautifully tragic way. I definitely can’t wait to see what happens with her other characters, and of course the greater storyline arc, in future novels. I’m always left completely satisfied, yet salivating for a drop more when it comes to a Rachel Van Dyken novel!


Untouchable Darkness 1

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Author Bio


Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text MAFIA to 66866!

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Untouchable Darkness

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