REVIEW – My Time in the Affair by Stylo Fantome

My Time in the Affair

Title – My Time in the Affair
Author – Stylo Fantome
Publication Date – May 2, 2015

My Time in the Affair cover



I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband.

Now, before you judge me, hear my story. Hear how much I’m like you, how similar my thoughts are to your own. Yes, I’m a horrible person. Yes, I’ve done horrible things. Yes, I don’t deserve forgiveness. Yes, bad things happened because of my actions.

But I’m willing to bet I’ve done things that maybe, just maybe, you have thought of doing.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re not as innocent as you’d like to think.

Or maybe I’m not so guilty …

My Time in the Affair 1


With all the buzz that was occurring with this book, I really wanted to dive in and see why it was being talked about so much. Unfortunately with my schedule, it took months to get to. Now I’m sitting here kicking myself for not delving into the pages sooner, because holy heck. I haven’t had a book grip me the way Stylo Fantome’s My Time in the Affair did in quite some time. I quite literally made excuses for just “one more chapter” time and time again.

“How does a person choose between what they know, and what they love?”

I’ll admit that I was simultaneously intrigued and nervous given the premise of the book. People don’t tend to love a cheater so I fully expected to have a full out hate fest for a majority of the novel. However, Fantome writes in this fascinating fashion that allowed me to appreciate the story for what it was, despite the taboo of it. I loved that there were both scenes in the third person, as well as the first person. It’s not often I see this switching back and forth but it allowed me to read the story and watch it unfold unbiasedly. Then there would be a chapter from Mischa’s point of view and I was sucked into her inner thoughts and feelings. It was a quite compelling style, especially for someone who tends to prefer the first person.

“Tal paid no attention to plans. Plans didn’t exist in his world. He colored outside the lines, and he dragged me with him. Handed me a brush and said, ‘here, paint me as you like.’”

There was something about Mischa’s character that drew me in so deeply. I found my heart beating in rhythm to the words on the page because at times, I could so strongly relate to them. While I have made different choices, resulting in a completely different outcome, I understood all too well the sentiments and deep rooted things she was feeling. I hate to admit that, but I guess I’m just as flawed as the characters in the books I read. Tal was this mysterious, broody personality that I thought was questionable initially. We knew he was hiding something and I yearned to really get to the big reveal. His actions made me soften to him though. From that initial encounter to every whispered word afterword, there was something so delicious about him. He was observant and intuitive and what girl doesn’t want those traits in a man? It was easy to see how Mischa could feel desire for him.

“Something about this woman. She makes me want more. All of her. All the time.”

I will say that I was afraid to enjoy this novel, because after all, what would that then say about my character? But after finishing it, I can honestly say I fell in love. I know some readers are hesitant because of the affair and that’s just a hard limit for them. However, Fantome handles the portrayal of emotions and actions in a very realistic and sensitive nature. I appreciated that so very much and I think that realism is what made me love the book so much. I sure hope that people give this one a chance because it’s certainly a five star for me!



My Time in the Affair 2

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