COVER RE-REVEAL, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY – Undeniable by Micalea Smeltzer

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Title: Undeniable
Author: Micalea Smeltzer
Series: Second Chances #2



Karlie Reed has been crushing on Holden Marks for as long as she can remember. The problem? He’s eight years older than her and her brother’s best friend.

One night, when things get out of hand, they make a pact. They’ll spend the summer together and when Karlie goes to Joffrey Ballet School, their affair will end.

No emotions, no hearts broken.

But nothing is that easy.

When the unexpected happens, Karlie and Holden are rocked to the core.

Karlie will run.

But will Holden fight for her?


Undeniable was everything I’d hoped Karlie and Holden’s story would be and then some. Having first met them in Katy and Jared’s story, I knew this book would be an adventure and Micalea Smeltzer did not disappoint. Having known each other practically their whole lives, Karlie and Holden have a connection that runs deep, deeper than either would like to admit. Their obvious attraction and strong feelings for one another built a tension that practically busted from the pages of this book. It was all too easy to invest myself in this couple’s happily ever after. Micalea Smeltzer wrote a chemistry that was electric and undeniable, making it impossible not to feel for these two. Karlie and Holden share an easy friendship, palpable lust, and witty banter that made their story absolutely shine. From start to finish I felt every moment of Undeniable, reveling in the laugher, heartache, and overwhelming emotion of Karlie and Holden’s journey.

“Holden, was Mr. Playboy, and Jared would kill me if he found out about this. Correction: He’s kill Holden. And Holden was far too beautiful to be killed.”

Karlie is just as feisty as I knew she’d be, keeping Jared on his toes and pushing Holden’s buttons. It was fun to watch her grow and spread her wings in this book. Jared has always been so protective of his sister, so I really enjoyed seeing her taking a stand and establishing herself as her own person. As much as I adored the strength she exhibited, I found myself relating just as much to her vulnerabilities and insecurities. Micalea Smeltzer really gave Karlie depth in this book and I loved experiencing the growth of this character. Holden, on the other hand, surprised me with his angst and hidden scars. In Unraveling he always seemed so cocky and arrogant, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover the true complexity of Holden’s character. As Micalea revealed Holden’s past to us, I found myself feeling for him in a way I never expected. His darkness gave him an edge that seemed to validate the personality and emotional void he publically displayed. Both of these characters really came into their own in Undeniable, imprinting themselves on me totally.

“You should spend less time worrying about messing everything up and spend it living in the moment instead, because every minute we spend together is something to treasure.”

The direction this storyline took was full of surprises. While I enjoyed seeing Karlie and Holden finally give into their feelings of lust, I absolutely adored watching their worlds being irrevocably altered as they began to recognize the truth beneath the lust. The additional moments with Katy and Jared felt like icing on the cake for me as I easily lost myself in the emotional rollercoaster that was Undeniable. Seeing more of their happily ever after juxtaposed with Karlie and Holden’s struggle to find their own gave Undeniable a poignancy that simply felt right. Micalea Smeltzer continues to blow me away, her writing getting better and better with time. Her words seemed to effortlessly capture the tone of the storyline and build the world of Undeniable in a way that was entirely tangible for the readers. Once again, Micalea has swept me away in her beautiful prose and vibrant imagery, consuming me with her heartfelt and emotionally charged story of love, loss, and self-discovery.


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Author Bio

Micalea Smeltzer

Micalea Smeltzer is a bestselling Young and New Adult author from Winchester, Virginia. She’s always working on her next book, and when she has spare time she loves to read and spend time with her family.

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