RELEASE BLITZ – Love’s Sacrifice by Erin Everleigh

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Title: Love’s Sacrifice
Author: Erin Everleigh
Series: Absolute #1.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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I am nothing like my family.  But I’m held captive by their secrets and lies.

I should have listened to that voice in my head and left Susan alone.  But I couldn’t just walk away.  She was the only brightness in my life—a life of living in the shadows cast by the evil that surrounded me.

She taught my heart to love. But in return, she was forced to run away and leave everything behind, including me.  After that, my life was never the same.

I no longer live—I survive. I survive to protect her from my family.

I didn’t deserve another chance with Susan, but an accidental meeting years later gave me just that. And selfishly, I couldn’t let her go—I never could. Unfortunately, neither would my family.

Only able to communicate in secret, Susan and I had to wait for the day that my family’s truths would be exposed and we could finally be together. Until then, I would tell their lies and keep my silence. But I will have my revenge.

Some would think our story is one of loss. But sometimes through loss, we discover the most precious gifts of all.

*Note to readers: This is a follow-up novella to Absolute Love, however it can also be read as a standalone.


When I learned that Erin Everleigh would be writing more of the characters from Absolute Love – I was absolutely thrilled. This author pulled me so deep into her world that I wanted to be gripped by those personalities once again. Love’s Sacrifice was certainly emotionally taxing at times, but there’s something about the way Everleigh writes that almost makes you desire that pain. Her style is so effortless and flows just beautifully, almost lyrically with her stunning imagery.

“My future with my father is uncertain. And whether I meet him, is yet to be determined. But I know that he loved my mother, and that he loves me. For that, I will simply be grateful.”

Because we got so much of Phoebe’s side of the story in Absolute Love, I was beyond excited to see how Aaron was coping with everything. As a parent, I couldn’t imagine having a child and not being able to freely communicate with him/her. It made the story that much more gut wrenching to me, I suppose. Without a doubt though, my favorite moments were flashbacks with him and Susan, those moments where he would get lost in their memories. They held something so special and getting to be a part of it, even if only for a few pages, always made me smile.

“I still have someone who needs my protection — someone for whom I need to keep fighting.”

Love’s Sacrifice also felt a bit more fast-paced than Absolute Love was with the storyline and where things were headed. It kept me guessing on just what the journey would be like, considering I already knew the destination. Although this book can most certainly be read as a standalone, I highly suggest reading Absolute Love first. You’ll appreciate the characters and the story that much more by doing so. And that epilogue….GAH!! It was filled with so much perfection that it made my heart happy. It’s a moment where readers can sigh with content, knowing the angst and issues that arose were all worth it. I really can’t wait to see what Erin Everleigh will come up with for her next story!



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“Come on, Aaron. Don’t be such a wuss!” Susan pulls me down to the snow-covered ground and instructs me to lie flat on my back.

I do as I’m told. I would do anything for her.

“Okay, are you looking?” Susan asks, as she rests her head on my stomach. Her body stretches out from mine so we are in a “T” shape. I look up towards the afternoon sun shining brightly in a rare, clear blue winter sky.

“Uh, huh.”

“Good. Now squint your eyes. See the rays of light coming off the sun in all different directions?” She doesn’t wait for me to answer. “Can you see how far they stretch?” This time she does wait.

“I do,” I say, still curious where she is going with this.

“Our love is like the sun, its brilliance and warmth shining down on each of us. With its rays stretching to the edges of the earth—there’s no distance that could break the bond that we share. No matter where life takes us, the sun will shine upon us as a reminder of our love. Don’t forget what we have—it’s eternal. No one can take that from us.”

“Who knew you were so philosophical?” I joke, secretly wiping away tears that escaped my eyes. I have no right to cry. She’s the one who is leaving everything and everyone she knows.

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