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Title: Built to Last
Author: Elisabeth Grace
Release Date: November 16, 2015

Built To Last


At seventeen, the small town of Saltwater Springs had been everything to Scarlett Devereaux—as had her boyfriend Luke. Never had she imagined she’d have to leave them both behind—until the night that changed everything. A decade after skipping town Scarlett returns to start over in the only place that ever really felt like home. But when nothing goes as planned, she’s forced to turn to Luke for help.

With a drunk for a dad and a mom making pocket change at the local diner, no one ever thought Luke Garrity would amount to anything. After building a successful contracting business he’s proven everyone wrong professionally, but things in his personal life are upside down. Making it the exact wrong time for Scarlett to return to Saltwater Springs.

With a history of devastation and heartbreak between them can Scarlett and Luke make amends, or will secrets from the past threaten the foundation of Scarlett’s new life? Were Luke and Scarlett really built to last?

Built to Last_3


If you’re looking for a feel good romance that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face then Built to Last definitely hits the spot! Elisabeth Grace has written something truly sweet, heartfelt, and full of feels with Built to Last and I enjoyed every second of it. Luke and Scarlett had an intense connection that was obvious from the start. Throw in their complicated history and unresolved feelings and it made for a tension between them that was incredibly intoxicating. They had an ease about them that made it impossible not to root for this couple and a chemistry that heated up the pages of this novel. Elisabeth Grace completes Scarlett and Luke’s story with a variety of secondary characters, each of which made Built to Last a more vibrant, fun, and emotional journey. This crazy cast really captured the small town feel with their close relationships, incessant gossiping, and unavoidable run-ins. A carefully guarded secret, kept my stomach in knots, waiting for the moment when Scarlett and Luke would face the truth that haunted them both. In true Elisabeth Grace fashion, she delivers heart-wrenching moments right alongside love and laughter, taking readers on a fulfilling journey that comes full circle.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to show you that we belong together.”

Luke was totally swoon-worthy. His small town charm, intelligence, success, and chiseled physique were quick to win me over, but it was his incredibly kind heart that just had me melting. Despite his anger and resentment towards Scarlett, he doesn’t waver in offering to help her and he’s honest about his lingering feelings. Although we don’t get to see him as a boy, Elisabeth Grace makes it known how far he’s come from where he started and I loved seeing the life he’d worked so hard to build for himself. Scarlett pretty much broke my heart from the beginning. The loss that eventually led her back home and the deeply painful circumstances that drove her away in the first place made my heart ache. Once she was back in town it seemed like she just couldn’t catch a break. Despite everything, there was a strength there that allowed me to really connect with Scarlett. She pushed through each of the obstacles in her way, determined to make her dream happen. The growth we see as a result of this perseverance gave Built to Last a sense of poignancy that added to the weight of this beautiful story.

“Luke met her gaze head on, his sapphire eyes hooded as he pinned her with his stare. It seemed as if their entire history together was in the depths of his eyes and it rooted her to the spot.”

I really enjoyed the storyline, caught up in the potential awkwardness and inevitable emotional impact of working alongside the one who got away. The pacing was spot on, allowing for a fluidity that kept me from putting this book down until I was finished with it. Second chance romances have a unique dynamic in that the characters don’t really have to go through the getting to know you stage. While they certainly have to figure out who the other person has grown into, you get to jump right into the emotional aspect of their story. Sometimes it’s hard for the reader to get a complete picture of the characters without those basic details, but Elisabeth Grace did a fantastic job at educating the reader on both Scarlett and Luke, who they were before and what it was they shared back then. It gave their current love story a strong foundation and a sense of progression that kept it from falling into the controversial category of insta-love. Built to Love was sweet and satisfying, giving me the emotional connection I craved without losing the overall hopeful tone. With Built to Last, Elisabeth Grace has written another great love story that will make you feel and leave your heart full.


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