REVIEW – Heart Thaw by Liz Reinhardt

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Title: Heart Thaw
Author: Liz Reinhardt
Release Date: November 27, 2014

Heart Thaw


Sadie has a problem.

She’s in love…with her best friend’s brother.

When your mothers have been inseparable since you were all in diapers, it’s even more complicated. One impulsive night Sadie and Trent act on all those years of sexual tension and–

It’s damn incredible.

But the potential for disaster leads Sadie to bolt. She does her best to ignore her aching heart. And Trent’s dozens of voicemails. Their relationship goes from fire to solid ice.

After a tragic death rocks the families, Sadie manages to avoid home completely until winter break…but when Trent comes to her rescue one frigid night, all it takes is one look to realize walking out on him was the biggest mistake of her life.

Christmas is the season for miracles, which is perfect. Because it’s going to take miracle to thaw Trent’s heart and prove to him that she’s ready to give their epic love story a fighting chance. But when tragedy strikes and everything she’s ever cared about hangs in the balance, Sadie has to decide what’s truly worth fighting for.


Heart Thaw is a sweet and steamy friends-to-lovers, holiday read. Trent and Sadie have known each other their entire lives and somewhere along the way things between them got… complicated. Trent happens to be the younger brother of Sadie’s best friend, Georgia, and despite knowing everything there is to lose, one night together changes everything between them. Set amongst the sparkling holiday lights and emotional turmoil of the first holiday season since tragedy struck their families, Trent and Sadie’s story is raw, sexy, and full of feels. Liz Reinhardt has created a great dynamic that perfectly captures the New Adult genre. A future filled with the unknown, growing pains, uncertainty, and vulnerability give Heart Thaw an authenticity that readers can definitely appreciate.

“I don’t want to face anything. I don’t want to think. I just want to feel.”

I have to admit, Sadie drove me crazy at first, mostly because Trent seemed so swoon-worthy and she seemed downright oblivious. When she returned home for Winter Break, Sadie was forced to face the friends and family she left behind and all the emotions she’d been avoiding. As Liz Reinhardt revealed everything Sadie had walked away from, I started to understand her confusion and the fear of losing everything she loved that drove her to hold everyone at arm’s length. Being able to better relate to Sadie, I eventually found myself connecting to her in unexpected ways. I absolutely loved Trent and the growth that was demonstrated in this character. As Sadie’s perspective of Trent shifted, we got to experience all of the ways in which he’d clearly come into his own and I found myself easily falling for this totally sweet book boyfriend. Trent’s beautifully artistic soul was just icing on the already delicious cake.

“I didn’t realize how much fear I’d been holding onto, or how tightly I’d been gripping it until I let go.”

From the beginning, I could feel the chemistry between Sadie and Trent. The tension was palpable and the emotionally charged moments burned hot, creating a vacuum around this couple that easily sucked me in and threatened to catch the other characters as well. Liz Reinhardt did a really great job with the various relationship dynamics captured in this story. I loved seeing how Trent’s sister and Sadie’s mom and sister played into their developing feelings. I found myself curious about the secondary characters and wanting to know more about them as they became an increasingly significant part of Sadie and Trent’s journey. Liz Reinhardt gave Heart Thaw an overwhelming feeling of family that made this book something special and hit me hard with all the feels. Heart Thaw is a sweet, light-hearted read that touched me and brought back all of the emotions and challenges that come with being a new adult. If you’re looking for a little holiday fun that’s full-of-life and love, then check out Heart Thaw!


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