REVIEW TOUR – The Truth of a Liar by Cassie Graham


Title – The Truth of A Liar
Author – Cassie Graham
Publication Date – October 20, 2015
Anyone But Him Companion Novel

The Truth of a Liar Cover


“Life doesn’t always go according to plan.  In fact, it has a nasty habit of veering off the map. So when my job led me to New York City, something extraordinary happened…her script merged with mine.”

Hadley Theater, New York City, New York – Night 

ENTER STAGE LEFT-Rowan Townsend, a twenty-nine year old Broadway starlet, strolls onto the dark, ominous stage. The bright spotlight finds her and she smiles broadly, her body buzzing in anticipation.


Serendipity is a funny thing, isn’t it? It jumps out from behind the bushes and offers an unbelievable chance at happiness. It’s hopeful and intriguing, and maybe even a little terrifying.

ENTER STAGE RIGHT-Lark Hawthorne, a striking twenty-nine year old FBI agent and self-proclaimed liar, marches to Rowan and grabs her arm, coaxing her off stage.


Rowan, what are you doing? We need to leave. It’s not safe here.

Rowan and Lark look out into the audience and a menacing shadow in the back of the theater catches their eyes. Her eyes expand in panic and he grips her hand tighter, offering reassurance.


It’s now or never. Are you ready?

EXIT STAGE RIGHT. Fade to black.

Truth of a Liar


Eek! I’ve been waiting to get Lark’s story from the moment that he turned jerk in Anyone But Him. The Truth of A Liar is filled with suspense and romance, and a touch of everything you could want in a book. It has action to keep you on your toes and some great one-liners to make you laugh. Overall, everything from the characters to the plot to the writing was fantastically done.

“I only know Lark at night. In the light of day, he’s a closed off shell of a guard. But at night, everything changes.”

Although it’s certainly not required to read Anyone But Him before diving into The Truth of A Liar, it made me appreciate Lark’s growth and transformation as a character that much more. He has gone from this immature jerk to almost a white knight. I think what I loved most was that he really lost his cockiness, and it became about his insecurities. The Truth of A Liar digs into the man behind the mask and it was so interesting to have him peeled back layer by layer. I also believe that Graham wrote the perfect counterpart for him in Rowan. She was this strong-headed, beautiful soul who appreciated everything she had. She worked hard to achieve her goals and let that drive her. Rowan showed Lark the beauty in the world, while he taught her that it was okay to not be so independent. Despite both their issues, they taught each other to trust and to love and I really adored seeing that friendship and romantic relationship blossom.

“His touches are tender, his need isn’t. He’s being careful, but there isn’t enough self-control to mask what he is really feeling.”

There were so many times that I could feel my heart racing and blood pumping throughout this one, especially towards the end. I had a hard time putting this book down, but as the story progressed, my husband literally had to pry it away from me. Turning the pages was like the air I needed to keep going. There were moments filled with love, with tenderness, and even with heartache. The Truth of A Liar honesty has a little bit of everything for everyone in my opinion.

“We’re going to be running all of the time. Running from the people chasing us. From time. From anything that’ll separate us. But I don’t want to run with anyone but you.”

Perhaps what I was most impressed with when it comes to this novel was the general growth of Cassie Graham’s writing. Her imagery and style has evolved even from the publication of her last book just last year. She’s added a sophistication to it, which translates some pretty profound, powerful statements that often left me reeling.  I can’t wait to see where she takes her storytelling next. The Truth of A Liar is filled with superb characters and a suspenseful romance that will leave readers demanding an encore!



Teaser 2


“I should probably go.” Lark begins to move off the bed, but I grab his hand. He takes a few breaths before turning toward me. And when he does, his eyes plead with mine.

“Lay with me? Just for a little bit.”

His eyes look to the door and he doesn’t answer. I can see warring emotions on his face. He seems to be weighing our odds.

I impatiently wait for his answer, but he doesn’t let go of my hand. He squeezes it, still watching the door.

After agonizingly long seconds, he kisses the top of my hand and walks to the door, closing it with a soft click.

Walking to the bed and pulls back the covers, slides into bed. He lies down next to me, slipping his arm behind my head, pulling me close to his body. I wrap my arm around his torso and entangle my legs with his.

I want to believe this could be easy. I want to pretend it wouldn’t be complicated as hell. So, instead of dwelling on what can’t happen, I lay my head on his chest, breathe in his unique, woodsy scent, that’ll I’ll never be able to forget, and listen to his heartbeat. He kisses the top of my head, his lips lingering for a long moment, and rubs my back in a gentle circular motion.

Before I know it, I’m fast asleep in Lark’s arms.

And when I wake later in the morning, the only sign that he was ever in my bed is the indention his body left in the sheets and his scent on my pillow.

Oh…and my memory.

Truth of a Liar

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Author Bio

Cassie Graham

Cassie Graham is first and foremost, a wife and mother. She has one crazy daughter and a just as nutters husband that she loves dearly. She lives in sunny–all be it, scorching Arizona, where the summers are ridiculously hot and the winters are perfection. She’d pick winter any day.

Cassie went to school to be a teacher, but quit to become a proud military wife in 2010. During that time, she found her passion to write. Being a loud and proud choir girl in school, she needed another creative outlet and writing seemed like the perfect fit.

If Cassie isn’t writing, she’s more than likely cooking for her family or has her nose buried deep in a book. She finds inspiration in all things. Movies, music, and life fuel her characters lives, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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