RELEASE DAY REVIEW – The Other Game by J. Sterling

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Title – The Other Game
Author – J. Sterling
Publication Date – October 25, 2015
Series – The Game Series, #4

The Other Game


You thought you knew everything there was to know about Jack and Cassie’s story…but you were wrong. From New York Times best-selling author J. Sterling, we dive headfirst back into the epic love story that started it all, The Perfect Game, but this time from Dean Carter’s point of view.

Freshman Dean Carter is the younger brother of campus hotshot Jack. Abandoned by their parents when they were young, Dean and Jack have a bond that most brothers only wish for. As Jack follows his dream of becoming a professional baseball player, he falls in love along the way with aspiring photographer Cassie Andrews. We see Jack get the girl—then lose the girl—and we follow his painful journey through it all via the eyes of his adoring younger brother, Dean.

With never-before-seen scenes and fresh new dialogue, Dean’s point of view is an emotional journey through relationships and the trials that test them. This isn’t the same old love story…but you will still fall. Let the gang steal your heart all over again in The Other Game.

The Other Game 1


Have you ever opened a book and within the first few chapters felt like you were home; a book that instantly put butterflies in your stomach and filled your heart with flutters of perfection? For me, this describes everything I felt while reading The Other Game by J. Sterling. It’s characterized as a retelling of The Perfect Game from Jack’s brother’s point of view. However, I never really felt like I was getting a regurgitation of everything that I already experienced. The Other Game provides new insight, new emotions, and even a new perspective on the events that we saw in The Perfect Game.

“I always knew he had a heart, but I’d never seen him use it before.”

Jack Carter already stole the hearts of so many, myself included, but seeing his transformation through Dean’s eyes made me melt and swoon all over again. Not only did I get to see the way that he loved Cassie, but I got to experience their bond as brothers. It honestly added a whole other dimension to the story. I have a weak spot for sibling relationships because I’m incredibly close to my brothers and sister. We went through something similar to Jack and Dean, and due to that, I appreciate seeing how these scenarios play out in the novels I read. What so easily could have turned into a jealousy and envy issue turned into something beautiful and supportive. Through Dean’s eyes, we got to see just how much he idolized Jack Carter, the man, not Jack Carter the baseball player. In a lot of ways, I felt like it redeemed some of the mistakes that Jack had made.

“I almost wished that he’d never called me and confided in me, but everyone needed help carrying their burdens, and my brother was no exception.”

Not only did we get to see Cassie and Jack, but we got some extra behind the scenes emotions with Dean and Melissa. From the moment I finished the original trilogy, I wanted more of these two and this was such a great dose to give readers what they desired. I loved being able to see inside Dean’s insecurities a little bit. I got to feel how he yearned for Melissa, but walked a fine balance with her. I’m not sure how to pinpoint it, but the way that Sterling weaved their romance in made the book feel brand new, yet comforting and known.

“It scared me to think that Jack and Cassie were moving apart, instead of coming together where they belonged.”

I know that some readers will be hesitant to pick this one up because they don’t want a retelling of what they’ve already read. However, it never felt like that to me, not even a little bit. Yes, the plot is the same because it follows the same events, but there was enough new content, especially with Dean, that it felt like a new book. Reading The Other Game was like coming home to characters that I love, but also about rediscovering what the definition of home is. I absolutely loved this one, especially that Epilogue! If anything, this novel reminded me why I fell in love with J. Sterling’s writing in the first place. I definitely can’t wait to see how she’ll deliver next time!



The Other Game 3

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