RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Wicked Nights by A.D. Justice

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Title: Wicked Nights
Author: A.D. Justice
Series: Steele Security #3
Release Date: September 7, 2015

Wicked Nights


First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes a shiny new baby carriage.

But is life ever really that simple?

Noah and Brianna Steele were living their dream life as husband and wife. The wicked games of the past were behind them, and every day was better than the last. Hopes and dreams, once only fantasies, were, at last, their reality.

Colton Lanier and Chaise Steele found love in their own unlikely way. During their whirlwind romance, they broke the wicked ties that bound them and formed new, unbreakable bonds of love. After they mended relationships with estranged family members, life seemed to give them a new chance for happiness.

But an unknown danger lurked in the distance, and a family’s hope began to fade into despair. Just when everything in life appeared to be perfect, will the family of Steele Security be prepared for the approaching wicked nights?

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Wicked Nights just stole the spot for my favorite book in this series so far! A.D. Justice continues to keep raising the bar with each new dose of the Steele Security men she delivers. Wicked Nights didn’t focus on any one specific couple, instead giving us a glimpse at this quirky, loving little family as a whole. I absolutely adored the thrill and suspense of the storyline set against the hilarious and sweet antics of these mischievous characters. There is something incredibly comforting and familiar about the world I found myself in, realizing how accurately A.D. has captured the feeling of family with this crazy crew. A.D. Justice’s writing felt effortless, pulling me right back into the world of Reaper, Bull, Shadow, and Rebel and reminding me why I love this series so much. This book delivers a little bit of everything, taking the reader on a journey that is sexy, suspenseful, funny, thrilling, emotional, and utterly breathtaking.

“My job isn’t my life. You are.”

With each new book we get to learn a little bit more about our Steele Security men and the women they love. A.D. Justice succeeded in revealing more layers of her characters and I quickly found myself falling even harder than before. I was glad to see more of Shadow and Rebel in this book. I’ve been anxious to hear their stories and figure out what makes them tick. I hope that with the way A.D. left things we’ll be getting a lot more of these two very soon. Bull’s growth as a character was instantly obvious, watching him with Chaise in this book was so different from the Bull we met in the first book. Brianna boldness and ability to handle these stubborn alphas grew with each passing page, leaving me smiling. Major life changes had our characters sharing some seriously emotionally charged moments. As relationships altered and new ones formed, A.D. Justice allowed me to really feel the vulnerabilities of her characters, deepening my connection with each of them in turn.

“Our family has been torn to hell, but now we’re coming back together.”

Of all the books in the series so far, Wicked Nights had the best balance of every day life and the current Steele Security mission. I found myself equally enthralled with both the changing family dynamics and the outside threat they all faced. The mystery and danger of the storyline was thrilling and kept me on my toes, while the sexy, sweet, and hilarious moments shared between our characters kept me grinning and gave this story the instances of light and life that it needed. I have to admit, A.D. Justice’s mind is a little bit scary. The storyline she has so carefully crafted was intriguing, sinister, and surprisingly complex. The attention to detail and extensive planning that has gone into each book in this series continues to amaze me. This story was truly an emotional rollercoaster. Wicked Nights had me holding my breath, wanting to throw things, laughing out loud, and shedding tears of joy and relief. A.D. Justice has once again written a fantastic novel filled with delicious heat, well-timed humor, and incredible heart.


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