REVIEW – Torn Hearts by Claire Contreras

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Title: Torn Hearts
Author: Claire Contreras
Series: Hearts #1.5

Torn Hearts


They were inseparable, their love was fierce, their loyalty unwavering… or so they thought…

Torn Hearts follows Mia and Jensen’s story in the beginning. Like many of our own stories, theirs is not complete.

Mia and Jensen’s story continues in the full length, standalone novel, Paper Hearts, releasing September 10, 2015.

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Bs Review

Claire Contreras is such a tease! This beautiful short story is the perfect prequel to Paper Hearts. In just a few pages she has me aching to get my hands on Mia and Jensen’s story. Torn Hearts gives a brief history of their relationship, going back to the beginning to lay the groundwork and later exposing the moment when everything changed. We also glimpsed their lives years after their world had come crashing down, leading us up to where Paper Hearts will pick up. Claire did a fantastic job balancing the various stages of their story and providing us the events and emotions necessary to really understand the foundation of their relationship.

“Ever since we got together, I’ve had this terrible feeling that I’m on borrowed time with you,” he said in a whisper, his eyes sad. “Nothing in my life lasts. Nothing good.”

Having met Mia as Elle’s best friend in Kaleidoscope Hearts, I knew I liked her and I was excited to hear her story. Now that I’ve seen her true vulnerability and felt some of her heartbreak, I’m beside myself waiting for what’s coming next. Torn Hearts did an incredible job at introducing this character in a way that allowed me to already establish a connection with Mia. Jensen is still very much a mystery and I look forward to unraveling this character more. Claire was careful not to leave us completely in the dark with him and risk our indifference. Jensen seemed to be drowning in his pain, and that tugged on my heartstrings and made it impossible not to invest myself in his happily ever after.

“We were dared to kiss, and from the moment her lips met mine, I was a goner.”

Despite its size, Torn Hearts packed quite a punch! Claire Contreras conjured up some serious emotion, letting me know that Mia and Jensen’s journey will definitely be a rollercoaster. I loved seeing more Elle and Oliver and as always this couple made me smile. The juxtaposition of Elle and Oliver’s true love with Mia’s heart-wrenching loneliness added to the overall intensity of Torn Hearts. When Jensen and Mia face each other there is an undeniable tension that promises to escalate into something more. Something scorching. With Torn Hearts, Claire Contreras has once again worked her magic and made sure I’d been enchanted by Mia and Jensen, leaving me desperate for more.


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Cs Review

Holy Crapppp! I’m somewhere between loving every second of Torn Hearts by Claire Contreras and kicking myself for not being able to dive straight into Paper Hearts! This novella was the perfect way to give some history and background into Mia and Jensen, without giving too much away.

“We were dared to kiss, and from the moment her lips met mine, I was a goner.”

The novella is told in both past and present tenses, and while most chapters are from Mia’s point of view, we get a single chapter from Jensen. Those past moments allowed me to get a taste of their foundation, and feel every ounce of love these characters had. Furthermore, it created an understanding for where Mia & Jensen were in the present day. Normally I like everything together in one place, but Contreras anticipated a need that I didn’t even know I had with the release of Torn Hearts.

“He used to pick you up on a motorcycle, looking like he rode straight out of a Sin City movie. What was I supposed to say?”

With that ending, I can’t wait to see where Jensen and Mia’s romance takes us. I’m expecting lots of ups and downs and even a little bit of angst with them both being in New York now, and in similar career paths. I’ll definitely be hounding this author for the release of Paper Hearts after receiving this quick, delicious morsel of their story!



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