RELEASE DAY BLITZ & GIVEAWAY – A Heart’s Forgiveness by Joanne Schwehm

Title – A Heart’s Forgiveness
Author – Joanne Schwehm
Publication Date – July 27, 2015
Series – Chance Novel


A heart is made to love, but can it truly forgive?

Filled with confidence, intellect, and beauty, Julie Michaels was comfortable navigating life on her own. But everything changed when she met Brett Chambers and he found a way into her heart.

He consumed it.

He owned it.

He broke it.

Brett knew Julie was his soul mate. She mirrored everything he desired until she wanted forever. Having been burned before, he had no intention of repeating those vows. His refusal cost him what he treasured most – Julie.

Letting go of Brett was the hardest thing Julie had ever done. It tore apart her soul and every fiber of her being. Shattered, she tried to move on, but life had a different plan.

Would Brett’s mistake mean losing her forever, or could Julie find it in her heart to forgive him?


I’ll be meeting this author at a signing later this year, so I figured that this was the perfect book to jump into, as I had never read anything of hers previously. Her characters were amazing and nestled into my heart. This was definitely a quick weekend read that will allow readers to get lost for a short time.

“Try to remember, no rosa e senza spine.”

Julie was quite the independent, fascinating woman. She knew what she wanted and she wasn’t afraid to go after it. I love when I come across a heroine who can stand on her own and carry her own weight, and she fit that mold to a tee. Julie wasn’t going to sell herself short in any regard, whether romantically or professionally, which was something that I don’t see very often as a reader. The hero of the story, Brett, stole my heart in some regards and made me want to slap him in others. He was this masculine, protective alpha who took care of what was his – one of my absolute favorite qualities in a book boyfriend. However, he was also so close-minded and had blinders on to how great some things could be. I could understand that he was scarred from his past, but in those moments, I just wanted to slap him upside the head! The chemistry and insta-love was definitely felt and experienced through the words on the page.

“Love didn’t come with a switch, so how did one turn it off? It was hard enough for me to turn it on.”

While the characters were something special, I took issue with some of the timeline. So many of the events of the novel felt very surface level and rushed. I’m a reader who likes to get into the meat of scenarios and I just didn’t get that in A Heart’s Forgiveness. Furthermore, there were a few things that took place that just seemed implausible to me. I am all about suspending my sense of reality when I read, but these particular things just weren’t scenarios where I could do that.

“She was like a gem in an oyster – you know it’s out there, but it’s hard to find.”

While I did have minor issues with the storyline, I have no doubt that there are readers who will fall in love with A Heart’s Forgiveness by Joanne Schwehm. Both the main and secondary characters are ones that will give you all the feels and you’ll find yourself falling in love with them. Not to mention, the chemistry felt was sizzling! I will definitely be checking out other works by this author in the future.


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Author Bio

Joanne Schwehm is a romance author who was born and raised in Western, NY. She despises being cold, but she warms up either writing or reading sexy romantic books.

She loves the NY Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys and also enjoys playing golf (and the cute outfits that she gets to buy to wear on the course). Her motto is, “If you can’t play well, then look good trying.”

Her passions outside of the sporting world are; spending time with her family, having fun with her friends, reading, drinking coffee or diet coke and of course writing.

She studied Theater Arts in college and always wanted to be an actress, but that obviously didn’t pan out, so instead of staring in a drama, she writes them and hopes you enjoy modern day fairy tales and breathless moments.

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